Seven Squared

by Sharmini

A Sequel of sorts to The Exorcism of Vin Tanner

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A lil' note from an extremely remorseful author: I sequels. But God help me, I can't help myself. Vin has Jane. What about the rest? Couldn't sleep thinking how lonely they would be. So, here it is. Purely one shot, wouldn't want this to go on and on. Please, do not sequel-ize. Please....

The guys would not let the girls have a chick party and naturally, the girls would not even dream of letting the guys have stag night. The girls were afraid the rest of the guys would corrupt poor, innocent JD. The guys were afraid the men at the bar where the girls wanted to have their 'night' would not be able to handle six women on a mission to 'educate' Casey. Finally, they agreed to have a barbeque on the evening before JD and Casey's wedding.

"A barbeque?" JD looked mighty disappointed. "Again? We had one...what? Just last week?" He looked at Buck for a little support, but Buck was running after little Ezra Nathaniel Wilmington, his youngest son, who had taken a liking to running around Ezra's living room without his pants on.

"Two evenings ago, Mr. Dunne," Ezra pointed out, handing drinks to his guests, deftly avoiding little Ezra and his father. "But then again, who's keeping count?" He actually sounded disgusted. Team Seven had barbeques at the drop of a hat.

"I am. Seven times this month! And it's not even the 20th yet!" Vin said, throwing aside the pieces of paper they had used to vote for the suitable celebration for JD and Casey's last evening before they were married. The vote had been narrow; seven for the barbeque; the last two voters (Buck and JD) had been swayed by the Larabee glare. Five other votes broke down as follows: two for Monster Truck Rally ("It ain't that bad!" Vin had argued), two more for a chick night ("Can't blame a girl for not trying!" Mary shrugged). The last vote was disqualified; let the nuptials get seven hours of sleep ("Shame on you, Ez!" everyone had said). Ezra was genuinely surprised Nathan was one of the loudest to protest.

"All right," Chris said, slapping his thighs as he stood up. "A barbeque it is."

"Huzzah," Ezra's celebration was as bland as his bored expression. "The excitement is killing me. Mr. Tanner, please hold me, for I feel the need to jump on the ceiling."

Chris opened his mouth to say something, when Mary Travis-Larabee held up a finger. Chris just gave Ezra a look that indicated he would shoot Ezra later.

"It can't all be about fun and games now, guys," Nathan said, holding out a hand and neatly catching little Ezra. Buck gave a look of gratitude as he took his son from Nathan. Little Ezra offered little resistance and Buck's own annoyance disappeared when his son gave him a grin that equaled his own. The rest of them watched this, a familiar warmth spreading through them. "We have others to think about now."

The rest of the twelve assembled in Ezra's living room nodded, content. There were too many people to take into consideration now. Has been since Vin first tied the knot five years ago.

Vin was the first to truly take the plunge. He married Jane Malone, formerly Team Seven's office secretary, now full-time housewife at the Tanner ranch, adjacent to Larabee's. She allowed Vin as much room as he needed, but always knew when to step in when her man needed her. She enjoyed horseback riding with Vin and he loved watching chick flicks, not that he would admit it to his friends any time soon. Seeing how married life had agreed with Vin, Nathan got married a few months later, proposing to Raine on bended knee near the creek at the end of Larabee's ranch one beautiful summer day. They were having a barbeque and Nathan suddenly felt that he should be as happy as he was at that moment every day. Some of that happiness, a major part of it, actually, was due to Raine. He did not want to waste anymore time on it. They got married two weeks after the proposal. Josiah gave Raine away. It was a small ceremony, attended by the Seven, Jane and since she had been in town, Maude Standish.

It was at Nathan's wedding that Maude and Josiah had gotten reacquainted again. Maude was between marriages at that time and Josiah, well, he could not keep his eyes off her once he saw her again. Ezra had naturally been wary; Josiah was too good a friend to inflict his mother upon him. But he could not possibly walk up to Josiah and tell him to stay away from his mother. So he told Maude to stay away from Josiah. This only served to pique her interest even more. For the first time, Maude was intrigued that she could be attracted to a simple man such as Josiah. The man did not even have a bank account that deserved a second glance. But three weeks into the relationship, Maude realized that Josiah had a wealth of experience that was far more... sexy than a seven-figure balance in his account. Ezra was forced to pay his team mates a hundred dollars each when Josiah and Maude celebrated the first anniversary of their relationship. Two months later, Ezra was forking out another five hundred dollars when his mother announced that she and Josiah were getting married. Ezra felt it was time to have that talk with Josiah; the man had to know what he was getting himself into, and Ezra could not go on losing all the time.

