A Little Halloween Fun

by Kati

Part of the New Agent Series

Part of the New Agent series.

Just a little story that I came up with. If you cannot figure out who the guys are dressed up as, email me and I'll let you know.

“Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat..”

“Oh shut up JD. Last time I checked you ain’t five years old, besides you ate all my candy already.”

“Is Not Ms. Marks,” Ezra cringed. “Your lack of proper grammar must be buried underneath the atrocious amount of chocolate wrappers,”

“Whatever,” Sidney answered and turned back to her computer screen.

“A little snippy today aren’t we?” Vin chuckled as he stuffed another chocolate bar into his mouth.

“How many of those have you eaten today?” Nathan asked.

“I don’t know I lost count two hours ago,” Vin tried to talk with his mouth full.

“It’s the day before Halloween Vin, don’t you think you should leave a little room for tomorrow?” Josiah asked.

“Believe me Josiah, there will be more than enough room in here for tomorrow, Halloween is the best holiday. You can eat as much candy as you want.”

“I wish I had your metabolism Vin,” Buck sighed.

“So what are wearing to the party tomorrow Sidney?” JD asked.

“I am not going,” she said.

“Why?” Ezra asked surprised. “You’ve been talking about this party for weeks.”

“I don’t have to explain everything,” she said in a sharp tone, “Can somebody please close the shades. That sun is hurting my eyes,” she complained.

“Are you sure you are feeling alright Sid?” Nathan asked. “First you’ve got that scarf around her neck cause you are cold and now your complaining about a headache?”

Sidney jumped out of her chair. “I’m fine Nathan, I’m going to go and get something to eat. I’ll be back in a little while.” Without waiting for a response, She got up and walked out of the office.

:”She’s not looking so hot. Maybe she’s got the bug that Chris has.” Vin suggested.

“I know what’s up,” Buck smiled knowingly. “There was a lot of noise coming from her condo last night. She was up partying. I can guarantee you she’s having a hangover.”

“Hey guys, I don’t feel so good,” JD ran to the bathroom as the others burst out laughing.

+ + + + + + +

Two hours later, Sidney still had not come back.

“Are you feeling better JD?” Nathan asked.

Yeah tons better,” the younger man answered,

“I figure you learned a very important lesson?” Nathan prompted.

“Yeah, snickers, smarties, and caramel apple pops don’t mix,” JD answered. The telephone started to ring.

“Hello?” Buck answered.

“Buck I’m not going to come back in. I just can’t handle the light. I’m going to sleep for the rest of the day.

“Are you sure you are okay Sidney.” The thought of a hangover imeaditly left his mind. “You probably caught the flu that kept Chris out of the office today.

“I’ll be fine,” Sidney answered weakly. “I’m sure I’ll be fine tomorrow. Don't worry about stopping over.” Sidney hung up the telephone without waiting for a response.

“Sidney? Sidney?” Buck asked and hung up the telephone when he realized that the girl was no longer on the line. He planned on stopping by. Something was not right with the girl.

The rest of the day went on uneventfully. The clock finally struck five. Vin got up and stretched.

“Well gentlemen, another week done. I hope everyone gets a lot of sleep for tomorrow nights party,” he told the other agents as they were getting all their stuff put together.

"What are you reading JD?” Buck asked. JD held up the book. It was old and leather bound. The covers were black and written in bright red letters was the title TALES OF THE UNDEAD.

"Reading about vampires are we?” Josiah asked.

"Chris gave me the book yesterday. He told me that I needed to get in the holiday spirit. This book has been in his family for generations?"

"That's not surprising. Did you know that many of his ancestors were persecuted for being vampires?” Josiah asked.

"Really?” Buck asked surprised. He had been friends with Chris for over thirty years now, and Chris had never mentioned anything about it before. "How do you know?"

"Came up in a conversation at one time," Josiah shrugged his shoulders.

"I better keep my eyes open," Ezra laughed. "My family is descended from a long line of vampire hunters traced all the way back to Transilvalina."

"Hey guys can we get a move on? All this talk about vampires is giving me the creeps. What would we ever do if Chris really was a vampire?"

+ + + + + + +

“I’m going to go and check on Sidney,” Buck said to JD as the two of them stopped by the front door. JD nodded his head as he pulled out his keys.

“What if there is a vampire inside?” JD joked.

