Atlantan Legacy V - No Comment

by Squeakypeep

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Wednesday 12th April
Early Afternoon
Team 7 Offices

JD Dunne sat at his desk in Team 7’s Offices munching on the frosted donut clutched in his left hand and clicking rapid fire on his mouse with his right. His feet were beating a staccato rhythm on the floor as he jiggled his legs. Between bites of the sugary confection he thrust out his lower lip and huffed at his bangs to give momentary relief to his eyes. He was intensely focussed on the glaring monitor, as usual quite unaware of the world around him.

Across the aisle, further from the elevator, two sets of eyes, one startling blue and the other emerald green, swivelled in his direction and watched him take another bite from the sweet pastry. Two heads came back together and a whispered conversation took place.

JD remained oblivious.

Directly opposite JD, close to the windows, Josiah Sanchez and Nathan Jackson exchanged looks.

‘Brother, do you get the feeling that mischief is afoot?’ Josiah nodded towards the huddled pair with a look of amusement on his face.

Nathan agreed with a shudder.

‘I think it would be best if we were to prepare ourselves for any eventuality, Josiah. Seeing Vin and Ezra hatching schemes always gives me chills, but those two? I’m tempted to declare myself sick and go home.’

Josiah chuckled.

They watched as the sharpshooter sat back in his chair and diligently applied himself to whatever work he had on his desk.

His co-conspirator, Ezra’s daughter, who was almost four, strolled up to JD’s desk and climbed awkwardly into the vacant chair opposite her mark.

Josiah and Nathan continued to watch as the small blonde in green jeans and matching sweater tried to attract JD’s attention. Occasionally, one or other would glance over to check on Vin.

The Texan studiously ignored the drama unfolding before him.

While waiting for the computer wizard to notice her, Rorie wriggled and squirmed in her seat. She swung her legs back and forth, first separately, then together. She practiced making clicking noises with her fingers and thumbs. Eventually her patience was rewarded when she threw a paper clip at him.

JD’s head came up as he finally realized he had a guest.

‘Hello Rorie. I didn’t see you there.’

Josiah and Nathan both stifled laughter as the little girl rolled her eyes. In a fair impression of her father she drawled ‘so Ah gathered, Mr Dunne.’

There was a muffled snort, quickly disguised as a cough from somewhere behind Tanner’s computer monitor. Josiah and Nathan chanced a quick look. The child ignored it.

JD grinned at Rorie. ‘That was good. Say something else.’

‘Mistah Dunne, Ah believe we have already played this particulah game. Howevah, if you insist, ‘Something Else’.’

JD chuckled. ‘Yeah, that’s a really old joke, but I like your impressions, they’re good. Can you do anyone else?’

Rorie glanced around the office and whispered, ‘not right now Uncle JD.’ She tried to bounce her eyebrows, ala Vin, but couldn’t quite pull it off. It made the whole effect much funnier.

‘Oh. Ohhh! I see.’ He winked at her.

‘We could take a walk and I could show you who else I can do.’ JD nodded and rose to his feet.

Rorie decided to push her luck. ‘Have you got any change? We could go to the candy machine.’ He laughed.

‘Okay, but you can only choose one. Ez’ll kill me if I get you wired on sugar. Vin’s bad enough.’

‘Hey!’ Came the disembodied protest.

The two made their way out of the bullpen and headed off down the corridor.

Josiah and Nathan were about to follow, sure they were going to miss whatever was about to happen when Vin suddenly leapt to his feet and dashed over to JD’s terminal. They both resumed their seats.

‘What are you doing Vin?’ Nathan was surprised to see the Texan was wearing a pair of surgical gloves. Vin paused.

‘Ya really wanna know Nate?’

Nathan opened his mouth and then paused. Shaking his head, he decided that it was probably better not to be party to any schemes. ‘No.’

Vin laughed and withdrew a knife from his jeans pocket. He pressed the blade gently into something in his left hand and then bent down over JD’s desk. From where they were sitting neither of the other Agents could see what he was doing. A few seconds later he plucked a tissue from the box on Buck’s desk and wiped the blade clean as he moved back to his own work area.