"I know what I'm doing, son," Josiah had told Ezra, and for the first time, Ezra felt the weight of the words Josiah usually addressed him with.

"She can... she ...." Ezra tried again. He was just trying to protect Josiah. The man had been like a father to him. More than that actually.

"I know," Josiah said, putting a hand on Ezra's shoulder. Warm grey eyes looked into Ezra's eyes. "Don't worry about it."

Ezra was speechless momentarily. "I feel like I've been given the dressing down by the bride's father," Josiah added, his eyes twinkling. "I know what I'm doing, son. I know." Ezra nodded, understanding. For the moment.

Ezra gave his mother away for the first time after her six marriages. "Lucky number seven," she had whispered when they walked down the aisle. Ezra could only smile. He did not even want to speculate how long their marriage was going to last.

Josiah quit his job and decided to travel the world with his new wife. The team lost a profiler but the family was extended now. Josiah and Maude Sanchez (she dropped all other surnames) celebrated their third anniversary in Turkey at an ancient Trojan dig site. They sent Ezra and the rest of them pictures; Josiah looked happy, no mistaking the grin on the big man's face, and Maude actually had a genuine smile in her eyes. Ezra was never happier receiving correspondence from his mother. And he had his mother and Josiah to thank for in meeting his wife, the Honorable Cassandra Stockton-Marshall.

Cassandra Stockton-Marshall, the only child of Lord Devenish Stockton-Marshall, sixteenth Marquis of Tisbury, and Lady Bertha Stockton-Marshall, worked in an art gallery in New York, under the assumed name of Cassie Marshall. She was an Arts graduate from London University. Her family was a well-known name in England, being one of the many nobles to 'fall from grace' at the start of the nineteenth century. They had lost the family estates after the war and their own fortune had dwindled just enough for her father to educate her and keep the family home. The Lord and Lady Stockton-Marshall died soon after Cassandra's graduation and though the family carried some influence, Cassandra decided to make it on her own. She closed up the house, not having the heart to sell the country manor that had seen seventeen generations of Stockton-Marshals and moved to New York. She was hoping to work at Christie's, but ended up working as a curator-cum-clerk-cum-janitor at another gallery down the street from the prestigious auction house. She hated it at first, envying all the rich people who went into Christie's. But slowly she began to love her job, especially when the owner, a large tattooed man with bleached blond hair and moustache, told her they made their first profit the same month she started working there. She had an eye for art, he had told her. The gallery had an eclectic range of artists contributing in its exhibitions; ranging from the owner's fellow bikers to the struggling new artistes who plied their trade on the sidewalks of New York. Many of them were talented, some were not, but Cass managed to sort them all out, even if meant offending some big-sized fellow with a skull tattoo on his throat. The gallery began to make a name for itself, and in her third year there, Ezra Standish had walked into the gallery, looking for a still life of the Sicilian villa that he had booked over the Internet a month before.

"Welcome, Mr. Standish," she spoke to him, opening the door for him, and Ezra was smitten. She showed him the picture he had wanted, explaining to him its background. Ezra hardly paid any attention to the gift he was buying for Maude and Josiah; he was drowning in her speech and beautiful green eyes.

"I bet that your mother would love the picture. You chose well, Mr. Standish," she said, turning to him, waiting for his comment. Ezra opened his mouth; not a word came out. If his team mates were there, they would have grabbed him and rushed him to the nearest hospital.

"Beautiful," he had finally managed to say. But he had not been looking at the picture. Cass gave him the briefest of a smile and asked in a fake cheerful voice if he would like the picture gift-wrapped. Ezra nodded, paid for the picture and left the gallery. He then kept coming back every weekend after that; dropping by to see the paintings, he told her. On the third visit, she had called the cops and Ezra spent an hour in the precinct, trying to explain to the duty sergeant that he was not stalking anyone. They finally left him go when he had shown them his badge, but only after the sergeant made a call to Denver for confirmation. Chris had confirmed that Ezra Standish was indeed his agent and he would personally rip a new one for anyone who was trying to put one of his men behind bars. Ezra was promptly released, and just as he exited the precinct, Chris called him on his cell phone.

