Magnificent Seven Old West Universe
Away in the Old West by Sue M

To the tune of Away in a Manger by William J. Kirkpatrick and James R. Murray (1895).

Away in the Old West, no towns for a bed,
Seven weary peacekeepers lay down their tired heads.
They stared at the night sky as the stars twinkled bright,
But sleep wouldn't hasten, try hard as they might.
They heard cattle lowing, which kept them awake,
Wolves howled in the distance never taking a break.
Vin rose from his bedroll and ambled around,
Moving all through the camp without making a sound.
Chris too was quite restless, so decided he'd stand
To take in the setting and the lay of the land,
The moonlight was bright casting shadows of blue,
Over trees, rocks, and prairie, and the slumbering few.
Josiah got up and while starting a brew,
Nathan re-warmed what was left of the stew,
From under his blanket Ezra stared at the scene,
While envious of Buck and JD so serene.
Five of the lawmen gave a stretch and a yawn,
Then the fi-re was stoked and they talked until dawn,
Within the first hour Buck had joined them as well,
But JD slumbered on til the breakfast-time yell.
Now seven peacekeepers were alert and awake,
And rode in a line through a swirl of snowflakes,
Cold noses glowed red and with lashes caked white,
They rode through the storm until Christmas Eve night.
In town they arrived covered frosty and cold,
To a hearthside they trudged to share stories untold,
Over coffee and broth they broke bread and got warm,
Drawing comfort from friendship, away from the storm.
'Midst laughter and teasing, Christmas gifts were exchanged,
And before they retired the day's feast was arranged,
To soft beds they ventured, content and replete,
Seven walking as one down an old west town street.

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