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A lone figure sitting under moonlit skies
A twinkling star reflecting in blue eyes
Long hair blowing in the gentle breeze
Buckskin covered arms hugging pulled up knees
A faraway look on the handsome face
A soul older than its years, thanks to the human race
The breeze catches a sigh as it leaves his lips
The night the only witness as the shaggy head dips.
A thoughtful look crosses shadowed features
Nature and life his only teachers
The eyes rise up capturing the star in their gaze
The man hoping the light will clear his minds haze.
A soft Texan drawl fills the night air
As the lone figure speaks, laying his soul bare.
“Wanted t’ thank ya fer leadin’ me the way that ya did
reckon ya figgered I’d spent ‘nuff time, with m’ soul well hid.
Was wanderin’, lost and broken, fer hell, can’t recall how long
Whatever I did seemed t’ turn out wrong.
Then I found m’self sweepin’ and feelin’ a pull
Looked up and right there’s what made my life full.
Two haunted green eyes, starin’ right back at me
Knew I found m’ destiny, it was plain t’ see.
In a twist of fate, brought on by yer hand
I found m’self a brother, as we both made a stand.
After him came others, until our number became seven
A band of brothers, brought together, by a gentle shove from heaven.
So, I’m sittin’ here and thinkin’ that It’s a long time overdue
To thank ya fer what ya done fer me, ya made m’ life anew.
With six friends to share m’ time with, it’s like a brand new start
I’m beholden ya figgered I’m worth it, I’m grateful in m’ heart.
I done lot’s o’ things ya should hate me fer, and I’m tryin’ t’ make amends
But still, ya reward m’ badness, with six life long friends.
I’ll work ‘til m’ hands’r bloodied, an’ I’ll give ya m’ right arm
Iffen ya give me one more wish this night, and keep these men from harm.”
The soft Texan voice then faltered, his eyes glistened with unshed tears
As he bared his soul to heaven, and brought out all his fears.
The blue orbs grew wide in wonder, and his heart clenched in his chest
As the star that he had whispered to grew brighter than the rest.
He swallowed down his wonder, could say not another word
As he realised his heart wrenching plea, had definitely been heard.
He felt someone beside him, and turned his head to see
And smiled at his healer friend, who put a hand upon his knee.
“Vin, yuh need to come inside, you’re still not fully well
no grouchin’ now, ya get sick again, an’ Chris’ll give yuh hell.”
The young man nodded slowly, as he was helped onto his feet
His gaze watching his friend lead the way, inside his clinic, small and neat.
He walked towards the doorway, and faltered in his steps
Turned his eyes once more up to the star, emotion in their depths.
A small knowing smile touched his lips, and he nodded his head once more
Then turned away, walked inside, and quietly closed the door.