Is It Worth The Price

by Amelia

It's expensive, isn't it? It can cost you more than you thought, more than you could have ever imagined. And the question circles in your mind, 'Is it worth the price'?”

Vin sat there staring, never moving, the only indication he was alive, was the rise and fall of his chest. His mind hearing those words over and over again that Josiah had spoken to him, after he had seen with his own eyes.

None of the sounds around him he heard, only Josiah's voice, only the true question that laid in his words. 'Is it worth the price'?

Vin tried to relax his wound up muscles, that had turned him into a still statue from first sight. But found like his mind, neither were about to ease.

He tried to force his gaze somewhere else, tried to make his sight shift just to the left. But his eyes, like the rest, refused to obey.

He heard the woman say 'So angelic looking'.” That was there a moment ago. And with the single light shining down, he saw in a way she was right.

Again there was Josiah's voice whispering though his mind, 'Is it worth the price'?

Was it?” Vin stood suddenly.

Is it worth the worry? Is it worth the knots that form in my gut when broken? Is it worth the possible loss?” Vin's anger shouted inside his mind.

Stepping closer, Vin couldn't stop his hand from reaching out. The need in him to confirm, to reaffirm what his eyes told him.

His fingers brushing the arm, felt the heat of life there. He let his gaze fall once more to Larabee's face that was seen in the dark hospital room with only the soft glow from the little overhead light shining down on him. His face relaxed in the drug induced sleep.

The door opening, Vin looked toward it.

The doctor said he's going to be alright in time. That both bullets luckily missed his organs.” Josiah smiled softly at his worried friend.

'Friendship, brothers, the possible pain of losing them, the time you have with them in laughter, in trust, in warmth.' Vin thought.

Nodding to Josiah he said, “Don't matter how expensive, It's worth the price.”


The End

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