The Magnificent Seven

Below are some brief character sketches of the Seven. Since the ATF alternate universe, where the Seven are agents of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, is extremely popular, profiles are also provided for those characterizations, which are entirely "fanon." The observations below are the opinions of the writer, and other fans may not share them. The ages given are those most often attributed to them by fan fic writers. Only Nathan's age (27) was ever revealed in the series.

Warning: Contains some spoilers!

Relative Ages (oldest to youngest): Josiah, Chris, Buck, Nathan, Ezra, Vin, JD

Relative Heights (tallest to shortest): Buck, Josiah, Nathan, Chris, Vin, Ezra, JD

Gunfighter Chris Larabee is haunted by the brutal murder of his wife and 5-year-old son at the hands of a paid killer, hired by an obsessed and demented former lover . Little else is known about his background, except that he lived in Indiana as a very young man. Chris is possibly the most unstable of the group, a heavy drinker prone to bouts of rage and depression. Nevertheless, his position as the dynamic "Leader" of the Seven is unquestioned.
ATF A former cop, Larabee now heads ATF Team Seven, a hand-picked force of agents who are directly supervised by District Attorney Orin Travis. Chris's wife and son were killed by a car bomb intended for him. The murder was never solved.

Physical Description: Blond hair, green eyes, tall with a slim, athletic build, Age: 35-45.

Quiet and unassuming, ex bounty hunter Vin Tanner was orphaned at the age of five and subsequently lived with at least two Native American tribes (Kiowa and Commanche). He is a "Sharpshooter" and a skilled tracker. He carries a $500 bounty on his own head after being framed for murder by an outlaw named Eli Joe, who was subsequently killed by Chris Larabee before he could be persuaded to clear Vin's name. Vin speaks at least three languages and is a talented poet, but cannot read or write.
ATF An ex-Army Ranger, Vin is a weapons expert and a trained sniper who also struggles with dyslexia. His troubled background includes a childhood spent in foster care and living on the streets as a homeless teen.

Physical Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, slight build, average height. Age: 24-28

The "Preacher" Josiah Sanchez is the son of Catholic missionaries and is himself a defrocked priest. He has a sister who is severely mentally ill, a fact known only by Vin Tanner. Obviously extensively-traveled and well-educated, he has dedicated himself to seeking spiritual Truth. Although seemingly calm and soft-spoken, Josiah can be moved to violence with little provocation.
ATF An ex-Army sergeant with a degree in psychology, Josiah is a "profiler." He devotes much of his spare time to community service ministering to the homeless.

Physical Description: Greying hair, blue eyes, tall and imposing with an solid muscular physique. Age: 45-55

Born into slavery, the "Healer" Nathan Jackson learned his medical skills as a stretcher bearer during the Civil War. His mother committed suicide when he was seven after discovering she was pregnant by a white man who had raped her. Despite bearing the emotional and physical scars of a harsh and brutal past, Nathan is gentle and compassionate, and the most even-tempered of the Seven. He has a romantic relationship with Rain, a black woman adopted by the Seminole tribe.
ATF The son of Civil Rights activists, Nathan is a trained EMT and ex-Army medic who serves as the Team's forensic liaison.

Physical Description: Black hair, brown eyes, African American, tall and solidly built. Age: 27-35

The "Gambler" Ezra Standish is a cardsharp and a con artist, as is his mother, Maude, who left his upbringing mostly to relatives and with whom he has a volatile relationship. It is not known which, if any, of Maude's five former husbands is Ezra's father. Ezra is undoubtedly the most intelligent of the Seven, and also the one most concerned with appearance and manners. He makes no apologies for his considerable skill as a con artist.
ATF Ezra's chosen career in law enforcement, as a civil servant, no less, is an embarrassment to his wealthy jet-set mother who left his upbringing to a series of nannies and private schools. Ezra is extremely intelligent, well-educated and extensively traveled, and always impeccably attired.

Physical Description: Brown hair, green eyes, short stature with a trim, athletic build. Age: 28-35

Rogue and "Scoundrel" Buck Wilmington is the son of a prostitute and a long-time friend of Chris Larabee. Fun-loving and good-natured, Buck is a ladies' man who loves all women equally. He is also a surrogate big brother to JD Dunne. Buck is quick to laugh, but is capable of violence when he is pushed too far.
ATF An ex-cop and son of a Nevada "showgirl," Buck was Chris's long-time partner at the time Larabee's family was murdered. He opened both his heart and his home to JD Dunne, and the two share a condo.

Physical Description: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, very tall with a trim build. Age: 35-45

The illegitimate son of a chambermaid, Easterner JD Dunne is the "Kid" of the Seven. He came west following the death of his mother and is probably somewhere in his late teens. JD is an accomplished horseman, having taught himself to ride while working as a stableboy on the large estate where his mother was employed. He volunteered to take on the job of town sheriff when no one older or wiser was willing to do it.
ATF JD is a computer wizard and electronics expert with a genius IQ who, having finished high school and college well ahead of his peers, is considerably younger than the average ATF agent.

Physical Description: Black hair, hazel eyes, short stature, average build, the smallest and youngest of the Seven. Age: 17-23

Other Characters

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