Magnificent Seven ATF Universe
Lost and Alone

by Amelia

Here I stand with all inside lost and alone.
Old year on the edge of ending with everything known
New year minutes away, no good-byes or even a so long.
One action, one deed, in a blink of an eye
All changes for hope and life to die.
It seems since the beginning I atone.
Now here again, I'm lost and alone.

It was just an offering of a helping hand.
Just a simple way of trying to ease the load as I can.
Nothing more, nothing less, no hidden agenda is to be.
Only sad and tiredness in the eyes before me I see.
The second set of eyes I didn't see, the failing of it be the key.
Split second all change,  like a hungry dog smelling a bone,
Now here again I'm lost and alone.

Like the crossroads , choosing to go left or right.
Just going with what you think is the best in sight.
Each moment, each action a domino effect does play.
Most never see the reaction of the action where all finally lays.
A breath of intake, a millisecond of time, dissension out of hand made.
Darkness turns to shadow moving until dead it's condoned.
Now here again, I'm lost and alone

Standing here lost and alone in front of where it had all gone so wrong.
Not feeling the cold rain falling, only tears in the heart like a sad sad song.
The one you offered help, bait to draw in an angel of kindness,
Second to steal, to hurt,to kill, all because of drugs of mindless.
Young life wasted, another no chance from inside the barred cells they've taken.
By hands that fought to protect, to give hope, now that feel so forsaken.
Now here again, I'm lost and alone

Staring at the spot where still a stain still glared.
Until six shadows covered the pain that deeply bared.
A hand on the shoulder connection reached and held.
Warmth of six making seven bond in spirit it welled.
Understanding, sorrow, compassion filled the once tensed air.
Looking into the gazes sent from them with true soul's care.
Now here knowing forever not atone, never again lost or alone.

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