"Unwanted" and "Let The Children Come"

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Your eyes look right past me.
You can't begin to see
The gift that I am,
The treasure I could be.

I'm not what you imagined.
I'm not what you had planned.
Can't you see that I'm a blessing
Held in God's sure hand?

Too big to be carried,
With a troubled history,
Won't you take a second look?
See the heart that cries its need?

I'm not an easy case,
You can see it on my face,
I may bring heartache to your life,
Will you trust in God's good grace?

You want a little one,
Who hasn't learned to run.
But once you've gained my trust,
Can a greater prize be won?

You want a healthy child.
One with a happy smile.
Please don't pass me by.
Won't you go that extra mile?

I've had so far to roam
I've forgotten how to hope.
Whatever else I am,
I'm a child without a home.

September 11, 2004

Let the Children Come

Hungry in body.
Hungry in soul.
In need of comfort.
In need of a home.

Where can they turn,
These children of woe?
Where can they find
Someone to give hope?

Come to me children.
I will not say go.
Children you're precious.
The Father says so.

Open your arms world
And tell them to come.
Open your hearts world,
To many, or one.

March 8, 2003