This is My Prayer for You

by Amelia

The laughter that rang around the saloon all evening, slowly started to die out as more and more left heading to their homes to get some sleep before the new year started. It wasn't until just a little before midnight when all that was left were the seven, sharing a well aged nrandy Ezra had produced.

“Hey, guys, it's almost midnight,” JD happily announced. Looking around at his friends who were toasting yet again to that fact, he asked, "Should we each say something or is there anything any of you always do on New Year's Eve?”

Though several of them started telling past ways of celebrating, Vin became quiet as a voice he hadn't heard since he was a child began to sing in his memory.

Peaceful valleys, mountaintops
No dark alleys, or sudden stops
This is my prayer
This is my prayer for you

His ma's voice, he remembered her singing every eve of the few New Year's they had together, this song.
Closing his eyes he let the memory become clear with her tune.

Love is calling, starry skies
Always falling, but not for lies
This is my prayer
This is my prayer for you

'I kept my promise, mama, I's always stayed with truth, no matter what was coming. And at every dusk when stars come out and every dawn when they fall into sunlight, I know in doing that I honored you.'

May all your sweet dreams go unbroken
May every wish you've ever spoken
Come true
This is my prayer
This is my prayer for you

'I never stopped thinking of you or dreaming of how your were. Always did my best to be the way you said a Tanner should be. And I hope and wish that you're up there knowing I am proud to be your son.'

Celebrations, true blue friends
Revelations, and a heart that mends
This is my prayer
This is my prayer for you

'It was a long hard road, mama, after you was gone and though I was being true, my heart felt broken and empty at times being so alone. But I got friends now, more than just that really, they're true blue brothers everyone of them.'

Arms that welcome, doors opened wide
All your loved ones, gathered by your side
This is my prayer
This is my prayer for you

'And Ms. Nettie, well you'd like her, mama, she's a lot like you in strength. She always makes me feel welcome, like maybe I got a home again where someone cares. Can't say how much that means to me.'

May all your days be filled with laughter
May all your prayers be quickly answered
This is my prayer
This is my prayer for you

'I'm not just looking in no more, mama, but I'm inside where it's warm and I know that no matter what there will always be someone at my side. A bunch of someones. All the prayers I said to you since you left, you answered them this year. Thank you, mama, I love you.'

“You still with us, Vin?” Chris quietly requested as he had seen the emotions crossing his friend's face.

“Yea, just remembering a prayer my mama use to say every New Year's Eve."

The End

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