by SMJ

Disclaimers: I do not own them. They are the property of MGM, Mirisch, and Trilogy Entertainment. No money made.

Warnings: First Person POV (thus the spelling). Minor character death.

Sometimes I forget.

Sometimes I just don´t want to remember. Like today. When everything seems to be perfect – but is not.

My hands tremble as I pick up her picture – it´s of happier times, happier memories. I look at her and she boldly smiles back. Just like she used to. Just like she never will again. She was always like that: smiling as if there was no tomorrow.

And on March 16, 1999 there wasn´t.

Buck once told me that there were two good things in this life: remembrance and oblivion. And two bad things: remembrance and oblivion.

Memories. Sometimes I hate them. Sometimes I love them. Today, I hate them.

She kept saying that everything would be all right. She lied.

I had her buried in a cemetery by the lake. Our favorite spot. God, how she loved that place!

Love. Loved.

"Remember that I will always be there in here," she puts her hand over my heart, "and in here," she gently touches my temple. "I love you, JD."

Time stood still that moment.

I put the picture back on the table. My fingers caress her face a little longer. Bittersweet memories linger in the air.

Sometimes I wish I could forget.