Echoes of a Distant Time

by Strangevisitor7

Alternate Universe "Highlander"

Characters: Ezra Standish and an OMC

Summary: Ezra Standish, known in the present day as the famous celebrity photographer Edward Zachary Sanboure (Ez), decides to take on a protégé.

Author's Note: This story is set in the present.

Ezra stared at the resume in front of him, not really reading the words. Instead, he used the silence to study the young man seated across the desk from him.

Really, the interview was just a formality. The kid had the job from the moment Ezra had stumbled across his name on one of the many budding photographer internet sites he visited. A few well placed inquires confirmed his suspicions, but left him wondering how he'd lost track of this particular branch of the family. It was an oversight easily corrected and by the end of the week Ezra had contacted the kid inviting him in for this interview.

The resemblance was there if you knew what to look for; the dark, too long hair, the short stature and even something in the kid's smile echoed back to his ancestor. Ezra wondered if Charlotte would see it too and looked forward to introducing her to his new assistant. Keeping track of their friends’ and family's many descendents over the years was important to them. Immortality could be a lonely life, but these living reminders of those they'd left behind were a great comfort.

Ezra hadn't been looking for a protégé, but then he'd thought what better way to pass on his knowledge then to share it with a talented young photographer on the verge. His current persona as Edward Zachary Sanbourne was one of the leading celebrity photographers of the day. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to work with a living legend? He smirked. Well maybe he was overstating his status just a bit.

At first the kid had been nervous, his body language suggesting that he as unsure of why he had been given the unprecedented opportunity this interview represented. After a few questions, he had settled down, chattering on in a continuous stream of information. The young artist had shared much more than the basic knowledge that Ezra's questions required; another reminder of the kid's heritage.

Now, Ezra stalled, wondering how long the young man could sit quietly waiting for his decision. Ezra spared a glance over the top of the papers and was impressed; he wasn't even fidgeting. Obviously, he got his patience from the other side of the family.

Ezra laid down the papers and folded his hands on his desk. "When can you start?"

The kid jumped up, beaming at him. "Really, I got the job? I'm going to be your assistant?"

Ezra nodded.

"Wow! I mean, thank you." He held out his hand and Ezra stood to take it. The kid grasped Ezra's hand with both of his, shaking it as he continued to ramble. "I will be the best assistant you've ever had. I can start right away. You won’t be sorry Mr. Sanbourne. I mean it. I -"



"My hand."

Embarrassed, he let go. "Sorry, sometimes my enthusiasm gets the best of me."

Ezra smiled, another reminder he filed away. Ezra may not have Buck's natural flair for mentoring but looking at the overjoyed young man in front of him, Ezra finally understood the appeal of having a protégé; someone to guide and to help develop their talent. Hopefully, he could be half as good a 'big brother' as Buck had been to the kid's ancestor.

"It's okay, Jason," Ezra reassured him. "I look forward to working with you and don't ever lose that enthusiasm."

"I won't, Mr. Sanbourne!"

"Since we're going to be working together now, you should call me Ez."

The kid looked at him like he'd been given a great gift. "Yeah -- of course," he sputtered.

"And Jason."

"Yes Mr. Sand-- Ez?"

"Do you mind if I call you JD?"

Jason Dunne smiled. "I'd like that."