Only See In Dreams

by Amelia

He couldn't believe he made it. It had been such a long hard battle from the very first Vin thought to himself as he took in the view from where he had finally stopped. Thinking back he remembered how it had all started.

"Vin, look over there. What does that raccoon have?" JD wanted to know.

Vin studying the critter as it finished its descent off the rock's facing and stopped turning what it held in its paw. "Dang it," he said more to himself. Vin quickly went over to the animal, using a long stick and his gun, he fired in the air as he used the stick at the same time to swipe at but deliberately missing the raccoon

Doing both at once scared the critter into dropping his prize and scurrying off.

"Vin?" JD asked as he stepped up and watched Vin gently drop a clean bandanna around the object, picking it up carefully so not to harm or put any human scent on it.

"It's an eagle’s egg, JD, the Kiowa and Comanche both see it as a spiritual bird, one of vision. They're to be honored I've got to get it back to its nest."

"But how are you going to find its nest, Vin? It could be anywhere." JD looked at him frowning.

"Nope it's up there somewhere. Raccoon just brought it down. You go ahead and set up camp and get a fire a going I'll be back hopefully by dark." Vin explained as he tucked the egg wrapped in the bandanna into his pouch attached to his belt.

JD turning going to do what he was asked to, looked back and watched Vin start up the side of the rock's facing.

Vin found the climbing was easy for at least half way up, with foot holds and hand holds spaced just right. But as the sun reached its height in the sky and began bearing down on him, Vin found the sweat as well as the places to grab a hold of was becoming harder the higher up he got. Leaning against the facing, using a little ledge the size of the side of his boot sticking out, he took several deep pulls off his canteen. Looking down, Vin could see the smoke off a ways where JD had set up camp. Looking at it for a moment longer , then switching his gaze upward, he smiled when he realized the nest was about another 800 yards up and over to the left a bit.

Taking one more drink, Vin secured the canteen around his neck and arm, then once more started his climb upward.

Keeping the nest in his sight, he worked his way up and over at a slow, constant pace. Reaching up and grabbing a hold of a small root sticking out, Vin scrambled quickly as the root turned out to be a lizard’s long tail and it came right out of its hole giving him no hold to the cliff.

Shifting his weight in lighting speed, he was able to keep his body flat against the rock, one hand holding onto a crack in its facing, his feet on pieces of rock sticking out and his other hand still holding the lizard.

Once he was sure of his balance, he set the green dessert lizard on an small ledge, "Sorry fella, thought your tail was a root," Vin breathed out his apology.

Continuing up he sighed when the nest was less than 20 feet away. Hearing a screech, Vin looked out into the sky, seeing the eagle that had sent out the warning call.

"I understand you’re upset, but I'm just bringing your baby back to ya. So don't get no ideas of attacking," Vin said more for his comfort than the bird might actually understand.

Edging up a little closer to the nest, trying to keep his eye on it as well as the beautiful bird that was flying and circling above him, Vin heard the screech call of warning again, turning his head he tried to brace himself for the attack he figured was about to happen when the bird began its descent quickly toward him. Vin knew the talons were going to tear into his flesh and tightened his grip on the rocks he was holding onto.

A screech so loud almost deafening, as the bird called a half a foot from his head.

But he realized the bird was above him, chancing a look, the eagle was taking off from a out cropped ledge less than 5 inches above his head with a big rattler in its claws.

Vin stared, watching as the bird flew high, dropping the snake out over the river. Realizing the keen sight of the spirit bird had spotted the danger and called out warnings, before taking care of it himself.

Vin sending up a silent thanks to the 'Great Father' moved on and finally reached the nest. The eagle landing 50 feet away, watched him with those piercing eyes.

Vin made sure he had a good foot hold, before reaching into the pouch and gently took the egg out. Placing it into the nest and easing the bandanna away from it. Vin turned to slowly begin his climb down, stopping at the breath taking view the height gave him of the valley below. Turning his head back to the eagle he expressed, "You sure did pick the right place for your home. It's got a view you only see in dreams."

The End

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