"You couldn't just buy her flowers or take her out for a coffee?" Chris yelled through the phone. Ezra heard him, even with the phone a foot from his ears. "Do we have to do everything for you!?"

"What?" Ezra was surprised when he heard Chris. He was equally surprised to see Cass at the precinct parking lot with Buck and JD.

"You sent Buck and JD to follow me?" Ezra asked, incredulous.

"You missed two weekend barbeques at the ranch," Chris said and Ezra could hear him grinning. "We were worried."

"And curious," Vin had piped in. Ezra was surprised Vin did not speak earlier. Chris always put his phone on speaker when talking to him. Especially him. "Say, Ez, can we talk to her?"

By this time, Ezra was near Cass and his two friends. Ezra sputtered in indignation. "I have not engaged in a conversation with her. What could you possibly tell her?" This was embarrassing enough for the Southerner.

"Just do it, Standish," Chris ordered.

Ezra took a deep breath and held out the phone to a surprised Cass. "It's for you, Miss..."

"Cassandra. Cassandra Stockton-Marshall," she told him, her smile now warm. She took the phone from him and took a few steps away from the group of men.

"Real smooth, Ez," Buck said, trying not to laugh. JD was biting the inside of his cheeks to keep from busting out laughing.

"Mr. Wilmington, Mr. Dunne," Ezra said. "Shut up."

Cassandra came back a few moments later and gave the phone back to Ezra. She looked at him. "Hello, Ezra Philip Standish III," she said, shyly. "I am truly sorry for reporting you. I hope it was not too bad for you."

And for that, Ezra would not have minded being thrown into jail. So, this was love, he thought. Made one very, very irrational.

"I work in the same room with Mr. Wilmington and Mr. Dunne," Ezra told her. "The jailhouse would have been a charming respite."

Cass smiled at him. "I have been invited to Denver next weekend," she told Ezra, who was taken by surprise again. "Your friends are having a barbeque..."

"They just look for excuses every weekend to execute some poor bovine and consume more alcohol than what is really good for them," Ezra remarked, sighing.

"Sounds like fun," Cass replied and Ezra was stunned at her remark.

Buck and JD started laughing. "I like her already, Ez," Buck stated the obvious.

Ezra looked at Cass, wondering if the woman was serious. The following weekend, Ezra found himself looking at Cass across Chris's kitchen as she made a chocolate coffee cake for desert, partly because she wanted to contribute something for the party and partly because she wanted to show the Americans how English chocolate cake tasted.

"Christ, Ez, the woman's using two bars of chocolate instead of two tablespoons of chocolate powder," Vin said, approaching Ezra with a chilled bottled of beer. "I'm gonna ask her to run away with me!"

"Vin Tanner!" Jane did not even look up from the stew she was stirring on the stove.

"Yes, ma'am," Vin replied meekly. "Seriously, Ez, I am!" Vin added, in stage whisper, as he went over to his wife. Jane just smiled, shaking her head, as Vin hugged her from behind, pauing little regard to the hot stew and the stove.

"Sorry, Vin," Cassandra said, as she put in the mixture into the oven. "I can't run away with you. Ezra would be most upset." As she said this, she held up her right hand. And an emerald in the ring on her fourth finger caught the light. Jane screamed, dropping the ladle into the pot and escaping Vin's hug. The rest of them came into the kitchen, wondering what the commotion was about. Ezra just looked at Cassandra across the room. Her smile and green eyes drowned him again. But he managed to regain some of the cool he was famous for and tell the rest of them that he had proposed to Cassandra over the phone on Thursday evening before she flew into Denver. Fastest courtship in the history, he said proudly.

"You proposed through the phone?" Vin was incredulous.

"He told me he was on one knee," Cass came to his rescue.

The rest of them just shook their head. Never in a million years would they have expected the cool and calculated Southerner to do something as impulsive as that. But he did. And he still looked sane.

"When's the wedding?" Chris had been hoping to hear something not very soon, or what was supposed to be an extended engagement.

"Mother's coming back with Josiah next weekend," Ezra had answered.

