First Kiss

by Scotty Scott

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Part One - Bored

All Seven sat round the table in the saloon, totally bored, because not much had been happening in or around Four Corners lately and they were all at a loss of what to do next.

"Would any of you Gentlemen be……" Ezra started to ask, but was quickly shouted down by the other six men before he could finish.

"No!" they all yelled in unison. They all were broke, well, all except Ezra, the Gambler, and even he was getting bored with winning at the cards lately.

"Anyone want to go fishin’?" JD asked, after a silence had fallen over their group.

"We did that yesterday, Kid," drawled a bored Buck, as he looked sadly across at his friend.

"How about helping me rub down the church walls?" Even Josiah’s work sounded really boring, although they all knew it was a job that would have to be done at some time. But, not one of them felt like that chore right now.

"How’s about goin' for a swim?" JD was getting fed up with his suggestions falling on deaf ears, and he banged his head on the table and groaned as none of them took any notice of his gesture. "Come on….." he groaned in a muffled voice, "Someone must have an idea what to do?"

Silence was only interrupted by the sounds of Ezra refilling the glasses with some more beer. Even Innez had gone home for a visit, since things were so slow around town, and the saloon hadn’t been doing enough business lately to keep her mind occupied.

Buck squirmed in his seat and looked at his friend's faces in turn. All seemed as fed up as he was, and this silence was driving him crazy. There was nothing in town to take his mind off anything; there were no new women and he had burnt his boats with the blonde across the way at the hotel. He had come on too strong too soon. That’s how desperate he had been; talk about putting both feet in his mouth.

He had only wanted a teensy weensy kiss….. But, he had ended up with a slap across his face for his cheek at thinking such a thought . Huh, he pondered, she wasn’t that good looking after all anyway. He just couldn’t find anyone else to chase at the time and look where it had gotten him? Nowhere, that’s where.

It wasn’t his fault either that Nancy, his latest little exploit, had just been wandering past at that moment in time and witnessed his attentions to the other lady. So, he ended up getting a slap on the other cheek from Nancy and she had to add in that disgusted icy tone for all to hear. "Just to even things up!" Slap! "Now you have matching cheeks for your damn cheekiness, Mr. Bucklin Wilmington!"

He was left stunned, while both ladies nodded and grinned at each other and walked off arm in arm to go have tea.

That’s why he was sitting here bored, bored and even more bored. All because he wanted a teensy kiss! A sudden idea flashed into his mind then, and he started to grin and sat up a little straighter in his chair.

"Hey guy’s, I may have an idea of how to relieve our boredom." Buck grinned broadly; his white teeth gleamed and with his eyebrows twitched with devilment. They all knew by that look that whatever it was this could mean trouble for some of them, if not all.

Chris stared at his friend. He had known him for the longest in the group of men and knew what ever it was, Buck was up to something.

"Okay Bucklin, out with it. What is this hair-brained idea then?"

"Awe, Chris….." Buck put on his miffed look and pretended to be disappointed at Chris’s words. "Not hair brained at all, …"

"Naw, it’s probably bird-brained," chuckled JD loudly and got his hat knocked off his head by Buck for his cheek.

"Kid, you never came up with anything like this," grinned Buck, still amused.

They knew they had better listen to what Buck had to offer since…., well, beggars can’t be choosers.

They heard Buck's suggestion and all groaned out loud.

"Hey, come on no one has yet come up with anything nearly as good yet, so come on, it may be fun?" Buck tried to encourage his friends to go along with his idea.

Chris pondered for a second or two and then gazed across to Buck and saw a glint in his friend's eyes. 'Maybe this could be fun after all,' thought Larabee. It may reveal something so far unknown about some of his fellow lawmen.

"Okay Buck," consented Chris, "I will give it a go. How about the rest of you boys?" Five men looked at their leader and all agreed except one.

"You’ve not given me an answer yet, Kid?" prompted Chris. He stared at JD, who looked uncomfortable and squirmed with embarrassment, as he tried to decide how to respond.

"Not sure what Buck's looking for?"

"Kid." Buck rolled his eyes and laid a hand across the lad's shoulders. "The question was simple wasn’t it?"

"Yeah but…"

"But what?"

"How much detail do you want?" He reddened, knowing all eyes are on him.

"JD, you don’t need to give names, if that’s what you're meanin', and don’t need time and place exactly."

JD exhaled in relief and Buck ruffled his hair affectionately as they all settled down to follow through with Buck's idea.

