Looking Up an Old Friend

by Amelia

Crossover Sons of Anarchy

"Alright gentlemen, I do believe there is a finical attachment that should be departing the bovine folds and arriving into the Italian craftsmanship which right it's to lay," Ezra stated.

The six territorial directors from across the country stood there staring at the man with the gleaming smile feeling confused.

"Excuse me, brothers, I speak Ezra. He said that all of you owe him the money on the bet you lost," Josiah explained.

"Oh, yes!" the director from Virginia said, finally understanding, handing over the twenties along with the other men he was standing among. He went on, "I can't believe Tanner not only got a perfect score, but he even beat the time score. Nobody in ten years has ever come close to it, much less beat it."

"As I informed you gentlemen, our Mr. Tanner is very proficient in his gifted talent. I dare say he is most decidedly scores the highest in this field here on our humble continent, and very possibly over all accessible land," Ezra grinned.

Josiah seeing the confused looks explained, "Agent Standish said that Vin Tanner is very good at what he does, and we're happy that he watches our backs." It wasn't exactly what Ezra had said, but Josiah figured it best to just state the true meaning of the feeling behind the words.

The men, nodding their understanding, walked way, and paused as Larabee and Tanner were going past them to join their friends.

"Congratulations, Tanner, that was some fine shooting," the director from New York praised.

"Thanks." Vin gave a small smile, shaking the man's hand as well as the others as they held their hands out.

Chris and Vin headed on over to Ezra and Josiah, as Nathan, Buck and JD as well came up, completing the group.

"So the US shooting competition is over, and we still have a couple days left before we head back to Denver. I say we hit some of the clubs," Buck cheerfully suggested.

Heading toward the exits, Chris surprised them with, "I was thinking about a drive down to San Francisco to see Fisherman's Wharf. Anyone want to join me?"

"Sounds like a plan, cowboy." Vin nodded.

"I'd like to come, and if you don't mind, taking a slight detour. There's a town half way along the way. I have an old army friend that lives there. He has the best spiced pickles and pickled peppers. Thought maybe I'd see if I could get a couple of jars," Josiah said.

Chris, looking at Vin, shrugged that it sounded fine with him. Chris then looked at the rest of the team, "Anyone else want to come?"

"Sure, I'll come," Nathan nodded

"I'm in," JD smiled.

"Well if the kid is going, I guess I'd better tag along to keep him out of trouble," Buck teased.

All eyes suddenly turned and looked at Ezra.

"What! Are we joined at the hip? Must we do everything together?" Seeing they were all still looking at him. "Oh, for the love of.... . Fine, yes, I will accompany this merry group sightseeing and looking up an ancient acquaintance. But I would like to make one suggestion. Instead of our good selves being forced into an uncomfortable state in that rented tin can, might we rent bikes to take this trip? I happened to notice a brochure at our quaint lodge for a place where one can rent Harley Davidson's for a duration of time."

"That's not a bad idea; it's been a while since I rode feeling the wind," Josiah explained.

"It does sound fun," Nathan agreed.

Vin looking at Chris, seeing the doubt, "What's wrong, cowboy, don't know how to ride?"

"Yes, I know how to ride. I'm just surprised it was Ezra who thought of it."

"Why would that surprise you? He's got more sides than a chameleon," Buck laughed.

The decision made, they headed out for dinner, leaving it to Ezra to make the arrangements for the bikes.

Meeting in the parking lot the next morning, they were all surprised except one when two trucks pulled in carrying seven Harleys. Once all the ID's were copied and final papers signed, each of them claimed a bike along with the helmets.

After Josiah showing where the town was on the map, the seven pulled out.

An hour and a half later had them passing the sign informing them they were entering the town of Josiah's friend.

Driving down the street, they headed to the auto garage where Josiah's friend worked. Vin spotted the sign 'Teller-Morrow Auto Shop.' They pulled into the parking lot and parked beside the other bikes lined up there.

Climbing off the bikes and taking their helmets off, they found several men coming out of the building and toward them.

Josiah spotted his friend, "Hey, Piney, since I was in the neighborhood thought I'd stop in."

The oldest looking one of the group stopped, as the voice clicked into his memory. "Josiah Sanchez!! You old reprobate."

The two men met in the middle of the groups and clasped hands.

"Hey, he looks like Clay," the man with a beard stated.

"Never thought about it, guess he does. Josiah, this is my son Opie, the young fella beside him is Jax. That's Tig, Bobby and Juice. Fellas, this is Josiah Sanchez, best Huey pilot that was in the war. Saved our hides plenty of times," Piney said.

Josiah nodded with a smile, and stated, "These are my friends. The blond is Chris Larabee, the tall brunet is Buck Wilmington, JD is beside him, and Nathan Jackson on the other side of Buck. And Vin Tanner is behind you."

Turning, they found the man had somehow maneuvered himself there and was standing beside two other men, one who looked just like Josiah.

"Dang, Josiah, he does look like your twin," Vin stated.

Introductions were made to the two new comers, Clay Morrow and Chibs. It was decided they'd go to a steakhouse for lunch, before heading on out to San Francisco. Piney gave Josiah his word he would ship him a huge container of both the pickles and peppers.

The group sat down, Josiah and Clay sitting beside each other. Josiah asked Clay about his parents and grand parents, and the two men found there was a connection in the bloodline generations back into the 1870's. A relative whom Josiah was named after, who lived in Four Corners, Colorado was also distantly related to Clay.

The talk stayed pleasant as Piney and Josiah told some of their old war stories.

It wasn't until they were finished eating that Jax asked if they worked together, and JD answered that they were an ATF team in Colorado.

The tension instantly filled in the room.

The silence was broken by a Texas drawl, "Ain't no reason for concern. We're on vacation, just here for Josiah see his friend. Ain't here to stand on anyone's territory."

Clay, meeting the straightforward look from ice blue eyes, saw the truth. But it was confirmed by one of their own, when Chibs spoke in his Scottish brogue, "Tanner's word is good. He and I crossed paths long time back when he was a bounty hunter. He kept his word to me, when I told him I didn't do what I was accused of. Said he'd check it out and did, saw to it I was released."

Even though tension eased, the friendly atmosphere was now more guarded. They paid for their lunches, and walked to the bikes. Piney and Josiah gave each other a pat on the back with promise of staying in better touch.

The seven rode out of town, past the sign saying Welcome to Charming, where they pulled off to the side of the road. A map was pulled out to see which road to take.

JD asked, "So what was that about? I say ATF and everyone acted like it was a bad thing."

"JD, didn't you notice the bike patches they wore? They were the Sons of Anarchy. They have been suspected of dealing in guns for years, just never been caught," Buck reported.

"And are even believed to have ties with the IRA as well," Ezra added.

That's why Vin told them we weren't a threat coming after them," Chris added.

"I'm sorry, guys, I knew Piney was in a biker's club, but he never mentioned a name," Josiah said.

"Weren't your fault and they didn't break no laws in front of us, and suspicion is not proof." Vin nodded

"That one that knew you?" Chris left the question hanging.

"Setup, accused of beating a woman. She told me he didn't do it, her new husband did. The current husband wanted her ex husband out of the picture. Don't know if Chibs has seen his ex wife since. Think she went back to Ireland."

With that information, they headed on to San Francisco to enjoy their time left, letting go all thoughts of Josiah having a twin, who was the leader of the biggest outlaw biker club on the west coast...


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