by Purple Lacey

Feed back: You betcha! :-)

Acknowledgement: A big thanks to Angela and Terri for their help on this qqq one!

Disclaimer: Much to my everlasting disappointment, Mag 7 and all the guys do not belong to me, but everyone needs a dream, right?


Long years I rode all on my own.
Each new day faced unloved, alone.
Always moving ahead to some new place.
Never knowing if that day I'd face
The one who'd take my life from me
To collect the gold for that damned bounty.

My future was painted a dismal black
With no friends or family to watch my back.
Until one day I looked up to see
A pair of sharp eyes watching me.

No word was spoken, he didn't need it
'Cause I sensed his call and had to heed it.
Standing side by side we faced them down,
And brought justice back to that dusty town.

From that strange start we grew to be
This band of seven... this family.
No longer dawn I wish away
For in this place I live today
Six men have made for me a home.
Now I am loved, no more alone.

For each I'd walk through fire or flood
And sacrifice my own heart's blood.
But it makes me scared sometimes to see
They'd do the very same for me.

Though the time may come when some depart
I know forever in my heart
Seven Brothers we will always be
Bound forever as one by destiny.