"I have one thing to add," announced Chris to them all as he went to lock the Saloon doors, and got them some more beer, sure they will be needing it.

"And that is Mr. Larabee?" asked Ezra, curiously.

"That Buck goes first and then it follows round the table coming to JD last."

JD could not help but raise his eyes to his leader and grin as he suddenly caught Chris’s attention and got a conspiratorial wink from him, which made JD feel much better. "And what we hear is for our ears only, - understand?" He let his famous Larabee stare land on each of them in turn and only left them once he received their nod of agreement. Once he has this assurance, he sat down.

"Okay, looks as though I’m to get this started so here goes…." Buck took a long drink of his beer before starting to speak.

"My first real kiss ………"

Part Two - Buck

Buck thought back to his first proper kiss with a woman and grined with happy memories……..

Buck walked down the stairs on a hot summer’s morning, yawning and not particularly looking forward to going to school, but his Ma insisted that he get a proper education.

She had enough to contend with bringing up her 15-year-old son in a whorehouse, but at least he would have some reading behind him to help him get by if he needed too.

Buck was a big boy for 15 and stood at 5 feet -10 inches tall and looked to be turning out into quite a handsome chap. Well, that was what some of the whores kept telling him.

He wasn’t bothered at his Ma’s profession. He had been well cared for and well loved by his mother and all his adoring "Aunts." He had put up with much taunting, but he was big enough to stand up for himself, so he didn’t get into too much trouble in that direction anymore. He only had a week to go at school then he would be taking on a full time job, but he didn’t fancy working in the bank as his mother had suggested.

As he sat at the breakfast table, he was unaware of some whispering going on and glances from a couple of the "Girls" behind his back. He usually managed to ignore their twittering, because it was usually about stupid things. Well, all things female were stupid as far as this 15-year-old was concerned. .

Julie sat next to him and asked him in a whisper as if confiding in him. "Hey Buck, do you know there’s a picnic on Saturday afternoon?"


"Picnic, you know where you eat food out on the grass with someone pretty?"

"Yeah, heard about it. Some of my pards are going."

"You gonna take a gal?"

Buck groaned and looked at her "Hey, yer not askin’ me are you?" He looked shocked and scraped his chair back quickly in alarm.

"No dear, but I got a whisper that a pretty gal wouldn’t mind you askin’ her to go to the picnic."

He cheered up and started to grin broadly, showing his white teeth. He raised his right eyebrow suddenly alert for more information. Julie whispered to Buck the details of who it was and what he should do. His interest in the fair sex had increased all of a sudden by ten-fold.

Kate had been his closest friend until Chris Larabee had come on the scene, and he had soon became a stranger to her, only meeting at school or on group outings. But, just lately she had caught his eye again, and it was if someone had replaced his little friend Kate with a beautiful young woman. She had grown up on him, and he hadn’t even noticed. Well, not until now.

Asking her to the picnic was painful for him, but once he got over his stumbling tongue it worked out fine. Kate agreed to come, but they both kept it a secret from Chris Larabee, just in case he spoilt Buck's fun.

On Saturday he set off to escort his new lady friend to the picnic. They both blushed as they greeted each other, as if they were total strangers. But, the strange thing was that Buck had known Kate most of his life.

They sat on the rug, still in sight of the others at the picnic, but close to some foliage for cover from his prying friends. Buck lay back in the sunshine after he had eaten his fill. "Kate, I had forgotten how good your Ma’s chicken was," he grinned and patted his filled stomach.

"Buck Wilmington, did you only invite me out for my Ma’s chicken?"

Peering up through the splotches of sunshine above them, he saw at her angry face and scowl and forced himself up on his elbow before he replied. "Kate, course not!" He grinned again and thought how really pretty she was and how well that dress fitted her and - how - it fitted her, he blushed at the thought he was having - and quickly added to cover his embarrassment. "It’s not just your Ma’s cooking, it’s you that I invited, and you I wanted to sit with."

She was still sitting apart from him and not looking too happy, so he decided to take matters in hand and show her how much he liked her. Sitting fully upright he glanced around to make sure no one was watching and leaned over and pecked her on the cheek, and he was pleased to see her blush and grin.

"Buck," she whispered blushing further, "Someone will see!"

"No they won’t, ‘cause I looked first to see if they were lookin' and no one was."

