I Look Into Your Eyes

by Silvia

Don't Be Afraid

When the fog surrounds your body claiming to take you away
when the nightmare is still there and make sure you will stay
when the fear squeezes your heart with a hand that's so strong
and you'll try to get free but you know you won't last long.

The monster will haunt you and will reach you through the mist
and you're sure when he gets to you he'll hit you with his fist,
and you run so fast that your legs will get tired soon enough
for him to catch your back and let his rage be free and tough.

And you breathe so hard that you think your lungs will collapse
but no matter how fast you run he's still behind you with his axe
and he gets bigger and bigger, as you don't think he was the last time
and you can't believe this is the way it's going to be your last line.

A storm is in the horizon, just when you thought nothing could be worst
and the wind starts to blow, and the leaves fly around you mimicking a ghost,
now the axe rises over your head and when it's about to take the last strike
a hand reaches your shoulder and a pleading voice calls your name in the night.

And the fog goes away, and the wind seems to fade as the screams leave your throat
But you know that voice and you know it's a harbor where you can moor your boat,
and the nightmare it's over as the monster in your past leads the memories far away
for it's Chris, your friend, the one you see at your side taking your soul to a safe bay.

-- Silvia