Weather the Storm

by Sue M

Collage by Bountyhunter'slady

Main Characters: Chris, Vin

Disclaimer: Just playing. I know I can't keep 'em…damnit!

For me, poetry is spontaneous, and often inspired by something in an instant. Such an event happened to me recently, by Jo's collage.

So...based on that awesome collage, here's a poem :o)

Two steeds, feisty, proud, step together in the balmy air
Upon their backs, two friends, feisty, proud, brothers of the heart,
Flank each other in comfortable silence.
Crackling bolts of light transverse a violet sky.
Horses step anxiously; soothing tones disguise troubled glances.
An unspoken message; time to go home.

A thunderclap rents the air and shakes the earth with its intensity.
Frightened stallions flee the ogre that stole the sun, while icy rain feeds their terror.
Two men cling, fingers intertwining fluttering manes, their commands lost on the wind.
A sudden halt. Rocks fly from skidding hooves, nostrils flare in search of air.
One man falls. Skin tears, bones snap. A howl of grief vanishes inside the storm
As frantic, flailing, black-clad limbs seek out the object of his anguish.

Silence. The rapid halt to nature’s fury mocks the unfolding spectacle.
Comfort seems inadequate. Undeterred the man in black holds his brother close,
And cheers each shaky breath with silent prayers. This day is not for dying.
Brothers come. Fear and heavy hearts accompany them on their grim mission.
Gentle hands enfold a broken body, and begin the torturous homeward journey,
While rolling wheels, pounding hooves, and soft moans, punctuate their misery.

Fevered cries fill a tiny clinic. A toned, pain-racked body glistens in its agony.
Steamy air mingles with shimmering dust as one man paces, and others wait.
This day is not for dying. Hands clasp and soothing litanies call his brother home,
His reward; a glimpse of blue, and words to soothe his aching heart. ‘Hey, Cowboy.’
Whispered words meant only for one, elicits a smile. The sentiment is understood.
Claimed by healing slumber two souls reunite, thankful they weathered the storm.

Sue M