Love Finds a Way

by Marian

I'd like to thank my good friend Phyllis for all her help as well as suggestions in the creation of this story. Way to go Phyllis.

It had been a year; Nathan had never forgotten the beautiful woman who stole his heart. A year ago today, he thought; yes it was exactly a year since he first laid eyes on her. Her beauty was so natural it took his breath away. She was the sister of a soldier he serviced with in Bosnia. It broke his heart when he delivered a letter and package from her brother. It was the last wish of the soldier who died in his arms. He recalled the way she stood in the rain, crying for her loss, and how he yearned to comfort her. He wanted to take her in his arms then, but felt it wasn't the right time.

A year had passed and he was settling into a new job, but the beautiful woman who stood crying in the rain, still invaded his dreams.

The past year had been a whirlwind of events for Nathan. He began a new job, moved from Kansas, reunited with his old friend Josiah and met five men who accepted him as family. However, his dreams continued to haunt him and the beautiful woman in them was like a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Nathan decided to take two weeks vacation to see if he could locate her. He needed to assure himself that she was all right. He needed to find her in order for his life to be complete. Preparing to take his leave, a feeling came over him, as if he was being watched and he glanced around the room.

Five o'clock arrived and Nathan handed in the last of his reports, said his good-byes as he walked out of Larabee's office. He was now going to find the woman of his dreams.

+ + + + + + +

Since the death her brother Samuel, Rain felt the need to make changes in her life; beginning with her job. Considering her options, and all she knew about law enforcement, she procured a job with the local police department as their advisor. Her job would make her responsible for the mental and physical well being of the men and women in her charge. To accomplish this to the best of her ability, Rain set out to become acquainted with the personnel of the many different divisions that would fall under her supervision.

At night she hoped to be exhausted so dreams would not plague her sleep. Yet her dreams still came. They would take her back to a time when she and Samuel were children, laughing, playing and sharing all the wonders of their youth.

One night in her dreams, she found herself staring into the eyes of a stranger. She knew this man was her other half, the missing part of her soul. As she reached out to hold him, he disappeared. "No" she screamed. "Come back, oh please I need you so much, please don't leave." Hearing bells ringing she reached over and turned off the alarm, realizing it was all a dream. No, it was so much more; she promised herself she would find him.

Her mind took her back to the day she first met her mysterious stranger; the same man from her dreams. Nathan Jackson.

Rain was smart as well as beautiful and finding him became her goal. With the help of her new job, she would do just that. She knew the only way to find the mysterious Mr. Jackson was to obtain all the information she could.

Feeling the need to keep busy, Rain set up appointments to review each department she would have contact with. This she felt would better aid her in helping those in her charge. It became her routine, her way of coping, her way of getting through the days. Work became her survival.

Monday morning found Rain helping a young female officer cope with her first shoot. Officer Handlee was going over the events of the shooting trying to find a way to accept the outcome. Rain tried to help her deal with her feelings regarding the incident. Finding they had accomplished all they could, an appointment was arranged for the next day. Assuring Officer Handlee she could call her at anytime, Rain ended their meeting. Awaiting her was a message from AD Travis to join him in his office. Upon her arrival, she was escorted into Travis' office and there, waiting with the AD, was Chris Larabee.

"Ms…" The AD hesitated.

"Please, call me Rain. What can I do for you Mr. Travis?" she asked calmly.

"First, let me introduce you to, Agent Chris Larabee. The reason we needed to speak with you concerns the case Chris is currently working. It is our understanding that you have had dealings with a man named Snowpeak who is currently the main focus of our investigation. Any information you can provide us with would be a great help."

"Just what exactly are you looking for?"

"How long have you known him?" Larabee asked.

"I never really knew him. He came from the same neighborhood as my brother and I. He had a reputation as a real cut throat who dealt in drugs, guns, anything he could make a profit off of. I remember my brother came home one day all upset; he wouldn't talk for days. I have to tell you that scared me; that was not Samuel. He always had something to say, he'd come home and we'd talk for hours about his day. With Samuel, there was always a story to tell. Then, one day he came home and told me to pack everything that could be carried. When I asked him what was wrong and where we were going, he'd just tell me to hurry. It wasn't until we were five hundred miles away, he finally told me what had happened. He told me he was on his way home one night when he saw a flash, the kind that comes from a gun. He was surprised he didn't hear anything, just saw the flash. He was in the shadows so he stayed put for what he said felt like was hours. Carefully he made his way over to where he believed the flash came from and there on the ground was the body of James Hilton, but everyone called him 'One Ear Jimmy'. He was top dog until Snowpeak showed up. Samuel said he didn't think anyone saw him and then the day we left, he overheard Snowpeak's men talking. Seems the word on the street was someone saw Jimmy get hit. Samuel didn't want to leave things to chance, so we took off."

"And now, he thinks he can move his operation to Denver?" Chris huffed.

Rain sat thinking of what else she could remember in order to stop this mad man. Suddenly she remembered one of the late night gab sessions she and Samuel used to have; he was telling her the latest scuttle on the street. Someone named H. Jones was overheard talking about the new action in town, and how a man named Snowpeak was responsible for the latest designer drug to hit the street. He also was responsible for the new shipment of guns being distributed in the inner city. Snowpeaks' biggest flaw, his weakness, was his need to sample everything he brouhgt in. It'd been said, that he'd throw a party for all his buyers. Women, drugs and firearms were sampled and deals struck. This information would help them in formulating a plan to bring Snowpeak down.

When Larabee returned to his office, he called for a meeting and the information obtained from Rain was discussed, assignments were given out and strategies planned. Larabee decided Buck and Ezra would go undercover, posing as men planning to take over the Denver area after destroying Snowpeak's operation, knowing this would enrage the man and force him in to the open.