Buck was so intent on Kate that he didn’t hear the rustle behind him and the chuckling going on before it was to late. "Hey, who's there?!" Buck roared, suddenly hearing the rustling and scampering feet, but he was still so full after the picnic that he was moving too slow through the trees to see who all ran away. But, he vowed to find out and to box all their ears for spying on him.

"Who was it Buck?" asked Kate still with a flush to her face.

"Not sure Kate, but I’ll find out and box their ears!"

Buck sat down, all thoughts of kissing Kate gone from his mind as he wondered who was spying on them and why.

"Hey Buck…." interrupted Nathan. "Ya don’t call a peck on the cheek a first kiss do ya?"

All around the table the men chuckled, and Buck tried to explain that there is more to the story and he continued…….

"It was the next week that we agreed to meet up just the two of us near her father's old wood shed."

The night was warm and Buck tried to slip out of his room under the watchful eye of his mother, but he got caught just as he was heading for the door.

"Bucklin, where do you think yer heading for at this time of night?"

Buck thought quickly and uttered the first thing that came to mind. "Heading to see Chris, Ma."

"Hummm, well, suppose that’s okay, now don’t get up to silly tricks, you hear me, or I will thrash you!"

"Okay," Buck grinned down at his mother, who was slightly smaller than him, but she suddenly glared at him and he knew not to push it.

"Buck, remember, you're not too old to get a whupping, and don’t think for one instant I won’t do it." Buck knew she would too. She continued, "Don’t be late back, 10:00 at the latest, you hearing me boy?"

"I hear you Ma." He bent and before he reached for the door he quickly pecked at his mother's cheek and then ran through the open door. He was heading to see Kate.

In the woodshed, they settled down in a corner to talk and soon they had run out of words. Buck gazed down in the dim light and noticed how smooth her skin was, smelled her clean hair, and noticed how shiny her lips were. They were so good to look at, and he wondered if they were as soft to kiss as they looked.

He blushed as he noticed her eyes on him, and he tried to speak but the words wouldn’t come. All he could do was to shake his head and roll his eyes.

"What’s bothering you Buck?" She asked, shyly placing a hand onto his shoulder.

"Nothing," he croaked, then felt the heat of her hand through his shirt that only increased his own desire to touch her.

"Buck, do you……"

"What Kate?" but he knew perfectly well what she was asking of him, and his face flamed at the thought that she might wish to kiss him too. His hand clutched at her fingers, and he played with them for a while to get over his embarrassment. Her fingers tightened around his and tugged at him to encourage him closer. He soon realized he was touching her side with his own body, and he took a deep breath and looked directly into her face. He was amazed to see her smiling, and he grinned back. Before he knew it, they were both laughing. They laughed so much that he pulled her into a hug on impulse just like he did when they were both much younger, but he never had felt a reaction like this before.

He pulled away slowly and became aware of her mouth, so close, teasing him to kiss it. He leaned in and when he got no resistance, he continued. His mouth covered hers, and he pressed his lips gently to hers savoring the warmth and taste of her on his own lips. A heat suddenly soared through his body from head to toe and shook him to the core.

His heart was thumping wildly, and he got all hot, even though the kiss had been brief, but to him it had felt like it lasted a lifetime. Kate looked as if she was in a trance and said nothing, so he assumed he could try again and he did. This time he pressed just that little bit harder, and he remembered seeing one of the girls at his Ma’s place push her tongue into a fellows mouth so decided to try for himself. Buck had expected some resistance at this gesture, but he was most surprised when he felt her open her mouth to his probing tongue. He felt the ridges of her mouth and gently probed around inside. He hugged her closer and was pleased to feel her own hands wrap round him even tighter, increasing his own desire.

It was his turn to be surprised when her own tongue started to flick at his and to push into his own mouth and this sent him spiraling into new waves of pleasure.

"Awe buck…." JD asked, "What you stopping for?"

"Well, that’s my first proper kiss, Kid." Buck grinned and looked around to see the reactions of his friends.

"Can I presume, Mr. Wilmington, that the lady in question and your fine self met again for a further date?"

"Ah, Ezra, that’s another story?" By the grin on Buck's face they knew they were not getting any more information out of him at this stage, and they all quickly directed their eyes to the next victim.

"Well, Chris, your turn," nudged Buck.

"Yes, I’m fully aware of that…" he glowered at Buck for a second and then redirected it to JD’s next comment.

"Hey Chris, did you know this Kate?"

Part Three - Chris

Chris had a problem. JD had been right……, right that it made him feel slightly uncomfortable at what he was about to reveal to his friends. Hell, even Buck didn’t know about his first Kiss, and boy had they shared many secrets, and some very personal ones at that, over the years but this wasn’t one of them.

