Vin's Haircut

by Vin Tanner's Girl

"Woman, you're crazy! I ain't gettin' no haircut! Do you want me to die on ya? 'cause that's what'll happen if you do!" Vin yelled at me from across the kitchen. I tried to approach him but he walked out to the stable.

"Vin, c'mon now, if you let your hair grow any longer it will be down to your ankles! It's already past your waist and truly, it is gorgeous, but is looks so wonderful when it's shoulder length. Please, please cowboy let me cut it. Only shoulder length, please," I begged. "Please, or shall I get Chris to intervene with this problem?"

Vin slightly shuddered. Chris had also been pestering him on cutting 'That damned mess on your head'.

Even Ezra had said something to him. Ezra always liked Vin's rugged look because it contrasted his own richly sophisticated style. Vin's look made the group feel a little more relaxed at times, more free. But the whole waist-length hair had gotten to everybody; you couldn't even talk to Vin without being distracted by that hair. Buck said it was gorgeous on women, but on a man, "It's unnatural, absurd, and insane!"

I had come to despise it because I was the one who shared a room with Vin and I had an immense fear of being choked to death while I slept. I could no longer take it, it had to go. I had even discussed it with Mary. She said she would try and see if she could knock some sense into Vin when he came over for his reading lessons.

I walked out to the stable, seconds behind Vin. I watched as he harnessed peso.

"Just consider it, okay? If not for yourself, for me. It will give you something to think about while you're away." I hugged him tightly. He turned to me and held me closer to him, "I'll think about it. I ain't promising' nothin' but I'll think about it." With that said, he mounted Peso and rode off towards the setting sun.

+ + + + + + +

It had been three weeks since he had left on his trip and every day since he left I had been scheming ideas on how to give him his hair cut. I had finally decided on Vin being awake and having Chris there just in case Vin got out of hand. It was a better option than trying to cut it in his sleep. I was in the kitchen washing the dishes when I heard hooves along the trail off the house. A few seconds later I heard heavy footsteps along the porch. I tried not to be obvious in my excitement that Vin was home, but I couldn't contain myself.

"VIN! You're home! I missed you so much!" I shrieked as I threw my arms around him.

"I missed you too. I've been thinking, maybe it is time for my haircut. Let's cut it off today," he said, looking me in the eyes deeply serious about this.

"Ok, I'll get the scissors. Sit in the chair," I said, pointing to the one near the sink. I went to the closet and got the scissors, cape and comb. I also called Chris so he could document this for the guys and just in case I needed some restraints. I walked back into the kitchen and put the items on the table. I walked over to the sink and washed Vin's hair first, before cutting it off. I was combing it through when Chris arrived.

"So I hear somebody is finally getting his haircut," Chris said, snapping a few before pictures. He took a seat in the chair across from Vin and laughed. He never thought this day would ever come. Chris had decided that Vin's hair should be donated to Locks of Love. Vin thought it was a good idea and that way someone could have gorgeous hair just like him. I finished combing it through and took the scissors in one hand and the comb in the other.

"Are you ready?" Chris asked him.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Vin responded with a sigh. I combed it through once more, then ran the scissors across the base of the comb as a guideline. A full eight inches fell to the floor and I heard vin let out a sigh combined with a whimper. Chris had caught his facial expression on camera as well as the eight inches of hair lying at Vin's feet. I trimmed him up a little bit, and then brushed off all the excess hair around his neck. He stood up and looked at me, sadly at first, and then a smile spread across his sweet face.

"I love it. Thank you guys for pounding some sense into me. I really needed this haircut." He spun around to model off the new 'do. The boys at the office would be relieved when they saw him on Monday. Chris bagged the hair we cut off and went to take it to Locks of Love. Vin went with him and was so excited that he now could move his head freely without any problems with his hair. He was as happy as a newborn colt running in a pasture.