I Wanna

by Jackie

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Author's Notes: I have no excuse, I just love writing poems. Other than that, I hope you enjoy. Thanks Ingunn for always having my back. Jackie :O)


I wanna be free…alone…on my own…just me.
Away from the crowds, so that I can see.
Out in the wilderness where the sky never ends
Where there are no people, where there are no friends.
I don’t wanna be the person that I think they see,
What I really want…dammit… I just wanna be me.
It’s all too much, closin’ in too tight
It’s all so dark that I’ve lost the light.
There ain’t much air, the sky’s real low
The street’s too narrow, I hate that so.
I wanna ride like the wind, as though I could fly
No saddle underneath me, the wind sailin’ by.
The air whistlin’ through my ears and my hair
With nothin’ to think on, not a worry or care.
I wanna be free as a bird, soarin’ up high
I’m so short of breath here, I think I might die.
I don’t want the bounty that’s forever on my head
It fills my pockets with rocks and my boots full of lead.
I wanna be free t’ watch a sunset, wherever I might be
Far enough from people so that I can truly see.
I wanna climb into branches, look out on the land
See what God created with a wave of his hand.
Feel nature slap me real hard in the face
Away from the bustle, away from this place.
I wanna throw away what holds me, and throw away my gun
Spin around on my heels and just start to run.
Let the risin’ dust hide me from people that care
People that’d miss me once I wasn’t there.
I wanna keep on goin’ when the beaten track ends
But how can I do that now I have friends?
I wanna make ’em see I can’t always be here
But wherever I am I’ll always be near.
I’ll always come back when i’ve been on my own
I wanna be free, but…hell…not alone.

The man dressed in black raised his eyes from the scrawl
His features were thoughtful, absorbing it all
His face looked troubled, his brows in a frown
While he pondered the words that Vin had put down.
How could he help him? What could he say?
How could he vanish these words away?
With a nod of his head he rose from his chair
And made for the livery knowing Vin was in there.
He blinked in the darkness until he could see
His eyes drawn to where he knew his friend would be.

Vin picked up his saddle but stopped and turned round
His senses alert after hearing a sound.
He instantly calmed when his eyes sighted Chris
Who held up some paper, saying quietly ‘Found this.’
The tracker nodded slowly, letting out a sigh
‘I write these verses all the time, I really don’t know why.’
A look of understanding passed between the men
Small smiles appeared upon their lips and then were gone again.
‘I’m goin’ for a ride.’ Vin stated, ‘I see that’ Chris said
‘But why don’t you leave the saddle here, and go bareback instead?’
Vin stood still and speechless, looking at his friend
He opened up his mouth to speak but then closed it again.
Taking Tanner’s saddle, Chris looked deep into his eyes
“When you get back you can tell me whether Peso flies.’
The tracker swallowed quickly, and blinked away a tear
Looking at the man before him, who took away his fear.
He jumped up onto Peso’s back, weaved his hands around his mane
“Watch your back,’ Chris slapped Vin’s leg, ‘don’t get shot again.’
He watched his friend ride wild and free’ til he was out of view
‘You’re not alone.’ he whispered, ‘i’m always there with you.’