Magnificent Seven ATF Universe
bar Eye Candy

by Freespirit

This is a little story from one the many secretaries point of view that work at the Federal Building on our guys as she shows the new secretary around.

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“What’s up with Martha?” Kristi, a new secretary at the federal building asked one of the other secretaries.

Susan smiled. “She got to see her eye candy.”

Kristi made a face. “She’s so old. She’s nearing retirement age.”

Susan laughed. “That don’t mean nothing when it comes to team seven.”

“Team seven?”

“Oh yeah, team seven. Every Secretary in this building has her or his favorite team seven member. You’re new here, so let me tell you about them. First of all, the Leader. That’s Christopher Larabee. He prefers Chris. He’s the only one with blonde hair. He has hazel green eyes. He’s also a widower. Very seldom is he seen not wearing black. He’s one of those that look great in jeans. Hell, they all look great in them. Except maybe Standish. I have never seen him in jeans, but I bet he would look fantastic in them.”

Kristi smiled at the other woman. “Whoa there, Susan. You talk like this Standish guy is some kind of demi-god.”

Susan laughed. “I wouldn’t go quite that far, but when you see them, and you will, I’ll let you decern for yourself.”


“Larabee’s best friend is Vincent Tanner. If you want him to answer you and not ignore you, don’t call him Vincent. Call him Vin. Vin’s the Snipper of the team. He has long brown hair that goes just past his shoulders and is curly. It’s beautiful. We secretaries don’t want him to get it cut. He has beautiful blue eyes. And get this, he’s from Texas.”

“So he’s a cowboy.”

“Yep, they all are actually. They all stable a horse out at Larabee’s ranch.”

“Agent Larabee has a ranch?”

“Yep, he does.”


“Next is Bucklin Wilmington. He’s been friends with Chris since they were partners in homicide. Buck is the Explosive Expert. When it comes to blowing shit up, he’s your man. The only thing he likes more are the ladies and his teammates. He’s very loyal to them. He has dark brown, almost black hair and dark blue eyes. He has a mustache.”

“The ladies, huh. Has he ever asked you out?”

“Many a time and I even said yes to a few of those.”

“So, who’s next?”

“Um, let’s see. I guess I’ll tell you about Martha’s favorite, Josiah Sanchez. He’s the teams Profiler. He’s older like Martha, but he still can turn a few heads. Like Martha, his hair is salt and peppered. He has electric blue eyes. And talk about tall. He also has broad shoulders and he’s extraordinarily strong. I think he use to box or maybe even wrestled when he was young. I do know he used to surf when he lived in California.”

“Sounds like he keeps himself fit.”

“Oh, they all do. Vin, Ezra, and JD are into extreme sports. But, hey, I’m getting ahead of myself. The next one I want to tell you about is Nathan Jackson. He’s African American and is the Medic and Forensic Specialist.”

“A Medic and Forensic Specialist?”

“Yes. He’s bald and has these sad eyes even when he’s laughing or smiling. They make you want to hold him and cuddle him. But he’s taken. Lucky lady.”

Kristi giggled. “I bet he’s Jackie’s favorite.”

Susan laughed. “Oh, that’s a sucker bet.”

“So, is there anyone of them close to my age?”

“Yes, that would be John. He goes by JD. His hair is jet black, and shoulder length. His eyes are like brown M&M’s in color. He’s shorter than the others. Most of them are six feet tall if not an inch or two taller. JD’s their Communication and Computer Tech. He’s good at what he does. It’s rumored he has a girlfriend though, sorry.”

“You haven’t told me anything about this Standish guy.”

“Oh, I’m about to. Ezra Standish,” Susan sighed. “He’s from Atlanta Georgia. He has dark auburn colored hair and beautiful green eyes. He’s the only one with a living parent. He’s their Undercover Agent. And yes, he’s my favorite. I like listening to his Southern accent.”

“He has a thick one I’m guessing.”

“Yes he does. Vin has a thick Texan accent and JD has a Bostonian one.”

“Really? I’m from Massachusetts, not Boston, but hay, it’s still nice to know he’s from my home state. Where are the others from?”

“Well, I told you where Vin, Ezra and Josiah are from. Buck is from Nevada. Chris is from Indiana, and Nathan I think he was born in Alabama but was raised here in Denver. He doesn’t have the same Southern accent as Ezra.”

“Now I want to see these men and see for myself how cute they are.”

Susan laughed.

Marilyn Hayes overheard Susan tell Kristi about Agent Larabee and his team. “How would you to see them now? This just came from the courthouse for ATF team seven.”

“Ooo, I’ll take that,” Susan said as she grabbed for the envelope.

Marilyn quickly pulled the envelope back. “Kristi needs to see these gorgeous men for herself.”

“She will. I’m just going to show her the way there and introduce her to them.”

“Yeah, right, because someone has to.”

“Of course. And since I’m the one assigned to show her around, it is my duty to do so.” Susan reached for and grabbed the envelope from Marilyn.

Susan and Kristi could hear Marilyn laughing all the way to the elevator.

Susan sighed as the elevator stopped on the eleventh floor that was the ATF floor. “Now you’re going to see why this team is the secretaries eye candy.”

Susan led the way to Team Seven’s offices.

“Good afternoon gentlemen. I have an envelope here from the courthouse.”

“And a good afternoon to you Susan darlin’,” Buck greeted as he stood. “And who is this pretty little filly with you?”

“Gentlemen, this is Kristi Addison. This is her first day working here.”

“Nice to meet you,” Buck said as he approached the two women. “I’m Buck Wilmington.”

Chris came out of his office when he heard Susan. “Susan.”

“Chris, this is Kristi Addison.”

“Miss Addison,” Chris nodded his head. “I’ll take the envelope, thank you.”

“I told Kristi I would introduce her to the Agents in the building so she would know them on sight.”

“That’s fine,” Chris said as he went into his office.

“Okay, well, Buck introduced himself and that was Chris Larabee. The young man over there is JD Dunne.”

“Hi,” JD waved.

“The older gentleman is Josiah Sanchez.”

“Good afternoon, sister.”

“The gentleman seated across from him is Nathan Jackson.”

“Hello,” Nathan smiled.

Susan than turned toward Vin and Ezra’s desks. “The gentleman on the left is Vin Tanner and where is Ezra?”

“He’s in the break room,” Vin answered. “Hi,” Vin said and tipped an imaginary hat.

Ezra chose that moment to step out of the break room.

“Agent Standish. This is Kristi Addison. She’s new here.”

“Pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Addison.”

“It was nice to meet all of you. I hope to see you in the future.”

“We got to get back to work,” Susan smiled at the men.

“So, what do you think?” Susan asked when the elevator doors closed.

“Oh my God. They are eye candies. I thought you were exaggerating.”

Susan laughed. “So, which one do you like the most?”

“It would have to be JD. He’s close to my age and he’s from my home state. And he’s soooo cute.”

Back in the bull pen:

“Hey, Vin, Miss Addison’s pretty, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I guess. I think JD would be better.”

“Hey, I have a girlfriend.”

“But Vin don’t.” Buck grinned and wagged his eyebrows.

“All right,” Chris said when came out of his office. “We have a new case to go over from the DA.”

Chris led the way to the conference room.