The Mile High City Affair

by Sammie

ATF crossover with "NCIS"

Summary: Denver has a big problem when the ATF's biggest cold case goes hot: a recently UA Marine sniper is Clayton Hopewell's newest assassin. Denver has an even bigger problem when the NCIS shows up to find the Marine....

Disclaimer: If I owned 'em, they'd be on TV EVERY DAY. Sean Harrison is from the short-lived "Hawaii"; the "TM7" ATF AU is Mog's; Michael Garcia, Brian Crowell, Rebekah Lawrence, and all the FBI agents but our beloved Tobias Fornell are mine. Ryan Kelly (and ATF Team 8) are borrowed with permission from Heather F.--thank you!
Thanks to the Black Powder site for all its information; and thanks to Linda B. and Heather F. ("Pink" and "Transfer," respectively--the former will make you laugh out loud and the latter cry)--for two short references within the story.
There are some lines from a whole variety of places. If you see your fic referenced obliquely, I'm sorry--I don't mean to rip anybody off; your fic made such an impression it stuck.

Author's Note: The story has been brewing (dying and resurrecting) for the last two years. It started as a "Without a Trace"/"TM7" crossover and sequel to "Stop the Press" (see, I tried!); the way it was going, I argue justifiable homicide for killing it. The only thing that's left over is that it's a crossover.

"NCIS" has made me miss the Seven more than any other show has (in a good way):

Grouchy, taciturn, once married ex-military team supervisors who play by their own rules, have "unconventional" ways of dealing with irritating things and people, relate well to traumatized children, and even do woodwork in their downtime. Big-hearted, ladies'-men ex-cops who take it upon themselves to break in the computer whiz new kids (the only ones with real social lives). A mix of humor and drama in a storyline {gasp!} and so on. The priceless sites I used to help me out:

"TM7": (transcripts, short bios) (the "TM7" ATF AU story, bios)

"NCIS": (transcripts, character bios) (CBS has a sense of humor; who knew. Click on the actor's bio, and there's a dossier for the corresponding character.)

Besides, anybody who regularly uses the men from U.N.C.L.E. has to be pretty smart.

Size: Approx. 275K

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