Cassandra was given away by Vin at the ceremony held at the church. Josiah performed the ceremony and when he finally pronounced them man and wife, Ezra kissed Cassandra for so long that the rest of them had to ask him to stop. Not that he did. Until Chris ordered him to stop. Mr. and Mrs. Standish spent a week at the new Mrs. Standish's childhood home in England. Ezra lived out his fantasy as an English country gentleman for a week. It was the only fantasy he told the rest of them. The rest of his fantasy...well, a gentleman never kisses and tells.

It was during his reconnaissance trip back from New York that Buck had met Kristanna Solskjaer. She was Norwegian, slightly lost for she was not sure how to get to Aspen from New York via Denver. She spoke enough English to get her by when her smile and pout failed. When she walked into the plane, Buck was immediately attracted.

"That, my friends," he spoke to Ezra and JD, who were seated on the either side of him. "Is the mother of my children!" His eyes never left the six-foot two blond with icy blue eyeswho walked past their seat.

"So was the lady behind the Starbuck's counter," JD remembered an incident just a few minutes ago in the airport lounge.

"As was the lady police officer at the precinct," Ezra pointed out. "We should rejoice, Mr. Dunne. Should mankind fail in our quest to reproduce, Mr. Wilmington would be more than willing to repopulate the world again."

"Hell, Ez, someone's gotta do it," Buck replied, good-naturedly. "Especially when you're only getting yourself arrested instead of actually going out with Cassandra!"

Ezra merely scoffed at him and settled back in his seat to call Cassandra. JD fell asleep as soon as the plane was airborne. And Buck was already trying to make himself understood to Kristanna. He exchanged places with a college kid, who would not budge from his seat, for he thought she was hot too. Buck tried giving him fifty dollars but the dude offered him the same amount to go back to his seat. Buck then showed him his badge and told the kid that he would arrest him the moment they got into Denver. The kid knew when he had lost. He knew he could not be arrested for nothing, but he was not taking the chance, not with several bottles of homemade Jack Daniels in his luggage. He moved to another seat. The girl watched the proceedings with much amusement.

She was on vacation from Norway, visiting an aunt who was running a ski lodge in Aspen. She was a law student. She loved salmon fishing. And she loved Buck's moustache; she thought he was very brave to have one. Buck did not know if it had been a compliment or not, but he did not dwell on it. Not when she told him, whispering as she leaned close to him, that she had always wanted to join the mile-high club. Problem was, she never found anyone...nimble enough. Buck just smiled, thanking his lucky stars. He solemnly told her he would love to help her.

They parted ways at the airport; after Buck arrested the college kid who had given him a hard time on the plane. He knew there was something suspicious about the kid. Kristanna thanked him for initiating her into the mile-high club; Buck just shook his head and told it was his honor. His back was, of course, killing him. But it had been worth it. Definitely. Buck gave her his card and told her to give him a call soon. She promised she would and blew him a kiss as she ran to make her connecting flight to Aspen.

Two months after Ezra's wedding, three large Vikings walked into Team Seven's office.

"Ve are looking for Buck Vilmington!" the oldest one of the Vikings said, addressing the room in general. By this time, Chris had come out of his office, the glare in its place. Nathan slipped away quietly to prepare his medical kit. He also wished Josiah had been there. The big man could have at least said a prayer or Buck, for the three Vikings did not look very friendly.

"I'm Buck Wilmington," Buck said, stepping forward.

There was a second of silence before all three of the Viking lunged towards Buck. The rest of the Seven plunged into action, drawing guns and weapons to help their friend. But then, Ezra stopped them, shaking his head.

The Vikings had surrounded Buck, and though their loud voices were akin to battle cries, they actually looked happy. Unless of course, they were HAPPY because they were going to hurt Buck. In between rapid Norwegian spoken among the three Vikings and a smattering of halting and thickly-accented English, the rest of Seven finally understood what the Vikings were telling Buck.

They were happy to meet Buck.

They welcomed him to the family.

"Wait a minute," Buck said, feeling just a little overwhelmed. Not to mention confused. "Family? My ma's Irish. Ain't no Vikings in my family!"

"Kristanna carries your child," one of the Vikings said. "You vill marry her, yes?" The grip on Buck's shoulder became stronger.

