Content Label: main characters - 'Seven, Judge Travis, plus all the M7 ladies'; sexual content - 'mild'; language - 'none'; violence - 'none'; universe - 'Old West'; episode reference - 'One Day Out West'.

The Real Reason J.D. Is No Longer Sheriff

And that very afternoon, Judge Orin W. Travis offered the seven men the joint job of defending the town, so that each would keep the others in line and out of trouble.

And Buck was happy because he knew he'd never be able to compete with a man with a badge for the attention of the ladies.  And Mary was happy because she realized that she was out of dollar bills anyway.  And Casey was happy because she realized that now she could have J.D. all to herself.  And Ezra was happy because he knew there would come a day, soon, when he would get to wear his purple dress once more.  And Nathan was happy because there would be no more loud music coming from the Grain Exchange late at night.  And Josiah was happy because a sleep-deprived Nathan was grumpy and didn't like to cuddle.  And Vin was happy because he missed having the boom-box in his Vinnebago.  And Chris was happy because he missed having the boom-box while making out in the back of Vin's Vinnebago.  And J.D. was happy - partly because he was glad to be able to work with these brave men, but mostly because he realized that dollar bills stuffed into one's g-string really chaffed.

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For sara_merry99 and SassyInkPen, because I so cruelly burst their bubble about J.D. still being sheriff.

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