By the time JD and Rorie arrived back from their candy foraging expedition, Vin was back exactly where he had been when they left the room. JD sat in his chair and swivelled side to side as he unpeeled his Hershey bar. Munching on the chocolate he watched the child lining up M&M’s along the edge of his desk according to colour, only to then eat one and re-arrange the pattern.

‘Do you want to play games on Buck’s computer for a while? He won’t be back for an hour or so yet and I have some work I have to do.’

Rorie shook her head. ‘Thanks Uncle JD but I’m not allowed. No privi’ges for two weeks. I never knew two weeks was soooo long.’

Ezra had just returned to the bullpen from the research office and came up behind her. ‘I’m pleased you remembered Rorie, good girl.’ He glanced from his daughter to the pile of M&M’s to JD and back again but didn’t comment.

‘Come and sit with me, I have some of your puzzle books in my briefcase.’

A few minutes later, Ezra was deeply buried in research for a new case and Rorie was lying on her tummy on the floor, colouring.

JD suddenly leapt up and started shouting.

‘Holy Sss…I mean Owww. God Damn. What the Hell?’ He was alternately wiping his right hand on his jeans and blowing on his palm while hopping from foot to foot.

Josiah, Nathan, Vin and Ezra jumped to their feet and approached him.

‘What? What is it?’

‘Dammit JD stand still and let me see.’ Nathan grabbed his hand.

‘No, Jeez Nathan it’s hot!’

‘Hot?’ Nathan sniffed the hand. ‘Go and run it under the faucet and wash your hands really well with soap. Come back when you’re done and I’ll put something on it. Go!’

He left at a run, nearly mowing down a couple of secretaries as he made a dash for the restroom.

‘Brother?’ Josiah raised his eyebrows at Nathan questioningly. Vin and Ezra looked on.

‘Raw chilli.’ Nathan shook his head and avoided looking at Vin.

Ezra turned to look at his ‘roomy’ and then at his daughter who was watching from her prone position on the carpet. Both wore identical expressions. Innocence. Beyond raising his brows, he didn’t comment.

Josiah had tracked down the chilli juice to JD’s mouse and carefully took it away to clean it.

A few minutes later JD returned and Nathan applied a cooling salve to the red palm. ‘JD stand still.’

‘I can’t.’ JD gave another dramatic wriggle.

‘What’s the matter with you? You’re acting like your pants are on fire…oh god… you didn’t.’

‘Didn’t what Nate?’ Vin was leaning against Nathan’s desk while Josiah scrubbed at JD’s mouse.

‘Tell me you didn’t … relieve yourself while you were in the washroom.’

‘Well all that coffee had to go somewhere Nathan…agh! You mean… it… I… Oh god!’ JD pulled his hand away from Jackson’s and tugged at the front of his jeans. He wriggled again.

Vin started to laugh and the other Agents joined in, helpless to stop the mirth.

‘What? What?’ The little girl abandoned the colouring and tried to find out what the adults were laughing at.

Ezra caught her as she approached and redirected her. ‘Never you mind. Go back to your book.’ Rorie looked at him curiously before doing as he bid her.

The unfortunate JD grabbed the tin of salve from a chuckling Nathan and headed back to the men’s room. ‘Payback’s a bitch Vin.’

‘Me? Why’s it always me?’

A little later JD returned and resumed his seat. He pulled out a spare mouse and connected it up, sending daggers at the lanky sharpshooter all the while.

He continued to squirm in his seat.

Vin was showing Rorie how to use the photocopier when Buck Wilmington returned from court. He had been giving evidence against a small storeowner he had caught selling Vodka to teenagers while he was off duty.

There was a pile of messages on his desk, mostly from women. He rubbed his hands together and picked up his phone.

At his workstation Ezra noticed the pair at the photocopier were in a huddle. He sighed.

Buck finished his calls and settled back in his chair. ‘Animal Magnetism, works every time.’ He looked around the room at large. ‘I got a hot date with that new clerk in records, you know the one with the…’ His hands made an expansive gesture in front of his chest.