Chris had his reasons…… and his reason was that his first real Kiss had been with Kate too.

"You gonna keep it a secret or what?" asked Buck, poking dangerously near Chris.

Chris glowered at his friend and started to tell all, how much to tell and how much to leave out he would decide as he talked.

"The girl I kissed was around the same age as me."

"How old?" asked Josiah.

Chris didn’t wish to reveal this, but seeing the look on the ex-preacher's face, he couldn’t lie to him.

"I was 16, Josiah."

"Ah, Sweet Sixteen and never ... uhm... well, that doesn’t work in this case," muttered Josiah, grinning.

"Huh?" JD hadn’t a clue what the older men were going on about.

"Mr Dunne, what Mr. Sanchez is referring to is an old saying, which is ‘Sweet Sixteen and never been kissed’ but as we are discussing the topic of kissing, that quote is not exactly accurate for the purpose of our subject matter."

"Huh?" Buck gave JD a shove for being so dense at times but Buck wasn’t going to reveal that he hadn’t a clue to what had just spouted forth from Ezra’s mouth. That wasn’t unusual, he just learnt to ignore it most of the time and pretended he knew what the gambler had said for most of the time anywise.

"This gal," asked Buck, getting his attention back to his leader's story, "did I know her?"

"Uhm, yeah, suppose you did." Suppose nothing, Chris knew for a fact he did but wondered how long it would take Buck out to figure exactly whom?

"Can’t ya, jest let him tell us the story and ask questions later?" grumbled an annoyed Vin, keen to hear more about his friend's secret.

"Thanks Vin, hush up you guys so I can get on with this."

They all settle down at last and Chris tells his story….

Chris had heard the whisper that Kate had had her eye on someone for a time and he wondered, if it was him. He knew that Buck was always around and wondered not for the first time if that was what was putting the gal off from showing him that she liked him after all?

He was 16, nearly a year older than his friend Buck. He was thinner but both were a similar height. Buck fooled around and teased while Chris watched and observed, quieter but taking it all in none-the-less.

He was grooming his father's horse one afternoon when he was interrupted by Joe, Kate's younger brother, who had sprinted towards him excitedly when he saw the horse. Kate approached not far behind, and she apologized for the interruption but explained that she was out for a walk with her younger brother and she couldn’t hold him back.

He didn’t mind and she had talked with him for a spell and when she was leaving with Joe in toe, she whispered for only him to hear.

"Chris, can I speak to you later?"

"What about?" He eyed her suspiciously, unsure what she wanted him for.

"Something, I can’t talk about right now," she glanced towards her brother and added a feeble, "Please Chris." This got his full attention and he nodded his head.

"Okay Kate, where and when?"

"Beside the creek at the bridge say around 7:00?"

"I’ll be there,"

"Chris,…." Kate turned her big blue eyes to him and added, "come alone."

She quickly ran after her brother and raced him up the path away from Chris’s view.

Chris never anticipated what was to happen next…. As he walked to the bridge that evening, he wondered what she wanted but guessed it was something to do with his friend Buck. Chris had not long to wait for Kate and his suspicions were right but what she asked of him shocked him.

"You want me to …….what?" He knew girls thought him nice to go out with an all, but he had never been asked to do what Kate had just requested.

"Oh, Chris, please, you’d be doing me a big favor, and I wouldn’t look a fool."

"But, ….. but, ……Kate." Chris was walking up and down under the bridge not knowing what to do or what to think. Aw shit! How in the hell was he going to be able to look Buck in the face again?

"Do you know how to…." asked Kate, blushing furiously. Chris turned to her and could not help but grin at the look on her face.

"Yes, Kate, but why me?"

"You're his friend."

"Yes, but that’s why I can’t figure this out."

"Oh, Chris, I just want it to be good, you know….I heard say he’s not been seen out with a gal yet?"

She was right, and Buck would have told her otherwise, but he couldn’t keep a secret from Chris.

Feeling uncomfortable about it but not wishing to let Buck down, or Kate, he took another look at her and nodded his head in agreement. Hoping that what he was about to do wouldn’t affect his friendship with Buck forever.

Kate jumped up and down she was so excited. "Oh, thanks Chris, you won’t regret it."

"Yes, but first you must promise not to tell a soul, you hear me Kate?"

