You Drink This Stuff?

by Dreamer

Vin, Casey, JD, Buck, Chris

Warnings. Puns and mucus icky.

Author's Notes: This is my November challenge for Vin feedback list. A bad cold.

Oh and Jagermeister really works if you get a cold with a sore throat. Works better than cough syrup and has the added benefit of making you not care your sick if you drink enough.

This is my first time trying to bring the funny. Let me know if it's a hit or a miss.

Vin wondered if he sneezed one more time if his head would literally explode. Since pulling up at JD and Buck's apartment he had sneezed a total of seventeen times.

"Achoo," Vin greeted Casey who greeted him with sneeze of her own.

"You too?" Casey said handing him a box of tissues before returning to her cocoon on the couch.

"Oh Casey, I can't believe you drink this stuff." JD made a face as he took another sip.

"It works," Casey stated pulling her blanket around her she made room for Vin to sit down.

"Yeah I know but it really tastes like crap," JD said still making a face.

"I hope your face freezes that way. I don't mind the taste. I like it," Casey said taking her glass of Jagermeister.

"What is that stuff?" Vin said.

"Here try it. It tastes worse then anything Nathan could give you but it works," JD admitted reluctantly.

Vin took the glass and took a hesitant sip. It calmed his screaming throat so he downed the rest.

"Doesn't taste too bad," he said, gesturing for more and taking a seat beside Casey on the couch.

"Yeah, you guys can have that stuff. I'll stick to my Neocitron,"JD said, pushing Casey towards Vin so he could cuddle up beside her.

"Oh, I hate that stuff," Casey and Vin said at the same time, causing them to laugh which started a coughing fit.

Before long Casey and Vin consumed a whole bottle of Jagermeister. Casey tipped the bottle upside down over her mouth and tried to get every drop.

"Empty," she said with pout leaning on JD.

"Who drank it all?" Vin asked leaning on Casey.

"You two are squishing me," JD complained nudging Casey who nudged Vin.

"More please," Casey asked JD.

"Sorry that's the last bottle."

"Noooooooo!" Casey and Vin whined.

"JD honey!" Casey tried to look seductive but blew it when she sneezed on JD just as Chris and Buck walked in.

"Ah Gross!" JD jumped up and ran to the sink to wash his arm.

"It's not funny," Casey yelled at Chris and Buck who were laughing at the scene.

"Snot funny! It's not funny! Snot's funny!" Vin said starting to laugh then cough which caused Casey to laugh and cough as well.

"JD, sweetheart, darling, dear, cuddly monkey?" Casey said after regaining her ability to speak.

"Cuddle monkey!" Vin laughed.

"No, I am not getting you more," said an annoyed JD who glared at Vin for snickering at his nick name.

"Don't you love me?" Casey asked blinking her red watery feverish eyes at him.

"Yeah but I'm sick too and you sneezed on me." Watching Casey keep pushing Vin off her just to have him fall back where he was.

"Hey, there's a picture of Buck on the bottle," Vin said as he studied the bottle as he kept moving from side to side.

"Huh?" Vin showed Buck a picture of a stag on the bottle.

"I'm getting seasick," Vin complained making Casey give up and let Vin lean on her.

"Buck? Sweetheart, darling, dear, cuddly..." Casey turned her charm, or lack thereof, on Buck.

"Think you two had enough. This stuff is 35% alcohol." Buck waved the bottle at them.

"Knew there was a reason I liked it. Hey try that cuddle monkey stuff on Chris," Vin suggested.

"Please don't," Chris stopped her before she could ask.

"I promise not to sneeze on you if you go get some more."

"Deal," Chris said grabbing his coat.

"I like Chris," Casey said.

"Me too. Make that two bottles," Vin added.

"Achoo!" Buck swore, "Make that three."

As Chris got in his pick-up a sneeze convinced him to buy a case of the stuff.