You've Got a Way

by Bunny

Synopsis: This is a missing scene to add to the end of "Achillies". It is set around the Shania Twain song, "You've Got a Way".

JD rode over to the lake in silence. He stopped when he saw Casey there. He wasn't sure why. He didn't know what to say. How to tell her that he still loved her; that she had broken his heart. But, he stepped up behind her silently anyway.

Casey: (softly) JD? I thought you were gone for good?

JD: Sorry to disappoint ya.

Casey: I... I din't mean it like that.

JD: Oh?

Casey: God, JD, why is this so hard?

JD: (quietly) I don't know. But, I can't keep apologizin' for somethin' that was a accident. Somethin' that I'm gonna have to live with forever anyway. ..

You've got a way with me.
Somehow, you got me to believe in everything that I could be.
I gotta say, you've really got a way...

JD: (continuing) And, no amount of apologizing's gonna bring her back!

Casey: I know, JD. Deep inside, I know it's not your fault... I don't know how I could be so... (eyes well with tears) How could I hurt you so? How could I blame you, when you needed me to be there for you?

You've got a way, it seems.
You gave me faith to find my dreams.
You'll never know just what that means.
Can't ya see, you've got way with me?

JD: (voice raspy from restrained tears) Case...

Casey: JD, can you ever forgive me?

JD: (incredulously) Forgive you?

Casey: (nodding) I... I hurt you; I can see that. I'm sorry... I love you!

JD: (allowing a few tears to trickle down now) I love you too...

He sweeps her off the ground in a huge bear-hug, swinging her around...

It's in the way you want me.
It's in the way you hold me.
The way ya show me just what love's made of.
It's in the way we make love.

They look into each-other's eyes, and suddenly kiss passionately, falling to the ground...

You've got a way with words.
You kept me smilin' even when it hurts.
There's no way to measure what your love is worth.
I can't believe the way you get through to me.
It's in the way want me.
It's in the way you hold me.
The way ya show me just what love's made of.
It's in the way we make love..
Oh, how I adore you.
Like no one before you.
I love you just the way you are...

After, they are laying on the grass, her head on his chest; his hands tangled slightly in her hair.

JD: (drops a kiss on the top of her head) I love you.

Casey: I love you, too.

JD: (notices the sun has set) Um... you'd better get on home... before your aunt gets mad.

Casey: (relunctantly) Yeah... (hopefully) Meet ya here tomorrow?

JD: (grins) Oh, yeah!

They get ready, and get back on their horses. JD kisses her goodbye gently, and they ride off in opposite directions.

It's in the way you want me.
Oh, it's in the way you hold me.
The way ya show me just what love's made of.
It's in the way we make love...

Buck looked up happily to see JD riding back towards the saloon. He almost never got to see that sight again...

Buck: Hey, JD!

JD: (grins) Hey, Buck!

Buck: What's goin' on? You look happier'n a cat in a milk-spill.

JD: (laughs) Um... Casey and I made up.

Buck: Oh?

JD: Yup.

Buck: Gonna give me any details?

JD: Nope. (walks towards the saloon)

Buck: (following) Aw, c'mon, kid...

It's just the way you are.


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