Kate knew Chris’s famous stare and saw he meant business, and if she told anyone she would be in big trouble. She was reassured by Chris’s reputation that her secret would also be safe. This was one of the reasons she was asking him in the first place.

"When……" she asks bending her head and lowering her eyes.

Chris walked nearer and pushed up her chin with his finger and looked into her face. She was really pretty and he didn’t even have a girl either, so he wouldn’t get into trouble for kissing this gal.

"It’s quiet down here right now, no one around….. how’s about giving it a try, right now?"

"You sure you don’t mind?"

He grinned and pecked her on the cheek as a reply. "No, don’t mind at all."

Chris had kissed gals before but had kept it to a short kiss to the cheek or peck to the lips only. For Buck’s sake he decided he better be a bit more adventurous than usual, and he thought that was what Kate wanted.

What Chris told the men round the table was a little concoction of the above and he left out Kate’s name. But, he did reveal much more about the kiss than he originally had intended……

Stroking her cheek with the flat of his hand, he bent and kissed her on the lips before releasing her and waiting to see her reaction.

"That was so sweet Chris," she cooed at him. Thus encouraged he bent for some more of the sweetness. She relaxed into him, and although he thought his nose was in the way it somehow didn’t matter any more as he leaned in closer.

He knew Buck hadn’t really kissed a gal yet, although he boasted and strutted to the other guys their age that he had done, everything - but Chris knew how to read Buck and knew when he lied. He just hoped that he could lie in return and be amazed when Kate got around to kissing’ Buck, and he preyed his friend would never find out that he got there first.

Chris felt her hands move up to clasp around his waist, drawing him closer as he leaned in for another kiss. He just couldn’t stop himself from touching her cheek with his hand and placing it around her neck allowing him to deepen the kiss. He kissed softly at first then rubbed his lips back and forth along hers feeling their moistness mix with his own. He also felt his own face flush and a deeper heat flash round his body to his groin as he pushed his tongue gently to part her lips allowing him to have access to her mouth.

He toyed gently with her tongue with his own and gently probed into her mouth as he kissed and tasted the sweetness she offered. Feeling his passion increase brought his brain back in gear, and he knew that he would have to back off or he would be in real trouble.

He broke the kiss and panted to get his breath back in an effort to get his body under control. He released his hold on Kate and turned his back to her.

"Chris?" Kate gently asked, slightly breathless from Chris’s kisses. She wondered if his reaction was because he was ashamed of kissing her. "Chris, was I okay?"

With his heart still pounding, he tried to control his voice as he replied and tried to hide his own mixed feelings. "Kate, ya did real good."

"Really?" She laughed, "Do ya think Buck will like it?"

Chris turned to kiss her lightly on the cheek and managed to compose himself enough to make Kate feel comfortable with what has just occurred. "Kate, I am sure Buck will have no trouble liking a kiss like that….no problem at all!" Chris thought and growled inwardly, if he did have a problem he would shoot Buck himself.

"Oh, thanks Chris, never kissed or been kissed like that before." She smiled sweetly and looked up at him with twinkling eyes, though she was still slightly embarrassed. "Thank you, just wanted it to be real nice for Buck you know."

"Yes, I know, he is my friend too."

"You understand?"

He nodded and grinned at her. "Yep, I understand and promise not to tell Buck about this, or anyone else for that matter, cross my heart Kate."

"I promise not to tell either, not to anyone, Chris."

They never did reveal their secret, and Chris still kept his. He had been sure that he left out her name and the fact that he was doing Buck a favour by helping his first girlfriend. Although Chris divulged only the briefest of details, Buck stared at him, and Chris felt a slight flush come to his cheeks under his friend's close scrutiny.

"Hey," growled Buck. "Ya been keepin’ secrets from me all them years pard?"

Startled, Chris stared at Buck and wondered if he had guessed what Kate and he had done. He wiped his hands through his hair nervously. His actions did not go unnoticed by Vin, and he grinned inwardly, as he looked from Buck to Chris and wondered at the surprise in the green eyes that tried to glare at Buck. Vin only then realized that Chris had indeed been keeping some sort of secret after all, and he wondered if it was the same Kate they had been kissing?

"What ya getting at Buck?"

"Just worked it out." Buck grinned and chuckled. "Ya must have been gettin yer first kiss around the same time as me."

"Yep, probably right Buck." Chris tried to cover his tracks by beaming back at his friend.

Larabee was doing a good job of covering his tracks, but he forgot he was being watched by the best tracker around them parts.


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