The Leopard's Spots

by Purple Lacey

Third story in the Angel Girl series.

Standard disclaimers apply: not mine, no money made

This is the third in the Angel Girl series. It's my first try at writing first person, so I would appreciate it if you tell me what you think.

Big thanks to MOG for creating the ATF universe and allowing us to play in it, too.

They say the leopard can't change his spots. Watching my longtime friend and teammate, I am reminded of this homily. Buck Wilmington: consumate ladiesman and doting father. It's rather difficult to imagine the man combining such diverse roles.

The Buck I am most familiar with is the charming rogue that has cheerfully cut a swathe through the feminine hearts of our fair city. I stand watching the man work his magic on yet another beautiful woman, using his own small child as bait. The man has no shame. He has turned a simple walk in the park with his daughter into an opportunity to troll for yet another woman.

I mentally make a bet with myself on how long it will take him to get her phone number. The average time is eleven minutes according to my calucations. I believe he will have it in under five this time, as I watch the combination of masculine charm and baby cuteness transform this normally intelligent woman's brain into something resembling the consistency of jello. I almost feel sorry for the poor woman, she never stood a chance.

Ah, here it comes. Four minutes and thirteen seconds. I do believe that is a new record. The man's little black book must be the size of the Manhattan phone directory by this time.

The peace of the morning is suddenly broken by the raucous barking of a large dog that has broken away from his owner and is now jumping around our little band. As young Angela chooses to add her frightened cries to the cacophony, I see the instant tranformation in my friend. Gone is the charming rogue, and in his place is the concerned father. He ignores his new conquest as she slips away, intent only on protecting and comforting the distraught child in his arms. I am fascinated with this side of my friend. I have seen it emerging more and more often lately.

They say the leopard can't change his spots. I'm beginning to think it's just a matter of how badly the leopard wants to.

The End

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