Life's Changes

by S. Larabee Tanner

Author's Note: These ficlets all go together in a way. It's the guys thinking back on how their lives have changed in some way since joining the team. Thanks to Luna Dey who beta'd for me, and to my friends and fellow list members who allow me to try out my fics on them.

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One Love For Everyone

Buck could hear the music coming from the kitchen as he entered the house. He still couldn't believe he had found the prefect person for him, and that she was Vin's foster sister of all people. He slipped into the kitchen doorway and watched the small redhead hum as she did the dishes. The tall lawman still counted his blessings that he was married to such a woman.

Ashley hummed as she set the last dish in the drainer, and as she turned to check their dinner in the oven, she felt their first child kick. "Easy there little guy. Your daddy will be home soon." She spoke with ease as she rubbed her distended belly.

Buck fought to control the laughter that threatened to spill forth and give him away. He waited 'til she stood up and then slipped up behind her and wrapped his arms lovingly around her. "Don't think you can get any more beautiful," he whispered as he nuzzled her neck.

Ashley smiled as she leaned into his embrace. "As long as you're the only one that notices."

The ATF Agent gently turned her to face him. "I always will," he promised, then leaned in and kissed her lovingly.

The young woman deepened the kiss only to have it broken by a strong kick. "I'm glad, and I think someone missed you."

He placed his hand gently on her stomach. "I hope he's not the only one."

"He wasn't," Ashley said, just before she covered his lips with hers.

Buck tightened his hold on her as he returned the kiss, expressing the full depth of his love for the woman in his arms.

Joys of Love

Nathan stood holding Rain as they watched their twins play in the yard; he was still totally amazed that they were his. He had never thought he could ever find a woman he loved as much as he did Rain, but the proof of that love was right in front of him in these two wonderful children.

As he stood and held Rain, he kissed the back of her neck. "Never thought I could be this happy."

Rain leaned back against him. "Me either." She turned in his arms, and kissed the tip of his nose.

Nathan took her face between his hands and kissed her tenderly. He slowly deepened the kiss, and Rain followed his lead and responded with all the love she felt flowing into that kiss.

The next thing they knew they were tackled by two little boys. The four of them stood there laughing and enjoying their time together.

Love Found

Josiah stood in the doorway of his living room watching his wife and only child giggle over a movie they were watching. He was still amazed that someone as young and beautiful as his Ariel could love him. She and their little girl had become his whole life.

A smile crossed his face when he watched as the little angel slowly drifted off to sleep on her mother's lap. Josiah made his way over to them, gently picked up the child, and headed for her room.

Ariel watched him with love as he put their daughter to bed. She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist as she leaned against him to watch the little girl sleep. "She looks like you."

Josiah turned and took the woman he loved into his arms. "Both of us." he said as he kissed her softly to express his love.

Ariel felt him asking for an invitation, and she opened her lips to him as he deepened the kiss.

Josiah broke the kiss and took her hand as he led the way to their room. "No need to wake her."

Ariel nodded in agreement as she followed him with growing anticipation.

Love of Family

Aiyana smiled as she watched her soon to be husband play horse with his much younger sister. He loved having family near. You could see it. She knew he never gave it a second thought when he found out about the young imp now sitting astride his back.

She watched as the 5-year-old child reduced this hardened law enforcement officer to a child again, and she fought to control her laughter as she watched them 'trotting' around the room. Aiyana grinned when she saw how Vin smiled as he reared like a horse and pawed at the air.

Erin's laughter rang out as she hung onto her big brother's back.

Aiyana couldn't hold back her laughter any longer, and she crossed the sharpshooter's living room to where they played. "Now, if only the others could see this."

Vin looked up at his future wife. "You wouldn't dare tell them," he said as he reached out and pulled her down to him.

Aiyana smiled. "That depends on you."

The lanky Texan frowned. "On me?"

"Yep," was all the young woman said, as she leaned in and kissed him deeply. Vin returned the kiss with a contented sigh and lost himself in the joy of the moment.

A giggle broke through their thoughts and brought them back to the present. Vin smiled as he scooped up the little girl and tickled her, causing her to burst into non-stop giggles and squeals.

All three laughed and enjoyed the warm feeling of family.

Love Reborn

Chris watched Reahgan interact with the horses. He couldn't believe he had fallen in love again. As much as his mind told him not to, his heart said it was right. He watched her calm the new mares that had come in. His eyes seemed fixed on her blonde hair as it blew in the light breeze, and he knew he would never get his fill of watching her.

Reahgan looked over to her new husband and smiled. She knew it took a lot for him to marry again, after he had told her of his past. The young woman had made peace with being second in his heart to his late wife, but she knew that his heart held a special place for her as well.

The ATF agent returned her smile. He felt guilty about asking her to accept his love for Sarah, but she had done it without question. He made his way across the small coral to where she stood and took her hand in his.

Reahgan didn't need to hear his words, because she knew by the look in his eyes what he was saying. She lifted her free hand and lightly caressed his cheek.

Larabee reached up to capture that hand in his and wrapped them both around behind her, as he leaned in and covered her lips with his in a demanding kiss.

Reahgan returned the kiss just as urgently, and she felt herself being lifted and carried away from the coral. She made no effort to stop him because she knew right where he was headed.

Made the Leap

Casey walked into the bullpen of team seven. She couldn't help but smile when she saw JD was buried in his computer. The young woman found it hard to believe that he was part of the best ATF Team in Denver as she watched the young man who had stolen her heart.

As she stood just out of sight, Casey heard Buck call out to JD. She couldn't quite make out what was being said, but she could tell by the look on JD's face that he knew exactly what was wrong.

JD made his way over to Buck's desk. "Buck, stop hitting the delete key." He quickly fixed the problem then headed back to his desk.

Casey slipped into his chair just before he returned, and a smile crossed JD's face as when he saw who was in his chair. "Hey," he said.

Casey returned his smile. "Hey handsome."

The young ATF Agent made his way over to her, and bent and kissed her tenderly. The brunet wrapped her arms around his neck and she deepened the kiss. When she broke the kiss she asked him, "You told them yet?"

Buck perked up. "Told us what?"

JD blushed as he picked up Casey's hand. "You're looking at the new Mrs. Dunne."

A round of yells and congratulations went up all through the room. "About time Kid, " was all Buck said as he grinned and slapped the kid on the back.

Unexpected Love

Ezra sat on the couch watching his son play with his trucks. He couldn't believe how his live had changed since coming to the team, joining those six other men who were his family now. He watched the dark haired boy at play and marveled at how much he looked like his mother. A smile crossed his face at the thought of Inez. It was hard to believe she had fallen for him and not Buck.

Inez walked into the room and stopped just out of sight of the southerner. The image he projected to the world was not the one she saw in private. He was such a passionate man. The dark haired woman crossed the room to where her family sat and slid into Ezra's lap. "He hasn't changed all day I hope?" she said with a grin.

Ezra smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "I know. I still can believe he's ours."

Inez smiled as she nibbled on his ear. "Every inch of him is us. He is our son."

"I couldn't be more happy," came a southern drawl as he kissed her neck. The undercover agent made his way up her neck with feather light kisses. Upon reaching her lips he kissed them gently. When he felt her respond he deepened the kiss.

Inez let him control the kiss, as she let her tongue dance with his. Their thoughts were brought back to the present when a small hand reached up and touched their faces.

Ezra smiled as he picked up the small boy and settled him on their laps. "Yes, son we love you too," he said as he placed a kiss on his son's forehead.


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