Candles of the Wicked

by G. M. Atwater

AUTHOR'S NOTE: As of June 2005, this is a story I began and subsequently abandoned almost 3 years ago. At the time of its writing, some Real Life circumstances claimed my full attention and when I finally came up for air … I had left the Mag7 fandom far behind, and with it this tale. Thus, I owe a debt of gratitude to The Death Dogs, for kicking my sorry butt to get this story out of mothballs and out where it can do some actual mischief. ;-)

SPECIAL THANKS: Although most have undoubtedly forgotten, in alphabetical order, thanks are due to Antoinette, for kindness and encouragement, to Carol P. for being my most kindly "fic nag," to Charlotte for beta-reading and coaxing an end to the tale, to Christine for midwife-ing this story through its long and arduous genesis, to Nancy W. for much-needed medical technical knowledge, to Randy further beta-reading, to Rowan just because, to Swan for helping me with the sappy stuff, and to Tess for giving me a deadline. (Which obviously I blew off!)

SIZE: Approx. 725K

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