‘Mr Wilmington, please refrain from making lewd comments when there is a child present.’ Ezra glared at his colleague before looking pointedly at the little girl who had appeared at Buck’s elbow.

‘Oh, ah, Hello Short Stuff.’

‘Hi Uncle Buck. The clerk with the what? And what does ‘lewd’ mean.’ Rorie met his eyes before glancing at his cheek. She focussed on his eyes again for a moment until her gazed moved back to his cheek. Buck lifted a hand and scratched the spot she was looking at.

‘With the, ah, nice smile Darlin’ and ‘lewd’ means something I shouldn’t say in front of children.’ He rubbed the cheek again, wondering what she was looking at. ‘What? Have I got something on my face?’

‘Yahuh. Just here.’ Rorie touched her forefinger to her own cheek and Buck dutifully copied her action.

‘No you missed it.’ Reaching up she said, ‘I can…’ He felt her finger trace over his face a couple of times.

‘There, got it.’ She smiled innocently up at him.

‘Have you got any of those bright colored pens Uncle Buck? You know the yellow and pink and blue ones?’

‘You mean highlighters? Sure.’ He handed her a couple of pens and she thanked him and went back to her drawing.

Around the room the other concealed their grins. Ezra handed her his handkerchief without comment.

It was peaceful for a while until Chris arrived with AD Travis.

‘Afternoon Gentlemen.’


‘Good Afternoon Mr Travis.’

‘Buck how did it go in…’ Chris cocked his head to the side as he looked at the surveillance operative. AD Travis, standing at his shoulder also seemed focussed on him and Buck got the feeling he might have spinach in his teeth and sucked them surreptitiously.

‘That’s an interesting look for you Agent Wilmington.’ Travis smiled and turned to Ezra. ‘I take it you brought your daughter to the office today Agent Standish?’

Ezra nodded, watching Buck trying to find a mirror in his desk draw before excusing himself and disappearing to the restrooms. There were chuckles from the staff he passed in the hallway and he hurried his pace.

Approaching the mirror in the bathroom he saw what everyone else had been looking at. He had a smiley face painted in copier toner on his cheek. He laughed and began to scrub it clean. Damn thing wouldn’t come off. He did NOT want to go on his hot date tonight with Rorie’s artwork on his face. He scrubbed harder.

Back in the Office AD Travis was enchanted by the little girl. She was so like Ezra it was uncanny, right down to the mischievous glint in her green eyes. He could see this one would keep her father and uncles on their toes.

‘You did a great job at the school yesterday, Aurora. The things you were able to tell us really helped us to plan your rescue. We may have to sign you on as an Agent.’ He smiled at her indulgently.

‘Does that mean I get a pay check?’ There was a series of snorts.

Like father, like daughter. He raised his eyebrows at her, laughing. ‘What would you spend it on?’

She shrugged. Reaching into a nearby plant pot she scooped a handful of earth and popped it into her mouth. She looked thoughtful as she chewed, ignoring the stunned expressions around her. Swallowing, she announced. ‘Probably snacks. I’m always hungry.’ She scooped up another handful of earth that quickly followed the first.

Travis, along with everyone else, gaped at her.

‘Rorie, what are you doing? Don’t eat the soil.’ Ezra was aghast. What the hell was she playing at?

‘I’m hungry Daddy.’ Brown stained baby teeth grinned at him and she reached out for another handful. He intercepted her. Narrowing his eyes he examined her innocent expression. It was back. He was immediately suspicious.

The undercover agent looked at the plant pot and took a scoop of earth.

‘For God’s sake Ez, don’t you start.’ Chris looked at his agent as if he’d lost his mind. AD Travis was wearing a look of complete bafflement.

The Southerner lifted his handful of dirt towards his face and … sniffed. He raised his eyebrow at the child who grinned at him. He made no comment as he popped the brown mass into his mouth.

Travis’s mouth dropped open.

He snapped it shut when Vin joined in, offering his dirt morsel to his boss before shoving it into his mouth when he was turned down.

Chris started to laugh. ‘All right. What is it?’

Vin smiled at him. ‘Crushed Oreos. Took ya long enough ta work it out cowboy.’

