Follow the Wind by Kathy MHero's Heart Award 2012


The wind calls me; I hear its siren song
Quiet and soft or loud and strong
I always followed the wind along,
I was like a tumbleweed, rolling
Where the wind blew; always roaming
I went where the wind was singing

Where would it take me this time?
What sights or places would I find?
It took me to yet another small town
Faded paint, dreary shades of brown
The wind whispered stop when I got here
And this time I listen to what I hear

Thinking to stay a few days
I look for a job to get some pay
I watch the dirt blowing down the dusty road
It swirls under the broom as I sweep the board

Stacking, sweeping, a week, another day
Shouts, gunshots, people run out of the way
Drunk cowboys; string up the quack they say
A woman shoved as she chases a wagon
Turning she asks us, will we let this happen?
Trading the broom for a rifle I make a stand
Not going to die with a broom in my hand

Looking across the street I meet his gaze
We both know it's one of those days
Nodding I walk to meet the stranger in black
And instantly know he'll watch my back
Walking together, me and a gunfighter
Willing to fight, may die, to save a healer

More shouts and shots; he's swinging from the tree
We shoot back, I hit the rope; we get him free
Never shoot a man in the back
Yells the gunslinger dressed in black
To the youth running to aid our fight
Who learns a lesson about what's right

The bad guys are all dead or on the run
We head to the saloon when the fight's all done
Order whiskey for the doc and us too
Men approach us before we're thru
Hire us to save their village from ruin
From vengeful, evil men's doing

We get a friendly rogue out of a lady's bed
Then to an old mission we head
To find a penance seeking ex-preacher
Then back to the saloon to meet a gambler
Ride out next day, the young greenhorn trails along
We plan, we get ready; we're seven strong

Then later sitting watching the sun with him
The wind takes my words away but he hears them
As the wind swirled around dirt and dust
A friendship strengthened, built on trust

We fought hard, some got hurt, we got caught
Could we win or was all for naught?
Were our plans becoming undone?
But we fought on as a team and won!

And that's the way it all started
But would we stay together or be parted?
Sometimes events are far ranging
And times they were a-changing
We stayed together to protect the town
Through good and bad, ups and down

I've got their back and they've got mine
Was alone, now being together's fine
Some days are easy, some are rough
We work as a team when times get tough
We follow when he says let's ride
We stick together, fight side by side

Through injuries, illness and tears
Misunderstandings, harsh words and fears
Through trials and heartaches
When friendships could break
He says ride and we follow along
Still together, still seven strong

Lots of fun too, good times
Talks, laughs, drinks and games
Some days a whirlwind, so busy
Others so quiet you could go crazy
Stormy times that test a man's mettle
Then soft winds that let us settle

Perched on a roof I still watch the wind blow
But I also watch the town; where the people go
I hear the wind rustle leaves in the trees
I feel the sweet soft caress of the breeze

When the walls close in; when I need to breathe fresh air
When I need to get away, feel the wind in my hair
Or when times are so quiet, the air so still
That I want to get away, go wherever I will
I can still hear the whispers of the wind's song
Calling me, beckoning me to follow along
Then I follow the wind, yes I still go
But I'll be back the others know

I ride out to where the wind calls
To the mountains and the waterfalls
Track animals, watch the birds soar,
Follow the river and so much more
Across the plains, see the tall grass wave
The quiet, the peace is what I crave

When I'm calm again I follow the wind home
With the wind at my back I know where I'm going
I no longer feel the need to roam
I'm following the wind as it takes me home

- Vin Tanner

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January 2013