"What?" the rest of the Seven were even more surprised than Buck. They looked at Buck. The Vikings looked at Buck. Buck looked as if he was caught between a rock and a hard place. He never did give his answer, for the Vikings assumed his silence was a sign of consent. They cheered and carried Buck out of the room on their shoulders. The rest of the Seven just watched the whole thing, too stunned to move.

Buck was married three days later, in a big, big ceremony that even had the Seven feeling overwhelmed.

"Upset ve all vere," Ezra was told by a particularly large woman who had him squashed on her ample... person, as they danced (or hurled around in a most dizzying manner, as Ezra put it) during the reception. "Kristanna very beautiful, no..."

"Ve vanted to kill 'im," one of the Viking who visited Buck at the office was telling Vin, in between exchanging salmon fishing tips.

"Kristanna was a virgin," another aunt was telling Chris, as she nudged her way between him and Mary at the buffet table.

Chris and Mary raised an eyebrow, but did not say anything. As for the groom, Buck was enjoying himself too much to pay much attention to the rest of them. He had been a little overwhelmed at the beginning, but after he had accepted the responsibility for his actions, he was welcomed into the family with much enthusiasm. The Solskjaer clan was loud, openly affectionate and loved Buck and all his friends. It was a whirlwind wedding; everything was arranged by Kristanna's family, all Buck had to do was to show up at the Solskjaer family lodge at Aspen and say "I do." The only request Buck made during the wedding was to have Chris give Kristanna away. Her family was surprised, but they understood. Family was important. So, Chris, proudly, albeit hesitantly, walked Kristanna down the aisle. And a few minutes later, Buck Wilmington, who swore to be bachelor for the rest of his life, was married to a girl whose family name he could not pronounce.

"It's Wilmington," Kristanna told him, after his seventh attempt at her maiden name. "Just Wilmington."

It was the happiest day in Buck's life; rivaled only by the birth of twin first-borns. The medical staff and Buck's friends had never seen a more ecstatic father when Buck came into the waiting lounge, carrying little Christopher Devin and Jonathan Josiah. Eighteen months later, the family welcomed Ezra Nathaniel. The sworn bachelor was now a dad to three sons and a devoted husband to an equally devoted wife.

The wheels were set in motion during Buck's wedding for Chris and Mary's eventual union. In an unexpected turn of events, Chris Larabee, drunk on Norwegian liquor, actually sang a song during the wedding reception. It was Elvis' 'Can't Help Falling In Love With You.' It was supposed to be for the newly-weds, but everyone present saw Chris was hardly looking in the general direction of the bride and groom. It seemed as he was serenading Kristanna's great-aunt, another large woman. Sitting behind the great-aunt was Mary, unable to believe Chris 'I-Am-The-Bad-Element' Larabee singing, or hiccupping his way through an Elvis number. She was touched and at that moment realized that if she and Chris were ever to be together, she had to take matters into her own hand, because there was no way in Hell Chris Larabee was going to remember any of the things he did when he was sober. Which was not quite true. Later on, when he was sober enough for the truth, he was horrified to learn what he had done.

"The drink was spiked!" were his first words.

The rest of the Seven kept their peace, not wanting to point out that Chris himself had asked Ezra to pour more bourbon into the Norwegian whiskey. "Just to see how it tasted..." he had told Ezra then.

"There's a video, isn't there?" Chris asked, when he realized the magnitude of his idiotic turn at the microphone.

The rest of them nodded. "Kristanna's family got one," Vin told him. "But we managed to get that. For editing purposes." Chris nodded, acknowledging his men's effort. His men, of course, were not going to tell about their own video, or the seven copies made for each of them and for Mary.

Mary loved Chris Larabee from the moment she saw him. She loved the fact Chris got along with her father-in-law, Judge Travis, and was close to her son. She loved the fact Chris never lost his cool, not even in the direst situations. She loved him for caring so much for his team mates and never letting it show. She admired the man for not shooting anyone (yet), even when the person he was dealing with deserved to be shot. She loved his glare...made him sexier than ever. And she loved the fact the man looked gorgeous in black. The only thing fundamentally wrong about Chris Larabee was the fact he was as approachable as the Artic wastelands, or a lion with a really bad toothache; depending on what mood he was in; which would be either 'bad' or 'more bad'.