“There’s garlic in the cupboard,” Buck answered as he headed up the stairs. Buck walked up to Sidney’s door and knocked. There was no answer. He knocked again. Still no answer.

“Sidney?” he called. “Are you there, it’s Buck” He tried the doorknob. The door walked in. The room was almost completely dark. He felt a cold chill go through his bones.

“Sidney?” he called again. He noticed that there was a small light coming from the girl’s room. He slowly walked towards the door. The feeling of dread kept increasing as he inched towards the room. .

He pushed it open, but stopped dead in his tracks at the sight in front of him. His heart skipped a beat. Sidney was lying on her back with her eyes closed. The color was completely washed out of her face. The scarf was gone form her neck. He realized now what she was trying to hide. There were two large irritated bite marks around on her neckline, but the sight of the girl was not half of it.

Chris was hovering over her. His black clothes were full of blood. At the sound of the man entering the room, Chris looked up. His eyes were a bright threatening red. Buck realized that this was not the man he had known for thirty years. The other being snarled, blood dropped out of his mouth. Buck didn’t think twice. He turned around and sprinted out of the door, never before, had he felt the terror that that pierced he heart. He was half down the steps when he realized something. Sidney was at the mercy of the demon upstairs. He rushed back up the stairs, through the open door and into the bedroom. The girl and the creature were nowhere in sight. The window was open. The curtains were blowing in the frigid October wind.

+ + + + + + +

Buck ran his fingers through his hair. It was three is the afternoon and he had not slept a wink. The thought of Sidney and Chris could not leave his memory. The book that Chris had given JD was sitting in front of him. It just couldn’t be. Chris couldn’t be a vampire, but the evidence was all right in front of him.

Chris’s ancestors had been persecuted for being vampires. It was just too coincidental that Chris had gotten sick the day before Halloween. The black clothes and the occasional fowl attitude all made sense. The late night horseback rides, everything was starting to add up. Chris had never trusted Ezra. Ezra mentioned that his family had once been vampire hunters. One thing didn’t make sense. Why hadn’t Chris ever attacked any of them? Why had he waited to prey upon Sidney?

Buck felt his heart sink. The poor girl would have to meet the same fate as the monster that destroyed her. She was transformed. They both had to be taken out of this world. Buck had studied JD’s book cover to cover. There was no remedy once somebody was transformed and there was no going back. The only way to get rid of them was to drive stakes through their hearts. Not something he was looking forward too.

How could he not have known? Wasn’t he the one who had been friends with Chris since elementary school? He had been the one who had comforted Chris when his family had been taken from him. Buck stopped a moment. A though hit him. The car bombing had just been a set-up. The demon was the one who had killed his family. He probably sucked from their necks till there wasn’t a drop of blood left.

Buck’s blood ran cold; a cold fury shook his body. He couldn’t share this information with anyone. He had seen the others skepticism about vampires in general. There was no way the others would have believed what their beloved leader really was, but Buck knew. The agent knew what he had to do. Avenging Sarah, Adam and Sidney had befallen upon him and he does not intend to let them down. He knew what he had to do; now it was just a matter of getting up the nerve to do it.

“You okay Buck? You’ve been jumpy all day.” JD asked.

“I’m fine kid, just couldn’t sleep last night.”

“Told you that vampire stuff was interesting. I saw the book on the coffee table. JD smiled triumphantly.

“Yeah real interesting,” Buck answered distracted.

“Well I’m heading over to Casey’s to pick up my costume; I’ll be back in a little while.”

“Okay see you later,” Buck answered not looking at the kid. JD walked out of the door and pulled out his cell phone with a triumphant grin.

Buck waited until JD had left then he pulled his hammer and a large stick of wood left over from the kitchen renovation. He took a deep breath. His heart screamed at him to stop what he was about to do.

There was a loud knock on the door. Buck quickly shoved the weapons back under the couch. He walked over and opened the door. Mary and Billy were standing in the doorway. Billy was dressed up like a pirate.

“I’m sorry to bug you Buck, but JD had the case file on McDonnell for me. I was going to do a report for the Monday Night News”

“Oh yeah, sure let me go find it,” Buck huffed. He opened the door so they could come in. He headed over to JD’s desk.

“What are you all dressed up for Billy? Trick or Treat isn’t until tomorrow.”

“I’m not going Buck. I’m too old to go trick or treating anyway. Mom is making me dress up for some stupid girl’s party.”

