by jan

(who has more imagination than talent, but thats never stopped me before!)

Disclaimer: I (surprise, surprise!!) don't own any of the characters etc. about which I'm writing. This is done purely for fun and I'm making no money. There is no point suing as I'm an art student (which should tell you plenty about my financial situation!!) This is my first fiction, so if you wanna email me back be nice!

Alone each man has doubts and fears:

The kid he stands,
Naive and alone,
Needing to prove that he is a man

The healer he stands,
Negro man all alone,
Convicted by race, the colour of skin,

The gambler he stands,
Cool, aloof and alone,
Hides scars of a loveless, lonely past,
Needs to feel valued, only friendship will heal,

The rogue he stands,
Amidst his ladies alone,
And mourns for the loss of the soul of a friend,

The preacher he stands,
Faithless man all alone,
Learnt the hard way,
Religion won’t always make it right,

The gunslinger he stands,
Deadly dark shadow of man,
Hides the nightmare from his past,
Living only for revenge,

The tracker he stands,
Wanted man all alone,
Hiding past secrets deep down inside,
Hungers for freedom, the vast open plains,
Ride for the hills, only time he feels free.

But together the Seven find strength in each other:
The kid he stands proud and tall,
Proof that he is indeed a man,

The healer he stands no longer alone,
Found friendship regardless of colour of skin,

The gambler he stands, though still cool and aloof,
Yet he feels valued, healing through friendship,

The rogue he stands, amidst his ladies he’s smiling,
Glad for the sake of the soul of a friend,

The preacher he’s slowly regaining his faith,
Decided to move on and let the past lie,

The gunslinger he stands, though still deadly and dark,
But a flicker of friendship is warming his soul,
Through an unlikely bond with a dusty-haired stranger,

The tracker he stands amidst his friends not alone,
Learning to trust and learning to hope,
Through a soul deep bond with a shadow dark stranger.