So, with the help of his team mates, who were collectively glad their leader would finally be getting some...

"Sorry, Mary," Vin apologized, after jumping up from his seat when he heard Mary's plan of action. "I'm just glad for Chris. It's been awhile for him."

"I know," Mary said. "Let's put him out of his misery, shall we?"

Mary laid out her plans. Josiah even flew in from Arizona, to be around when Mary finally wrangled Chris Larabee in. So, one evening, Mary asked Chris out for dinner and then, just before they left the restaurant, standing in the parking lot of the restaurant, she asked him to marry her.

"What?" Chris was stunned. He found himself unable to glare even.

"Let's stop this dance, Chris," Mary told him. "I love you and I'm not afraid of you..."

"I think you should be," Chris said, a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth. "Everyone else is."

"They're just afraid of your gun," Mary replied. "Besides, I think you should be afraid of me."

"And why is that?" Chris played along, once the enormity of Mary's proposal had sunk in.

"Wise men say...Only fools rush in..." Mary sang, grinning.

"They said no copies were made," Chris hissed, the glare in its place.

"You have JD on your team," Mary reminded him. "C'mon, Chris."

Chris took a deep breath, shaking his head. He sighed. "Is this blackmail?"

"No," Mary replied. "Leverage!"

Chris' smile slowly turned into a grin. "Smart woman," he told her, as he pulled her towards him.

"Frustrating man," she told him, as he kissed her.

"Terrible combination," Chris said, as they drew apart for breath.

"Only when we're apart," Mary remarked. And Chris had to agree with that.

"So, will you marry me?"

"I asked you first!"

"Oh, well, only mine counts!"

"Frustrating man."

"Answer me, woman!"

"Ah, so now you know how it feels..."

Chris kissed her again.

"Yes. You?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

Chris and Mary were married in Chris' ranch. All six of them gave Mary away. And during the reception, Chris got onto the stage and sang 'Can't Help Falling In Love With You', fully sober. This time there was no mistaking who the song was for. Mary sat back in her white wedding gown, while her groom serenaded her in his all-black Armani ensemble. Chris was not going to dress in a different color, not even for is wedding. Mary did not mind at all, though she told him gently that there would be no need for shoulder holsters and ankle guns. She promised him the rest of his team mates would behave themselves. They did. Until the end of the reception when they screened Chris' attempt to serenade Mary at Buck's wedding. None of the girls married to the Seven saw their husbands running that fast around the ranch before when Chris started chasing them.

And thus, six of the Seven were ensnared into domesticity; not that they protested. At long last, JD Dunne finally proposed to Casey Wells, his only girlfriend for the last five years. He did it the old-fashioned way; French restaurant, bouquet and chocolates, and got down on one knee. He managed to ask her without choking and when she said yes, JD panicked. He did not have the ring with him. So, he made a call to Buck, and told him to bring over the ring. Buck called the rest of them and all five of them came with the ring. JD did not know if he was angry or embarrassed. But Casey knew a long time where Team Seven ranked in JD's life. She thanked them for bringing the ring and held out her hand for JD. JD slipped the ring onto her finger, watched by his team mates. They cheered, not taking any notice of the irritated look from the patrons or the maitre'd of the restaurant. (They would have been thrown out too, if the maitre'd had not seen the government-issue guns in Vin and Chris' shoulder holsters.) They each gave her a hug and brotherly kiss, before JD got to kiss her. The wedding was scheduled three months after the engagement. Nathan was to give Casey away.

Despite the protests, the barbeque went well. It went fantastic, in fact. All the Seven and their spouses were there, including Buck's little ones. The partying went late into the night and when the wine bottle was passed around the table, Jane and Cassandra declined. Vin and Ezra could not help blushing when all eyes turned to them. They stood next to their respective wives.

"Guilty as charged," Vin remarked, grinning.

"Come spring, we will have more reason to celebrate," Ezra said.

"We'll always have a reason to celebrate, son," Josiah said, smiling.

"Amen to that," Buck replied, raising his wine glass. "To family."

"To family," the rest of them toasted and drank their wines and drinks.

"Let's not have a barbeque though," JD suggested. "Please?"

Laughter greeted JD's idea. The Seven, and the other seven, knew the barbeque was just another excuse to get together and celebrate what was a good life for all of them.

The End