Seven Men ~ Seven Limericks

by KT

Disclaimer: Not mine, never were, never will be

Note: A little bit of fun.

There was a young man called Vin,
who was incredibly thin.
If he turned sideways on,
you'd think he was gone.
He wasn't even as wide as tin!

There once was a man named Josiah,
who liked to dwell on things higher.
Through out most of the day,
he'd meditate and pray.
Then drink all night and not tire.

There once was a little boy called JD Dunne,
who knew that nothing was ever done.
He had to keep going,
or he'd stop growing -
and so he just had to run and run!

Nathan Jackson was ready to despair,
the men paid no heed to his repair.
They wouldn't lie still,
or take even one pill.
Not without complaining about his care.

Chris Larabee is the man in black,
but he won't shoot you in the back.
He looks you in the eye,
then you know you're gonna die.
Just as you wish you'd turned back.

Ezra P Standish drew another ace,
and laid it neatly in its place.
"My what a hand,
to draw that would be grand.
Shame I'm alone in this place."

There once was a man called Buck,
who with women had the most amazing luck.
They fell for his charms,
and then into his arms.
JD complained "He makes me feel like a schmuck."