by Silvia

Character: Vin's the one talking about his feelings (who else would be?) and there's something of Chris in there, of course.

Feedback: would like the nice one, if it's possible...


Yes, I'm thrilled. I thought it was crazy to have that feeling
but instead you managed to crack and rock all my well being
to the core. You found a path that led your soul right into my heart
without me knowing that was happening from the very start.

Still, I'm thrilled of how easy it became to read your mind
and how, at first sight, I knew all that was tearing you apart.
It was odd to get to somebody else's soul in the blink of an eye
and those feelings merged with mine as we walked side by side.

Then, when I wasn't aware of myself, I bared my soul to you,
told you things about my life, and secrets nobody else knew.
What could've possibly happened to me to do such a thing?
Why would I think that this time I wouldn't get another sting?

How could my heart learn that it was fine to be so confident?
How? When I knew from experience that it was a failed intent?
Then in your eyes appeared the answers as in an open book
and was easy to read that there was a place for me to look.

There wasn't a deception waiting to meet me in the road.
This time the betrayal wouldn't come, it was a silent oath.
it was easy, for the warmth came through your eyes right into mine,
and got inside my heart. Then, so easy, I felt our souls melt into one.

-- Silvia