Christmas ornamentA Son's Memory

by Amelia

He stood out under the darken sky of night,
Searching across the expansion for a light.
Alone he was in the cold frigid air,
Wind whipping up caressing his scruffy cheek that was bared.
He paid no mind to the temperature or the weather that surround,
Only to the moment that he knew was coming to that he was bound.
A memory of long ago that he had never lost or let go,
Cherished he did its value that's worth more than any amount of gold.
Closing his eyes for the image in his mind to show clear,
His child self and his ma sitting, watching her hold him so dear.
Opening his gaze once more just as the town's bell rang,
His sight filled as the 12th ring out across open sang.
There its light brilliantly shined throughout the heavens above,
A star the reminder of Love soaring like the wings of a dove.
Starring into its wondrous glow that mirrored in his eyes so blue,
He spoke the words that lived in his heart forever and always they do.
Merry Christmas Mama, I remember what you said to always look for the light,
To feel your warmth standing with me as the bell strikes 12 on his birth this night.

The clouds finally came and regathered, blocking all view of the stars and sky. He turned back to his horse that waited patiently for him, and mounted up. He took one last look toward the sky. "I got to go now Mama, I have six brothers waiting on me to toast Christmas in. They's a waitin' on me and I don't want them to worry none. You can rest easy now, I'm not alone any more. They're the best brothers a fella could ever have."

With that Vin turned Peso and headed back to town, to a seat at a table he knew was waiting on him along with a whiskey and six brothers whose hearts kept him warm from the cold.

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