Monday morning arrived and the team was complete with the return of Nathan Jackson. At the morning meeting, plans for the upcoming bust were reviewed and any changes needed were made.

Wednesday morning, all gathered in the boardroom and details were finalized. The bust was scheduled for 11:00 am.

Nathan, Josiah, Buck and Ezra were already at the location checking in with Team Four, making sure everything, and everyone, was in place and good to go. The remaining members of Team Seven arrived, just minutes before Larabee's radio went off announcing the arrival of Snowpeak and his men.

+ + + + + + +

Buck and Ezra's meet with Snowpeak was just beginning when Snowpeaks' cell went off. Before anyone realized it, shots were fired and when the air cleared, Snowpeak and his men were down. Larabee called for a check in; one by one they replied.














"I'm on it, Chris" Vin replied. "Chris, he's down chest wound … someone call for ambulance."

"Already called, they're enroute. ETA 3minutes," Josiah's voice boomed over the wire.

Team Four took over the clean up…as Team Seven followed Nathan to the hospital.

+ + + + + + +

They really hated this room. It seemed they spent way too much time here, waiting. It was the same every time. Chris would spend time looking out the window, looking at nothing…Buck would sit leaning against the wall with JD right by his side, Asking one question after another, until one or all would say "SHUT UP JD"… Ezra trying to keep his mind and body busy by getting coffee and whatever anyone desired …Vin was sitting quietly, while keeping an eye on Chris… Josiah was praying for his best friend and driving everyone crazy, constantly asking the time.

It was four hours before anyone came out to speak to them. Before the doctor could open his mouth, six men pounced.

"Gentlemen please. If you'll give me some air and a moment, I'll go over Nathan's condition. It was touch and go, we lost him twice. The bullet just missed his heart and he lost a lot of blood, however, we were able to remove the bullet. We'll know more when he comes to, which won't be until sometime tomorrow. I'll let you know when he's settled and then, only two at a time. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go see to getting him situated. If you need me for any reason, just have the nurse page me. My name is Dr. Horng." And having said that he left, leaving Larabee and his men with their thoughts.

+ + + + + + +

Rain was waiting in Team Sevens office for their return. Absorbed in thought, she never heard him enter. When he spoke, she jumped. AD Travis, apologized before trying to inform her…she however, surprised him by asking "who was hurt?" Again, before he could respond, she asked, "how bad is he?" Something in her screamed, 'NATHAN'. Travis was stunned, how did she know?

+ + + + + + +

She entered the hospital with trepidation, fear her companion. Slowly, she approached the nurses' station, asking for the room of Nathan Jackson. Rain rode the elevator to the Intensive Care Unit on the second floor, saying a silent pray, 'Please God, don't take him… I need him… I need my other half.' Rain walked off the elevator just as Josiah was entering Nathan's room.

Josiah paused at the doorway, his attention drawn to the movement of the beautiful young woman stepping from the elevator. He watched as she approached the nurses and was pointed in the direction of Nathan's room. It suddenly dawned on the profiler that this was the woman his friend had been looking for. He waited for her and they entered the room together. As they watched the man in the bed, Josiah began to speak.

"He's been looking for you," Josiah said. "He's looked everywhere… spends all his free time searching in the hopes you will appear. All his vacation days… why, just before the bust he'd come back from one of his searches."

Looking from the man on the bed to his friend, she smiled in disbelief. Josiah continued to talk as they watched the injured man sleep. "When he first came to Denver; he told me about a promise he made and how he aimed to keep it. Then one day… I'll never forget it. We met for lunch and all he could talk about was this beautiful woman. He spoke of her pain and her loss and how his heart broke to see her hurting. Couldn't stop talking about her and how he knew he had found the other half of his soul."

Rain looked at Josiah, thanked him, then sat by Nathan's side. Three days she sat, keeping watch. No one could get her to leave. Now that she found her other half, she couldn't, wouldn't, leave him.

Team Seven also kept vigil, each man stopping to check on their brother. No one could believe, no one could understand how it could happen. He was the one who was always there keeping them whole. He was their strength. Now it was their turn, to reach out and give him the strength he needed. It was Friday morning, and the fourth day was just beginning. Hearing a moan, Rain approached the bed, she watched as Nathan struggled to open his eyes. She spoke quietly urging him on. A few minutes later, he saw the face that haunted his dreams.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing, was it really her? Had he finally found his Rain? Closing his eyes, he waited a few moments before opening them again. There she stood. His search had finally come to an end? Or was she just another dream?

Chris and Josiah were just exiting the evaluator when they saw the doctor entering Nathan's room. Concern for their friend pushed them to move quickly down the hall. As they neared his room, they were surprised to hear Nathan's voice. Taking a deep breath, they entered. To their relief, he was sitting up and the doctor was checking his vitals, asking him if he knew who and where he was. Nodding to Larabee and Sanchez, the doctor declared his patient was on the road to recovery, before he left the room.

Nathan's recovery progressed at a rapid pace, just as his relationship with Rain continued to grow.

Six months later…

Nathan took Rain into his arms and kissed her tenderly. As their kiss grew, so did their desire. When the kiss ended, Nathan kept Rain in his warm embrace. He looked into her beautiful hazel eyes and, once more, captured her lips for one more kiss. Gazing into her eyes, he softly said,

" I have searched the world over … when all I had to do was look in your eyes to find the other half of my soul." He got down on one knee saying, "Rain, I need you, to be complete… I would be the proudest, luckiest man in the world if you would marry me?"

To wait for her answer, felt like an eternity. She gazed into his eyes, as tears slowly fell and then she began kissing him. With each kiss she said "yes, yes, yes" over and over again.

Six months later they were married.

Love had finally found a way to bring two lost souls together.


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