Vin's Watch

He stands on the edge of the bluff,

Waiting for that precious moment in time.

Watching the horizon for the sign he so desperately needs,

And finally patience rewarded and it he sees.

There what seems the place the world begins,

The plains dark battle is over it comes and wins.

A touch appears a glow of life in the distance,

Feeling its grow with each heartbeat’s instance.

Stretching across giving the gift of light,

He cherishes and holds it dear, for it he would fight.

Reaching further out further up awakening all,

To a new day he hears it’s welcoming call.

Smiling he nods greeting with his respect given,

Standing taller as the warm rays touch and reminds still he’s livin’.

Turning finally to the six who still peacefully sleep,

Knowing complete faith they have their safety he’ll keep.

Brothers they are through an through though never sought

But family in his heart and soul he protects always he’ll watch.


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