by Sue M

Main Characters" JD,Vin

Thanks to Mog for this wonderful AU

Betaed by the wonderful, talented, drop-dead gorgeous, Phyllis. (A check will be fine!)

"How long does it take to choose a surf board, Vin?" JD sighed.

"It has to be right," came the reply.

JD rolled his eyes, "If you take much longer, our vacation will be over."

Vin laughed and continued searching the shop.

Ezra joined them, "I believe Mister Larabee grows impatient."

Vin grinned, "He can grow a beard for all I care, this takes time." He finally settled on one.

JD nodded and grinned. "Oh yeah, cool. Good choice."

"Like I said, it has to be right, especially if I'm gonna whoop your ass!"

JD huffed, "Yeah right, over my dead…"

"Please do not finish that sentence, JD," Ezra warned, "We tend to find enough trouble on vacation as it is."

"Right," Vin added, "Wet suits."

Ezra sighed, "Oh good, Lord." He turned and headed back to their vehicle.

Twenty minutes later saw the seven men resume their journey. Silence reigned, causing amused looks between JD and Vin. Finally, from the driver's seat, Chris spoke.

"You couldn't have shopped BEFORE we left?"

Vin shook his head slightly, "Nope."

Buck spoke, "See, the mistake was letting the kid go in with him."

JD's jaw dropped open, "Hey! All I did was watch!"

"Brothers, what does it matter? We're on our way now," soothed Josiah

"Have ta have the right equipment for an ass-whooping," Vin drawled.

JD snorted, "Dream on, Tex, I grew up in Boston, remember? At least I got to see the ocean, I've surfed on things so crude, they'll make my board feel like silk on those waves. That trophy's mine!"

Vin let slip a small grin as Chris grunted,

"See what you've started now Buck?"

The big man's voice rose several octaves, "ME! You raised the question…"

"Gentlemen!" Ezra interrupted, "You appear to have missed our turnoff."

Larabee's hands slammed the wheel, "SHIT!"

+ + + + + + +

The beach house was large and airy. The three large bedrooms had been allocated and Vin and JD were already in their swimming shorts, ready for the beach. Edging toward the door that led to the beach, JD snapped at Vin's shorts, and with a chuckle, ran.

"You little shit!" Vin laughed and raced out after him. They were just reaching the water's edge as Vin successfully tackled the younger agent, sending them both crashing into the surf.

Wilmington roared, laughing as he leaned lazily against the door frame, watching them. Chris rolled his eyes.

"Who let the 'kids' loose?"

"Aw, lighten up, pard, they're just letting off steam," Buck chuckled.

Larabee sighed, "Yeah I know, but when those two trouble magnets get together…"

"I believe," Ezra said, joining them, "Mister Jackson has planned for every eventuality."

They all turned to see what the southerner was referring to, amused by the sight. Nathan was going through a medium sized suitcase, crammed full of every conceivable medication and dressing. Nathan smiled,

"Can't be too careful."

Before anyone could answer, a struggling JD was hauling a heavily limping Vin into the living area, both men dripping wet.

Chris groaned, "What the hell happened?"

JD sat Vin down, pointing to the foot dripping with blood.

"I think he stepped on a sharp rock or something."

Nathan was instantly there, cleaning and examining.

"It's not too bad, just took back some skin. I'll soon fix it up."

"Will I be able to go in the water?" Vin asked.

"Sure, I have water-proof dressings; your tetanus is up to date, right?"

Vin nodded.

"Right, let's get you cleaned up. JD, you might wanna get dressed, the air conditioning is running and you might get cold," Nathan advised.

"Yes 'mom'," the youth answered with a hint of sarcasm, despite the fact that he'd already decided to get dressed anyway. He felt a warm weight envelop him as Buck draped a large fluffy towel around him, and then one around Vin.

"Sound advice son, off ya go."

JD smiled at the thought behind the gesture, and headed to his, Ezra and Buck's room.

+ + + + + + +

Early evening saw the seven men relaxing on the beach. They had cooked their meal on the brick barbecue outside, and were enjoying a few beers while watching Vin and JD tossing around a Frisbee.

"How can they run around after a meal like that?" Josiah asked.

They each shrugged their shoulders or shook their heads, mesmerized by the number of ways the two agents were trying to outdo each other.

"This is gonna end in tears," Buck warned, as he watched Vin throw particularly hard back to JD.

As if Buck's words jinxed the men, the Frisbee hit JD full in the face, and the young man yelped in pain and dropped to the sand.

"Aw, hell," Larabee groaned as they started toward the pair, reaching them seconds after Vin had reached JD.