“Kari is a very nice girl, Billy. She was very sweet to invite you.” Mary scolded.

“She’s still just a stupid girl,” Billy whined. Buck walked back over with a file in his hand.

“Couple more years and you’ll be begging the girls to let you come to their parties,” Buck chuckled. “Is this the file you want?” he asked Mary. The women took the file and flipped through the pages.

“Yeah this is it. Thanks Buck,” she answered.

“Is Sidney home?” Billy asked hopefully Buck’s face paled immediately.

“Well yeah, but…but…” He stuttered.

“But what?” Billy prompted confused.

“Well Sidney’s really sick and contagious. Doctor said that she needs to stay in bed for a couple of days,” Buck lied.

“Is she okay? Maybe I should go see her,” There was obvious concern in the women’s voice,

“No Mary she’ll be fine. Don’t need you to get sick too. We’ll take care of her. In fact I was going to head upstairs and check up on her now,” Buck spat out.

“Oh, well then don’t let us keep you,” Mary said heading for the door. “Tell Sidney that I hope she feels better and call me if she needs anything,”

“Sure thing Mary, See you later Billy,”

“If I survive the party,” Billy grumbled as Mary closed the door behind them,

Buck waited until he was sure that Mary and Billy were gone. He pulled the stake back out.

“Well, it’s know or never,” he sighed. A thought crossed his mind. He ran into the kitchen and pulled out the garlic container.

“Better safe than sorry,” he told himself as he dumped the entire container over his body.” After he was sure the bottle was empty, he headed out of the living room and up the stairs. Cold sweat was pouring out of his glands by the time he got to Sidney’s door. He hid the stake and hammer in the back of his shirt before he rang the doorbell.

He wasn’t surprised to find that the door didn’t open. He slowly opened the door and entered. The condo was pitch black. He got the same dark feeling that he had the night before. Sidney’s door was open. He slowly crept towards the door not wanting to make the slightest noise. He entered the room. Sidney was lying on the bed in the same position that he had seen her last night. She appeared to be sleeping and her breathing was heavy.

He noticed her mirror above her dresser and saw only the bed’s reflection. Sidney’s reflection was nowhere in sight.

“Oh Geez,” Buck said silently as he walked towards the bed. He pulled out the stake and hammer. “I’m sorry Sidney,” he cried as tears started to flow from his face. Slowly he lowered the hammer and stake knowing he could never do it.

“What do you think you are doing?” a low voice growled from behind him. Buck whirled around. Chris or at least the being that he thought was Chris was standing right behind him. The redness is his eyes was terrifying

“Putting the poor girl out of misery! And your next you son of a bitch! I trusted you! All these years you pretended to be my friend. Tell me Chris, Did Sarah find out what you really are or did you just decide you were hungry.”

Chris lunged forward but was forced to step back coughing.

“The garlic does work!” Buck gloated.

“You idiot,” Chris coughed backing farther and farther away.

“For what/ knowing how to keep your god dammed fangs away from my neck/’ Buck asked gleefully.

“No for making yourself smell like shit for absolutely nothing,” Sidney sat up laughing her head off. Chris fell to his knees laughing too.

“What the hell?” Buck asked.

“Hey Buff, that was quite a show!” JD said coming into the room.

“I don’t think he has the hips to wear those black jumpsuits,” Nathan followed JD into the room.

Buck could only stare at them. Ezra slowly opened up the closest door and walked out. There were tears rolling down his face.

“That was some my superb acting my friends. You almost had me convinced that you were both were ill,” he said to Chris and Sidney. Sidney jumped off the bed and bowed.

“Thanks Ezra I thought I was going to die from not being able to laugh,” the girl answered. “ I am so sorry Sidney,” she mimicked and collapsed on the ground in a fit of laughter.

“Buck, it was a joke,” Chris told the still confused man

“But how…. your eyes?” Sidney’s neck? The mirror?” Buck stuttered out the fragmented questions.

“I used to do stage make-up when I was a kid,” Josiah answered. He had followed Nathan into the room. “It wasn’t that hard to make these two look like the undead.”

“I found these contacts at the costume store,” Chris laughed pulling on of the red disks out of his eye. Rather nice touch, I might say so myself.

“As for the mirror,” Ezra said as he walked to the piece of glass. “ It was all a matter of my own ingenious plan. As you can see, I do not cause a reflection either.”

