Late Night Visitor

by Dreamer

Characters: Vin, Casey

Author's Notes: This is my story for the Vin feedback's July challenge. Vin, a bath or a shower. I am also thinking of doing a Chris version too. Similar but different. This is also my first ATF story.

Summary: Vin's jeep breaks down near Casey's apartment while he is in desperate need of a shower.

'Vin Tanner is naked and is currently standing in my shower.' The thought kept running through Casey's head as she stood in front of her closet. It didn't even matter why the blue-eyed, handsome man was in her shower. She didn't even mind that her apartment had a very foul odor because of him.

Casey had just put a DVD in the machine and was about to make popcorn when she'd heard a loud knock on the door. Checking the peephole she was surprised to see Vin. A very annoyed, soggy, foul-smelling Vin she corrected silently after opening the door.

"Hi, Casey. Real sorry to bother you so late but my jeep broke down and I am in desperate need of a . . ."

"Shower," Casey said as she stood back to let him in and to avoid the smell.

"Yeah, Thanks a lot."

"No problem. What happened to you?" Casey tried to make out the stench but had to stop before she puked.

"Chased down a suspect and we fell into a dumpster. Yeah, you might not want to get too close," Vin warned as she brought her hand over her mouth.

"The bathroom is this way." She got out towels and a bar of soap.


"Want some coffee? Silly question, of course you do." Casey made to leave the room. "Oh wait, you can't put those on again. Here, use this and I'll find you some sweats or something." Casey shrugged out of her plaid flannel robe revealing her tank top short pajama set. Her top said 'sweet little' and had a hologram that kept changing from an angel to a devil. "Throw your clothes outside the door and I'll wash them."

"Just give me a garbage bag. I think these are totaled." Vin gestured to himself trying to avoid looking at Casey.

"Oh, thank God. I really didn't want to touch them." Casey smiled with relief.

+ + + + + + +

Casey reached into her closet. She found a pair of sweats that were too big for her but the only shirts that would fit him and wasn't girly was in the laundry hamper. She grabbed a bunch of clothes and threw them in the wash. As she walked by the bathroom she could hear the shower running. The image of a wet, naked Vin Tanner sent shivers through her.

Casey had had a crush on Vin even before she and JD broke up three years ago. He would visit Nettie often, which delighted Casey just to be able to spend time with him. Often the three of them would stay up late watching movies or playing cards.

Casey knew that the odds of Vin being interested in her were close to none but Vin was the type of man you enjoyed being around. Aside from his great eye candy potential Casey enjoyed his subtle sense of humor. If you weren't paying attention you'd miss something.

Often Nettie would go to bed and Vin and Casey would continue to play. Once Nettie woke up to find them still at it, shocked to find that morning  had sneaked up unannounced. Since she moved out on her own she didn't get to see him as much. That was one of the things she missed most.

Sometimes she thought he might be interested in her but realized it was only her wishful thinking. The longing she thought she saw in his eyes was probably a reflection of her own. Vin had never been anything but a gentleman. He saw her only as a friend at best. She really had to stop fantasizing about him. She was just torturing herself.

The last time she had seen him was when all the guys were recruited by Nettie to help her move. That night Vin, Chris and Ezra stayed late playing cards. She was disappointed when they left but had hoped that Vin would be over more. That had been three months ago and he hadn't been over since. Lately she wondered if they were even friends.

+ + + + + + +

Casey heard the water turn off so she knocked on the bathroom door and called out, "Vin, there's a pair of sweat pants on the door knob."

Casey smiled at the muffled thanks and went to the kitchen. 'Maybe I shouldn't have given him any clothes. Keep the man naked,'  she thought deviously.

Casey shook the naughty thoughts away and put on a pot of coffee, adding an extra scoop to the pot. Everyone joked about how she was the only one brave enough to drink coffee that Vin had made. She liked strong coffee. Who was she kidding - she would drink or eat anything Vin made.

Casey heard the bathroom door open and a few minutes later a clean, nice-smelling Vin Tanner walked barefoot in her kitchen.

"I pass the test?" Vin said when he saw her take a deep breath. Vin looked incredible with the black sweats and robe open to reveal his bare chest.

"Yep." Trying to get a hold of herself Casey handed him a cup of coffee. "There's left over pizza in the fridge if you're hungry."

"Yeah, I could eat." Vin pulled out the Pizza box.

Casey watched him, waiting for him to open the box, smiling as he did so.

"Asparagus and spinach. What kind of place has those toppings?" Vin looked sideways at her before he took a bite of one as he loaded a plate and put it in the microwave.

"Romeo's down the street. They have every topping you can think of. Even peanut butter," Casey told him.

"Not bad. The ham makes it," Vin said between bites. "Peanut butter? Think I'll pass on that one."

"Yeah, me too. Although their cheddar and cauliflower is real tasty," Casey agreed.