Travis finally caught on. ‘Oh Lord. You set me up! I will have to try that at the next boring board meeting.’ He chuckled. ‘That’ll get the attention of the higher ups!’

‘Yeah, when they cart you off to the asylum.’ Chris shook his head. ‘Okay everyone back to work.’ He focussed on the child. ‘You. You behave yourself.’ Vin seemed to be included in the remark and he grinned unrepentantly.

Nathan returned to his desk to find a message. He picked up the phone.

‘Hello, Good Afternoon. I’m just returning a call. I received a message from Myra Maynes? Hello? Yes. I received a message to collect Myra Maynes. I’m not sure… what? Hello? No it’s not a joke. Who is this? The coroner’s office? I don’t… Oh God. No forget it. Thanks.’ He replaced his receiver and glared at the chuckling agents around the room.



‘Did you leave this message on my desk?’

‘What message?’ Vin winked at Rorie who had her hand over her mouth.


‘Yes Uncle Nathan?’

‘The message? The one that told me I had to call a number to arrange to collect Myra Maynes – from the CORONER’S Office?’

‘Do I get the right to remain silent?’

Nathan laughed. ‘Okay you monsters you got me. I have to admit, I think I got off lightly.’

‘Figured she owed ya fer the chest hair.’ Vin laughed at Nathan’s grimace as he rubbed his chest.


Vin turned to his accomplice and held up three fingers. She nodded and looked around the room, returning to gaze back at Vin. He winked.

Ezra didn’t comment.

The afternoon progressed without incident until Vin handed Rorie a large, fat, brown manila envelope. Ezra was watching, waiting to see what they were up to this time. He saw her approach Chris’s closed door and bend down. She tucked the open end of the envelope under the door and…

Ezra cringed. ‘Rorie, No!’

He was too late. The little devil was already airborne.

Landing with two small flat feet on the envelope Rorie quickly snatched it up and shot back to her place on the floor, concealing the evidence beneath the oversized puzzle books.

There was several seconds of complete silence.

Then the door opened and Larabee appeared.

At least they thought it was him.

The vision resembled their indomitable leader. The glare was right but the rest… it was difficult to tell. From mid chest up he looked like he’d been in a blizzard. White specs had attached themselves to the Black shirt. The blonde hair was barely visible and he blinked slowly, heavy white-coated eyelashes enhancing the effect.

Vin was the first to start to laugh. ‘You’ve gone grey, Cowboy.’

Chris chuckled.

‘Don’t be mean Uncle Vin. He’s not THAT old.’ Chris turned to her.


‘Oops indeed.’ Chris wiped a handful of shaving cream off his face and popped it onto the end of her nose. She giggled. ‘I’m too young to shave Uncle Chris.’

Chris laughed and turned back to the sharpshooter. ‘I’m going to change into spare clothes. YOU will clean the mess in my office.’ Vin nodded.

Ezra didn’t comment.

Chris moved off and Vin raised four fingers at the perpetrator. She nodded.

Josiah started to sweat.

Chris reappeared, in a fresh shirt. The FBI Agent from the previous day’s siege was with him.

‘Ezra, Special Agent Parker wants to ask Rorie a few questions about the shooting yesterday.’


‘I beg you pardon Agent Standish. What did you say?’ Parker stuttered.

‘I said ‘No’. Precisely which part of ‘No’ did you fail to comprehend Agent Parker?’

‘Agent Standish, we need to understand exactly what happened in that school…’

Ezra took on a steely look that even Larabee admired. ‘You undoubtedly have reports from every Agent and police officer involved and I’m sure you have questioned the School Staff. How many students have been requested to give their accounting?’

‘Well, none. But as an Agent yourself…’

‘Precisely. I am an Agent. My daughter is not. You will never receive my permission to interrogate her. Leave her alone.’ The green eyes glinted with barely suppressed fury.

‘Agent Standish...’ This time Chris cut him off.

‘He said ‘No.’ It’s finished. You can’t question the kid without his consent. Let it go.’

Parker reluctantly backed down. He caught sight of the child as she came up to lean against Ezra’s leg, gripping his thigh just above his knee and peeking out from behind him.

