by Purple Lacey

Fifteenth story in the Angel Girl series.

Disclaimer: Jun for fun, not mine, no money.

This is just a really short snippet that popped into my head and wouldn´t leave.

Health warning: I have been told to suggest you not eat or drink anything while you read this.

Thanks to MOG for letting me play in her AU.

Buck Wilmington slammed the bathroom door and slumped against it weakly.

He took a deep breath and raised trembling hands to his face, then lurched to the bathroom sink.  He turned on the cold water, stuck his cupped hands into the flow from the faucet, and bent down to splash water on his face repeatedly.  He straightened slightly then reached for the towel on the towel ring beside the sink and dried his face.  He dropped the towel on the bathroom counter and faced his pale reflection in the mirror.   He watched  his chest heaving with short, quick breaths and felt his heart pounding so hard he was afraid it was going to jump right out of his chest.  He looked back at himself in disgust.  He had run away.

There was no other truthful way to describe his retreat into this room.  Buck Wilmington - ATF agent extraordinaire,  former Navy SEAL, MACHO man deluxe - had turned tail and run in a full blown panic, and was now cowering in the bathroom trying to convince himself he had not done what he knew, in fact, he had just done:  run away in a panic like a sheltered virgin at an Roman orgy. 

What made it worse was he should have been prepared for it.  It was just another one of those things in life you could expect.  He knew it was as inevitable as the sun rising and setting each day, but somehow he had found himself taken completely unaware when the inevitable had struck. 

“I just thought I´d have more time!”  Buck thought frantically to himself.   “I thought for sure I´d be able to come up with the right words to say exactly what I wanted to say, but now... What I am I gonna say now?  I´m not ready for this.”

A soft knock on the bathroom´s door caused the self-professed lady´s man to cringe, as he shot the door a look of renewed terror.

“Oh God, please!  Not now, okay?  I´ll make a deal with you, big guy.  I´ll be good, I promise.  I´ll try really hard from now on, okay?  I´ll go to church every Sunday, rain or shine.  I´ll do anything you want!  Just don´t make me do this right now, alright?  Okay? Please!” Buck prayed urgently.

Unfortunately, his prayer went unanswered as he heard the little voice of his daughter, Angela, speak to him from the other side of the door.

“But, Daddy!  Where DO babies come from?”

The End

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