"Sorry to bother you so late," Vin said.

"No bother. I was just planning to watch my new DVD's. You're welcome to stay if you want." Casey hoped she didn't sound too hopeful.

"Sure, but don't you have class?" Vin asked.

"Finished last week. I am now a massage therapist. Or I will be as soon as I get my results from the licensing exam."

"Wow, good for you. I think the bunch of us could keep you busy." Vin said.

+ + + + + + +

Vin was entering dangerous territory. He knew he should have declined her offer of a massage but his aching muscles took over and here he was lying half-naked on her table.

He was glad he kept his sweats on because he knew once she got her hands on him that it could get embarrassing. He nearly lost it when she stripped out of her robe in the bathroom. If he hadn't of smelled like something from a horror movie he might have pulled her in for a kiss. As it was, he ended the shower with cold water.

It sneaked up on him, this attraction her had for her. Too many late nights playing cards and just being able to relax around her. When she moved out he had planned to stop by to check on her and spend some time with her.

Then the fantasizing started. It all started when he realized he would be all alone with her with a bed nearby. Vin had it bad. Rather then deal with it, he avoided her.

The thoughts racing through his mind stopped suddenly as she began to rub her hands over him.

"Your muscles are so tight. Just relax," Casey said soothingly as she expertly massaged the tense and sore muscles. Casey smiled, as Vin seemed to melt into the table and moaned softly.

+ + + + + + +

The sound of Vin moaning sent shivers though Casey. She wanted to hear more. Deliberately she would apply more pressure and give more attention to the muscles that caused that sweet noise to escape from his lips.

Casey could do this forever. She couldn't be professional when it came to Vin. While she massaged, her eyes studied him. Vin was lean with hardly a trace of fat on his body. She could see some faded scars on his back and had to resist the urge to kiss them.

After massaging every bit of Vin's back, arms and shoulders Casey focused her attention to his legs. She was both disappointed and relieved that he kept his sweats on. She wasn't sure what she'd do if he were naked. She massaged his legs through the material until she reached his upper thighs.

"Did I miss anywhere?" she said, wishing she didn't have to stop. Casey smiled as Vin mumbled something incoherent. She didn't want to stop but she knew that if she didn't she would end up doing something stupid.

Such as throw herself at him again. She did that once and she couldn't handle being rejected again. After finding out JD had cheated on her Casey let her pain cloud her judgement. Vin was staying with them since he had hurt his arm on a case and Aunt Nettie insisted on taking care of him.

Vin was a good guy. He wouldn't take advantage of her when she was hurting. She was also not thinking clearly. He wouldn't touch Nettie's seventeen-year-old niece. Even if he had wanted too.

Casey grabbed her blanket off the back of the couch and placed it over him. A feeling of melancholy settled over Casey as she went to go wash her hands. When she was done she looked at herself in the mirror. Her long golden brown hair was pulled in a ponytail. Her face was free of make-up and she had a light tan from working with the horses at her aunt's ranch.

What she could not see was the sensual way her lips looked, as if begging to be kissed or the hint of an exotic tilt of her eyes that were more golden then brown. Or how when she smiled her face lit up, making her shine.

All she saw was a normal if not slightly on the plain side girl. Her complexion was good. Casey wasn't the kind of girl to fuss over her appearance. Sometimes she wished she could look glamorous and make Vin notice her but she knew who she was and glamorous wasn't it.

Casey pulled her ponytail free and brushed her hair.

"Good enough," she whispered before leaving the bathroom.

+ + + + + + +

Vin was in trouble and he knew it. He should have never agreed to the massage. He couldn't remember feeling this good. Thankfully Casey left him alone while he tried to get some control over himself. Vin felt like Jell-O. Completely and totally relaxed. He never even felt this good after sex.

Vin's head lifted in shock. 'Do not go there.' he ordered himself but it wasn't working. He kept seeing Casey smiling up at him with her hair flowing wildly around her as he made love to her.

Vin decided he needed to leave. He had just got up off the table when Casey returned. She freed her hair and it now looked like he pictured her.

"How you feeling?" Casey asked shyly.

"Great." Vin reached out and grabbed her hand. Without thought he pulled her to him and kissed her.

Casey's eyes and mouth opened in shock. Vin was kissing her. Casey hesitated only a second before leaning in and kissing him back. Vin caused a soft sigh to escape as his tongue explored her mouth.

The kiss started out sweet and exploring but became more passionate with each second. After what seemed like an eternity Vin pulled his lips a few inches away from Casey.

Vin looked in Casey's eyes and was nearly undone. He'd never felt this strongly about anyone before. He wanted her. He wanted her forever.

'I love this woman.' he stated to himself before leaning down and kissing her again.

"You're mine," he growled possessively pausing briefly between kisses.

"Yeah, and you're mine," Casey agreed.

Vin smiled against her lips, "Reckon I am."