He pulled a silver cloth off of the mirror and handed it to Buck. There was a crude painting of Sidney’s bed on it. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t realized it before. His face slowly lit up in a smile.

“You guys really are a bunch of assholes aren’t you? You really had me going there. You’re lucky I didn’t drive that stake through your heart Sid,” Buck answered, but there was a huge smile on his face.

“I knew that you would never go through with it,” Sidney answered.

“Why me?” Buck asked

“The bloody plastic hand in my juice,” Sidney answered.

“The unscrewed knobs in my chair,” Ezra sighed.

“The Vaseline on my locker combination,” Nathan piped in.

“That was really funny!” Buck laughed. He stopped and looked at the faces of the others in the room.

“Yeah I guess that I deserved that one,” he answered. “But at least I look at the bright side. Nobody is going to believe any of you,” he said triumphantly.

“I’m not so sure. Vin?” Josiah asked. The sharpshooter jumped up from the other side of the bed.

“Smile Buck you’re on candid camera!” Vin laughed before he ran to the door with the video camera.

+ + + + + + +

Three hours later the Team had gathered at City Hall for the biggest Halloween bash that Denver had ever seen. Orrin Travis was watching his team from their table. His wife Evie was sitting by his side. The two were very attractive in their aliases of George and Martha Washington.

Vin was currently leading Mary Travis out onto the dance floor. Mary looked gorgeous in the Victorian dress that she had borrowed. She turned her head so Chris would not see her blush as he watched her.

“What bet did you loose?” she asked Vin.

“What are you talking about Mary?” he asked.

“You are telling me that you dressed up willing as Robin Hood tights and all, because you felt like it.

“I would gladly share the story with you, except I don’t think it’s appropriate for a lady’s ears.” He glared at Ezra who was currently leading Sidney though a very complicated dance.

‘I have no idea what you are talking about Mr. Tanner,” Ezra answered. He turned his attention back to his dance partner.”

“I always do seem to find myself in the company of lovely partners,” Ezra said to the girl.

“It must be that whole shaken not stirred thing,” Sidney laughed as she admired Ezra’s white supper jacket and black pants. I’m so glad you could take time from saving the world to join me.”

“Not a problem Ms. Parker. After all, I think your husband Clyde is a little busy right now. He nodded over to where JD and Casey were dancing.

Casey smiled through her mask at them. “Don’t look now, but I think we are being watched, pointing to Josiah and Nathan, who were sitting at one of the tables. Both men had on black suits and black sunglasses that shielded their eyes.

“We must look like aliens or something,” JD chuckled as he dropped Casey into a dip. Her high ponytail went flying back.

“I don’t know if I like you as a blond,” he told her.

“Well I’ll do my little head bob thing and change it back or maybe I should just shrink myself back into my bottle,” she shot back.

“God Buck can’t you move any father away from me?” Chris asked from across the room. “You smell like the Olive Garden,”

“I can’t help it Chris, I took three showers and I still can’t get rid of the smell”

“Guess you’re not planning on attracting any women tonight,” Chris said watching Mary and Vin.

“What are you talking about Chris, with a costume like this I’m bound to attract lots of women?”

Chris turned his head and really looked at Buck’ slicked back hair and suit.

“What are you supposed to be anyway?’

“Casanova, of course!” Buck said in an indigent tone. Chris raised his eyebrows.

“Hey it’s a lot better than yours!”

“I think don’t know, I think I like the bird that saves the world thing,” Chris answered fixing his cape and adjusting his mask. He look Vin looks at him with an evil smile on his face.

“Well I think it’s time to get dangerous,” Chris said getting up and heading for the dance floor. He made sure his purple cape swished in Buck’s face. Billy came walking up.

“Survived the party I see,” Buck chuckled “Bob for apples?’

“Yeah, Kari did it at the same time and she tried to kiss me! Hey Buck, why do you smell like garlic?”

+ + + + + + +

The party ended a little after midnight. The eight agents were headed for their vehicles.

“Good night guys see you on Monday!’ Sidney said jumping into her truck. ‘Watch out for the vampires Buck!” she called.

“Shut up Sidney, there’s no such thing,” Buck called back through his open window.

Ezra watched his friends head home to sleep. It would be a long time before he got any rest. He still had a long night in front of him. He opened up his glove compartment and pulled out a cross necklace and stuck it around is neck.

“I wish were you right Buck. I really wish you were right,” Ezra sighed before he drove away.