A Pair of Shoes by Carol Pahl

New AU
Time period: Late 50's, early 60's
Place: Large city, multiple ethnic neighborhoods

  • Chris Larabee, police officer, night shift partner to Buck Wilmington, patrol in Black and White car
  • Buck Wilmington, police officer, night shift partner to Chris Larabee, patrol in Black and White car, lives in boardinghouse near The Tavern
  • Josiah Sanchez, WWII veteran, doesn't like to talk about past, works as handyman, repairs old white church building between paying jobs
  • Nathan Jackson, Medical healer, offers clinic for poor in back room of old church
  • Ezra Standish, lawyer, friend of Chris and Buck, meets others at The Tavern to unwind and sharpen his poker skills
  • Vin Tanner, teenager, high school drop out, knows of Nathan's skill, loner
  • JD Dunne, 12 year old, son of a maid
  • Inez Recillos, owner of The Tavern
  • Gloria Potter, 6th grade teacher at Abraham Lincoln Elementary
  • Mr. Conklin, Principal at Abraham Lincoln Elementary
  • Mary Travis, Reporter for the Global Gazette, a progressive publication
  • Judge Travis, Mary's father-in-law, District Court magistrate

This is an open AU with lots of plot possibilities and can be a chance for Baby Boomers ( I do not like that term) to remember a simpler time. I hope you enjoy the story! Carol

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