Magnificent Seven Old West

The Call Home - Sue M

When my spell upon this earth winds to an endin’,
Whether from a speedin’ bullet or just time,
I'll walk toward my maker’s lovin’ welcome,
Always knowin’ I lived life right to the line.

I know that those I’m leavin’ truly love me,
As I love them; down to my very soul,
I fear they’ll grieve too long over my passin’,
So listen all to what I must bestow.

With every smile you fill my life with laughter,
With every tear we share you grow more dear,
Each time we are together I am stronger,
You give me hope, and help me battle fear.

Because of you I live each day with meanin’,
And seek to be the best man I can be,
Together there is naught we fear to challenge,
And always while maintainin’ dignity.

My pride in you soars higher than an eagle,
My love for you will span eternity.
I pray I haven’t left it late to tell you,
My family truly means the world to me.

So when the wind calls out across the prairie,
And breathes my name, I’ll follow willin'ly,
As I have no regrets about my journey
Bar one, for leavin’ you is hard for me.

Be true to one another through your lifetime,
Oft think of me, but never be downcast,
Value every second of life’s journey,
Live every day as if it were your last.

And when your days roll to their final sunset,
With dreams fulfilled and every moment spent,
I’ll wait for you to join me on the prairie,
And cherish we are rightly Seven again.

- Vin Tanner

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