Legacy IX: Bo & Luke's Revenge

by Ace

Seven, OFC

Note: No, I don't own them, or anything affiliated with the Dukes of Hazzard, although I would love to own them, -lol-. Thanks to my beta, without you, I would be lost. Also, sorry that this is just a little bit of fluff with not plot or anything that has to do with any real assignments, but after an entire Dukes of Hazzard weekend, what's a girl to do?

The The man looked around the silent parking garage for anything out of the ordinary. Once he decided that the coast was clear, he moved across the garage and opened the passenger door to the black Jaguar. He sat down in the seat and closed the door. The man in the driver's seat asked one question.

"Did you bring your half of the money?"

"Sure did. This will teach them not to mess with us," the man in the passenger seat replied.

The driver started the engine and pulled out of the garage.

* * *

The five ATF agents looked up as the front door to the Larabee house opened. They watched as the girl walked in, dressed in shorts and a tank top.

"Afternoon boys," Sam greeted as she made her way over to the coffee table.

"Did you have a good workout?" Buck questioned as she laid her books on the table.

"Yeah, Val and I did a few laps around the track, and then called it a day." she responded, "Miller said since I just finished that last assignment that I could have a few days off. Oh, and the tips I got during my waitress job, I get to keep them for myself."

"Well congratulations. How much did you earn in tips?" Josiah queried.

"Well, seeing as how most of the customers loved seeing me in those short shorts, I managed around $150," she replied with a smile as she pulled her hair down out of the ponytail.

Chris rolled his eyes and shook his head, "What am I gonna do with you?"

"I'm afraid there's nothing you can do. I can't help it if the boys like me," she smirked.

"Can we say conceited?" JD questioned with a grin.

"More like adorably cute," the girl corrected him.

The phone rang and Nathan reached over to answer it. After a few seconds on the phone, he agreed with the caller and placed the receiver back on the base.

"That was Ezra. He said for everyone to walk out on the porch, because he and Vin have a surprise," Jackson stated, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Let's go then," Buck commented.

The five agents and the teenager moved out onto the porch and watched the small dust cloud that moved towards them. Within seconds, all six recognized the vehicle that was speeding down Chris' driveway. The orange '69 Dodge Charger spun in 180 degree turn in front of the house.

"Yee haw!" the teen squealed.

"Chris, I told you we were taking the Bo and Luke jokes too far," Wilmington declared.

Ezra and Vin climbed out of the windows of the car, both were dressed in jeans, boots, and button up western shirts.

"I love it," Sam said with a smile as she clapped her hands together.

"That's an authentic replica of the General Lee, isn't it?" Sanchez questioned with a look of pure amazement.

"Sure is," Ezra remarked with a smile.

"Can I get a ride?" the teen queried, rushing over to the car.

"Of course, hop in," Tanner replied, then watched as the girl climbed in the driver's side.

"Hey, Bo, Luke, you boys be careful," Chris stated in a paternal voice.

"Yes sir, Uncle Jesse," Tanner and Standish responded simultaneously.

The five agents watched as Vin rushed back over and climbed in the driver's side. Ezra pulled the famous Luke Duke slide across the hood of the car, and climbed in the passenger's side.

"Daisy, you best keep them in line," Chris yelled.

"Will do," the girl yelled from the backseat.

As the car spun back around, the familiar horn blasted, followed by three simultaneous rebel yells. Buck crossed his arms across his chest and glared at Larabee.

"Now what are you gonna do?" he questioned, "You'll never get them out of that car."

"Well," Chris cracked a smile, "I guess that's your job, Rosco."


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