Beast by Vin Tanner scribed by LaraMee

by Vin Tanner
scribed by LaraMee

I hear the thunder roaring near
and watch as like a storm
you roar across the land.
I stare in silent awe as you cover
the prairie before me,
dark as storm clouds
spreading from horizon to horizon
like a wooly blanket.

Dusky. Musky. Bone and muscle.
You thunder past me
and I pray that you move on,
not resting in your journey.

But the prayer dies on my lips.
I look at you, standing there,
the legend of the world we share
glows in the depths of that dark eye.

“Go on!” My heart screams
even as my finger pulls the trigger.
I watch as you fall, your thunder gone,
destroyed by mankind’s lightning.


You lay bleeding at my feet
and my soul cries
for the end of nature’s noble lord.