It’s Raining Men - Alleluia

by Squeakypeep

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Just a quick, silly little tale really – inspired by the song ‘It’s Raining Men’ by the Weather Girls. I believe one of the lines says ‘…I’m gonna go out… and let myself get… absolutely soaking wet…’ The mind boggles!

Jen adjusted her hard hat and gazed at the wall of rock rising high into the sky three feet in front of her. Even if she tilted her head back to its fullest extent, she could not see the top. It seemed to touch the heavens.

‘You’re not going to chicken out are you?’ Rhonda grinned at her friend, sensing more than seeing Jen bristle at the teasing.

‘Nope. I can do this. If you can do it so can I. I can do this. I can do this. I CAN do this.’ She wiped sweaty palms down her thighs.

Rhonda laughed. As the most experienced climber of the three, she was in charge of the expedition. It was she who had selected Devil’s Drop as their weekend challenge.

‘Who are you trying to convince Jen?’ Katy came up behind the blonde Jen, clapping her on the shoulder and turning her round so she could check her ropes.

‘I’m boosting my confidence, it’s a kind of Jen to Jen pep talk.’ She chuckled and quickly checked Katy’s own ropes. They then both turned to be examined by Rhonda for final clearance.

‘Okay, I think we’re set to go. Ready?’ Her companions nodded. ‘Follow my lead and don’t start climbing until I tell you.’ She turned to the wall of rock and started her ascent, missing the other two rolling their eyes at her bossiness.

Although Rhonda was by far the most experienced climber, having started the sport as a child in the Swiss Alps, both of the other girls were far from amateurs. By chance, they had found themselves working in the same Law office in Denver and within weeks of joining the firm had discovered this mutual interest. For the past eighteen months they had spent two weekends a month climbing.

The three enthusiasts made steady progress throughout the morning and by eleven had stopped to take a break on a convenient ledge, big enough for all of them to stretch out and absorb the panoramic view.

‘Maybe we should just sit and admire the scenery and then rappel down and go home.’ Katy lay on her back and gazed upside down at the towering rock behind her head. If anything it looked more daunting from this angle.

‘You’re not going to back out now are you? The view from the top is even better.’ Rhonda shook her head and turned to look up.

She had to duck quickly as a shower of small rocks came tumbling down from above, quickly followed by a pair of booted feet.

The three gaped as the rest of the descending climber came into view, at speed.

The boots lead up to muscular legs, a tight butt and a firm back, covered in a fluorescent yellow t-shirt. Finally the head appeared.

The man caught sight of the women and abruptly stopped his progress, bouncing slightly on the rope.

Deep blue eyes under dark brows and a mop of dark hair twinkled at them.

‘Morning Ladies!’ He grinned hugely at them under a bristly moustache and then nodded politely and vanished.

Rhonda, Jen and Katy exchanged a look and then scrambled to peer over the cliff. They were too slow. The man had gone.

‘Damn. A fine piece of ass and we missed it!’ Jen smacked her palm against her forehead.

Seconds later two more ropes tumbled down, one either side of their ledge. The office workers waited.

‘Brother, are you sure this little rope can take my weight?’ There was a collective shiver as the ‘hot chocolate fudge’ rumble in the deep voice slid down three female spines.

‘You have to trust me. Have I ever let you down before?’

A muscular black man appeared to their left, while to the right was his friend, possessor of the deep voice. The pair nodded to the ladies as they passed but continued their discussion without pause.

‘No Brother, I cannot say that you have. You are the most dependable man I have ever met.’

They vanished.

‘A dependable man?’ The girls looked at each other. ‘I thought they’d been discontinued?’

‘I wonder if there’s any more up there?’ They all looked up.


They waited.

Still nothing.

‘Well that was a pleasant interlude.’ Rhonda picked up her backpack. ‘We’d better get moving if we’re…’

She was cut off when a lithe body appeared directly over her head. ‘Agh!’ She ducked.

‘Sorry maaaaaaa’aam.’ His voice trailed away as he disappeared. They caught a quick flash of dark hair and puppy dog eyes in a handsome, expressive face as he flew past.

‘Sit down. It’s not over.’ Rhonda settled herself back against the rock wall and opened her pack, pulling out a flask of coffee and a packet of chocolate kisses. The other two raised their brows at her.

‘What? It’s raining men! This is what I call a Hershey’s moment.’

They joined her without argument.

Pretty soon there were signs of another visitor, nope, wait, make that two.

The slack ropes on either side of their perch began to twitch. The girls waited expectantly.

The two figures that appeared were diametrically different.

The first, in expensive leisure clothes and designer hiking boots, was sporting a neatly coiffed mass of dark hair, glistening with reddish highlights. He removed one hand from his rope as he passed, giving a strange two-fingered salute and a dimpled grin. The emerald green eyes sparkled with humor.

His partner was wearing a scruffy pair of faded jeans, torn in such a way as to give them a flash of tight tanned butt cheek. His long hair hung over his shoulders, moving freely with the breeze and he had a pair of startling blue eyes which perfectly matched the summer sky against which he was outlined. He noticed their eyes following his butt and blushed, hurrying his pace to catch up with his friend.

‘Oh Wow!’ Katy gasped. ‘Where have these guys been hiding?’ She stepped to the edge and peeked over.

‘Denver.’ The rough voice came from behind and overhead. ‘And they’re gonna be buried there before nightfall if I ever catch up with them. Damn sorry assed, good for nothing pains in the….’ The voice trailed away with the black clad blonde as he chased after his colleagues, a look of murder in his eyes.

Rhonda leaned over. ‘Are there any more?’ She called after the disappearing figure.

There was no answer.

‘Okay. Who votes we go down?’ Jen raised her hand in answer to her own question. The other two immediately agreed.

Local Bar

‘I’d go for Mr Chocolate Fudge, that voice makes my knees weak. Oh wait, maybe Mr Dark and Dangerous, that could be a thrilling ride!

‘Naw, definitely Mr Blue Eyes and Butt Cheeks, although I wouldn’t push Mr. Puppy Dog outta bed either.’

Rhonda shook her head at her friends. ‘Nope. Mr Dimples or Mr Twinkles, either, or maybe both!’ The others laughed.

‘You’re incorrigible!’

‘Having said that, Mr Dependable had a lot going for him. It’s such a rare commodity don’t you think? Not a bad tush either.’

On the other side of the dividing walls between the booths, seven AFT Agents looked at each other.

‘Who do you suppose they’re talking about?’ JD whispered.

‘No idea kid, never heard of ‘em.’

The End

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