Irish Lullaby

[from Sarah's spirit to Vin]



Sleep little lad with the heart of gold,

Your eyes see clear from a soul of old

A spirit strong and sure showing true bold

Sleep little laddy I promise never you’ll be cold

Sleep little lad no more tears, no being sad

A home you have now in the heart of your new dad

No more worrying is there for you to be had

Sleep little laddy he’ll always protect you from the bad

Sleep little lad rest easy you don’t have to be tough

You brought back life to my love I can’t thank you enough

The hard road you've been on is over, let fade the hurtful stuff

Sleep little laddy you’re safe from the path that was so rough

Sleep little lad the face of an angel, a gaze of deep blue sea

Both your hearts and souls set free you were his key

Sleep little laddy forever and always safe in your dad’s arms to be

Sleep little laddy forever and always I promise this you'll see......


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