It Started When

by Marian and Linda B.

It all started when a dark foreboding cloud rose on the horizon. From its' wake walked the living embodiment of evil. Her hair was as black as the night and her eyes as dark as the bottom of the sea. He stood in the Valley below - He could feel her eyes piercing into his very soul destroying all the goodness he had left within him.

As you stood on the opposite hill observing the terrifying confrontation; you knew in your heart he would no longer be the man you came to know and love. You would no longer call him friend. No longer would he stand by your side or watch your back.

So much time has passed and you went your separate ways. Paths crossing time and time again, never the right time never the right place.

Now you find yourselves face to face involved in a showdown - an ominous voice shatters the silence and interrupts your thoughts - "Kill him!" she commands - over and over again.

You turn and start to walk away - suddenly you hear a gun being fired and a body dropping -- you turn on your heels to face the horror - Noooo, you cry, and pull your gun and shoot.

The bullet hits its mark - she falls to the ground - from her lifeless body rises a pillar of dark filmy smoke headed skyward, then suddenly, with no apparent reason, it plummets towards the earth and spirals into the ground.

Was it a dream? Was it real? Will you ever know the truth?