JD's hands were over his face, particularly his nose, and blood could clearly be seen oozing through his fingers.

Buck was tugging at the boy's hands to see what damage had been done, but JD was having none of it, a little alarmed by the amount of blood he could see.

"Hell, boy, let me see," he growled, a little more harshly than he meant to.

Nathan brought up the rear, having gone back to retrieve his temporary 'medical kit' and, nodding to a worried Vin and crouched next to Buck; he took control, firmly removing JD's hands, while offering comforting words. The other men grimaced at the sight of the blood smeared over JD's face.

Within minutes, Nathan had cleaned up the youth's face and plugged both his nostrils. He was holding an ice pack over JD's nose, the type that activated when tapped. He looked at the others.

"Nothing broken," he announced, "But it's gonna be a mighty pretty color by tomorrow."

"Aw no!" JD groaned.

Vin winced, "Sorry, kid."

JD chuckled, "Don't sweat it; I can still beat you, even if I can't see straight."

Vin returned the laugh, "Yeah, well even with me on one foot, you'll still be riding my wake, squirt."

Ezra rolled his eyes, "Oh good Lord!"

+ + + + + + +

JD and Vin were up at the crack of dawn to get in some practice for the surfing competition. No one else had been awake as the two young men left the house.

By 8:30 the rest of the men were showered and dressed and preparing breakfast.

"Should I cook for our youngest, or wait until they return?" Josiah asked.

"Best to wait," Chris answered, there's no telling when they'll be finished."

The kid and the sharpshooter had had great success and were riding the final wave before heading back. JD looked across and winked at his friend, the race was on.

Deftly they rode, neck and neck, edging closer to each other as they got nearer the beach. Suddenly their boards crossed and the two men were flung together, their heads colliding with a sickening crunch. Both fell into the water as their boards sailed on toward the shore.

By 11:30, Buck was getting a little edgy, and wanted to go check on them. Ezra stood.

"Please, allow me, I am in need of some fresh air. " He left and headed for the cove the two men had pointed out to him the day before.

Ezra couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive as he noticed a small huddle of people on the beach where he expected to find them, along with, what looked like, a lifeguard's jeep. Before he'd realized, he was running toward the group, groaning as he saw the two men sitting on the sand, holding ice packs to their heads. On arrival, he could see both men were pale, and JD was shaking violently, despite being cocooned in a foil blanket. The southerner approached what looked to be the lifeguard.

"What happened here?"

"They collided while surfing in. Luckily, some of the guys saw it happen and pulled them out. They've both got a nasty bump on the head and are a bit shook up, the young 'un swallowed some water," he spoke quietly behind a hand raised to the side of his mouth, "And he threw up some, but he seems ok now."

Ezra looked down at the pair, "Well, don't you two look frightful. Do you feel up to a stroll back to the house, or should I provide some transport?"

JD and Vin helped each other up, "Naw, we can walk," Vin answered.

"Aw shit," Buck moaned as he saw the three men returning. Chris joined him and they walked out to meet them. JD looked positively sickly and was grateful for the comfort Buck offered.

"Come on," the tall agent smiled. "Let's get you warmed up and you can tell us all about it."

While the two were showering, the rest of the men were talking in the living room.

"They could have been killed," stated Chris, "This is getting dangerous."

"They seem fine, Chris," Nathan offered, "And it'll all be over by tomorrow."

Buck sighed, "I don't think my nerves will last until tomorrow."

"Well, I for one won't be letting them out of my sight until the competition's over," Chris warned.

+ + + + + + +

The next day, competition day, and JD and Vin were taking it easy. Before breakfast they took a short swim, and then lay around on the beach for a while. After a light lunch, all seven men, two surfboards, two wet suits and a large medical kit made their way to the cove.

Despite their reservations, Team Seven enjoyed cheering on their two youngest and were excited to find the two neck and neck on points, and about to run the last wave of the competition.

The two men lay on their boards, paddling gently while waiting for the wave, Vin with his bandaged foot, and JD's face all the colors of the rainbow. As the distant swell came into view, the two looked at each other and grinned. Within seconds, they were off.

Five men watched with bated breath as the two men got closer, exactly in line with each other. Buck was hoarse.

"I don't know who's gonna win this, but either way, those boys have been awesome."

JD looked across as Vin turned his head to him. They were perfectly in line and with a wink and a nod to each other, rode determinedly to the finish.

The next day, Team Seven's vacation was over and they were half-way home. JD and Vin were dozing in the back seat of the SUV, the trophy nestled safely between them.

Buck chuckled, "Joint first place, hell, we're never gonna hear the end of this."