It's Gone

by Amelia

As the men entered the bullpen, they couldn’t believe the scene before their eyes. The whole room looked like a tornado had torn through it, did a U-turn and came back for a second hit. And what was even more surprising was that papers were still flying up and out from a hand that would appear every second from underneath a desk.

"What the hell is going on here!" Chris demanded.

"I can’t find it!" came a anxious voice muffled slightly as more trash flew up from a trash can that must now be going gone through.

"What? What can’t you find?" JD curiously asked as he walked over to the desk and started moving papers, helping to look even though he didn’t know what he was looking for.

"I always have it with me," was the only answer they heard as the body finally scooted out from behind the desk and moved to the break room.

The others moving about the bullpen, picking up what had been thrown or over turned and dumped out.

Josiah calling out as napkins, paper plates were suddenly seen flying through the doorway of the break room. "Brother, if you will tell us what it is your looking for, we can help you look and hopefully find the item."

"It was in my pocket, it’s always in my pocket. IT has to be here some where," came a voice that sounded like the head was in the cabinet, trying to crawl inside.

"Dang it," Nathan yelled exasperated, Heading into the break room, the others heard a bang within minutes after he disappeared through the doorway, ‘Shit, that’s smart’ was bellowed. With Nathan coming back out rubbing his elbow explained, "Tried to pull him out from under the sink and hit my funny bone on the edge of the counter top when my grip slipped off him.”

Just then the person in question came out of the break from with the trash can from in there. Stopping by another trash can, he tossed stuff from one into the other. Picking up the now empty can he shook it seeing if it was in the now empty bucket. Throwing it down in a growl, he headed next into Larabee’s office.

"Hey, wait a minute! You are not tearing apart my office. Now get out here and tell us what it is you’re looking for before I have Josiah grab you and hold you down till you tell us," Chris ordered in a no argument voice. The six men stared at each other when the sound in the office went completely quiet. Looking at the man that now came out and stood in front of them, they all saw the accusing glare he was giving each of them one at a time. Looking for guilt or any suspicious look in their eyes.

Each one by one he slowly looked over looking finding no recognition in their body language or sight, he went on to the next. It wasn’t until he reached the next to last one, he saw a fleeting emotion cross their face, giving away the guilt of the person. "Where is it?" his voice dripping with the growl.

"I don’t have any idea in what you are talking about," the accused replied.

"Hand it over now." His voice dropped a level the words coming out almost in a dangerous whisper.

"Please will some one inform the rest of us what is going on," Ezra requested.

"Got a date this evening, went to call her to confirm the time to pick her up and my black book was missing." Buck turned and glaring at the one he knew had taken it, "Give it back."

"When I get my new tire you blew when you used my jeep, you’ll get your book," Vin smirked as he disappeared into the break room.

Chris grinning, at the look on Buck's face went into his office, just as his door was closing they all heard, "Buck you’re not leaving until after you clean up the mess you made."

The End

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