‘Fine no questions.’ He held up his hands in a conciliatory gesture. ‘Hello there.’ Standish stiffened but didn’t intervene. Yet.

Rorie gazed silently at him.

‘You did a very good job yesterday. You could be an FBI Agent when you grow up.’ Ezra rolled his eyes, and Chris snorted. This man obviously had no idea how to speak to a child.

‘Thanks but I’m smarter than that.’ Rorie pulled a face. Parker himself wasn’t smart enough to quit while he still could.

‘You may change your mind when you’re older, you’re still such a little thing.’ His tone was patronizing. Big mistake. ‘What do you think you’ll be when you grow up?’


Parker’s face took on an expression not unlike that of a guppy. His mouth worked but no sound came out. He turned on his heel and left to the laughter of the ATF Agents and the sound of ‘Atta girl’ delivered in a decidedly Texan twang.

Ezra looked at his daughter and raised his brows but he refrained from saying anything.

By the end of the afternoon, Josiah had worked himself into a frazzle. He regarded everything with suspicion and jumped every time Rorie or Vin came close to him. Which they did. Often. Much more often than was necessary. He finally twigged.

‘That was it, wasn’t it?’

Vin gave him a confused look. ‘What?’

‘You didn’t need to get me, you just let me stew in juice of my own making.’

Vin grinned. ‘Sometimes the best practical joke is not ta play a joke at all ‘Siah.’

Josiah chuckled. ‘Thank God. Now I can relax, go home and recover my nerves.’

Vin and Rorie high fived.

The seven men and the small child left together.

When they got to the parking garage there was a note pinned to the windscreen of the Jag. Ezra snatched it of and read it.

‘Oh Lord, No.’ He thrust the note to Vin and started examining the car’s gleaming paintwork.

Vin read the note aloud. ‘Sorry about the dent. You were parked awkwardly and I couldn’t avoid you. My insurance will handle any claim. Contact me on….’ He raised his head. ‘Hey Ez. Is it bad?’

‘I can’t find it Mr Tanner. Wait, what’s that? No, it’s just a smudge. See if you can locate the damage will you?’

Nodding they all got down to inspect the vehicle.

After ten minutes of searching the six Agents gave up.

‘I can’t see anything Ez’.’ Buck scratched his head.

Ezra was focussed on the spot behind him and Buck turned.

There sitting on the low dividing wall were the day’s pranksters. They were happily sharing a bag of chips and sipping on cartons of juice. He narrowed his eyes. The pair stopped munching and exchanged looks.

‘Uncle Vin?’

‘Yes pumpkin?’

‘I think he’s on to us.’ Vin looked at Ezra.

‘Well what’d he expect? A get out o’ jail free card?’

Ezra joined in the laughter.

‘All right you miscreants, get in the car. No Rorie, no juice.’

The chuckling partners-in-crime climbed into the vehicle. Ezra strapped Rorie into her safety seat and slammed the door.

‘Thank God that day’s over.’ JD voiced what they were all thinking.

‘For you maybe Mr Dunne.’ Ezra smiled wryly. ‘I have to last until bedtime,’

They’d actually survived relatively unscathed. He’d allowed his child to let off a little steam and be a child again after the terrifying events of the previous day but now he needed to clamp down, hard. It seemed she’d recovered from the ordeal and he would now have to rein her in a little.

To say nothing of that troublesome Texan. Epilogue

Free and clear after a day of pranks each Agent climbed into his vehicle. JD sat alongside Buck and they were the first to exit the car park, closely followed by Nathan, Josiah, Chris and finally the three in the sports car.

The spring sun hung low in the sky, casting it’s blinding light unerringly straight into the eyes of those leaving the Federal Building underground parking facility.

As each member of Team 7 reached the exit ramp they automatically reached up and lowered the sun visor. They realized too late that they had been left a parting gift.

Ezra was the last to complete the manoeuvre and was shocked to find a paper-holes snowstorm raging in the confines of the beloved car.

‘Final Straw. Payback, you devious delinquents, will be swift and brutal.’

The sound of chuckles and giggles followed the gleaming Jaguar into the snarl of downtown traffic.

The End

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