Travis Family:
Getting Even

by Demaris

Alternate Universe: "The Travis Family"

Sequel to Travis Family: Ezra

Chris, Buck and Nathan sat in Chris' room. They were discussing what to do about their last fishing trip. They still couldn't believe what happened. They were used to Vin and JD making pest of themselves and playing pranks, especially Chris and Buck. However they were not used to having the series of pranks putted on them. They didn't even know why their brothers had decided to get even with them. After all how were little brothers to learn anything if not for their big brothers teaching them. Buck paced back and forth "Dang it Chris we can't let them get away with it. They made fools out of us. We've got to get them back. How is it going to look us being made fools of by a 10, 8 and 6 year old."

Chris grinned at him." Don't worry Buck. We will."

Ezra, Vin and JD were having their own meeting in Vin's room. They were laughing about the pranks they had pulled on Chris, Buck and Nathan. Ezra finally managed to control his laughter. "I believe that it would be wise if we proceeded with caution. Surely Chris, Buck and Nathan will be wishing to get even. We must be caution at all times." Vin and JD nodded in agreement. They would have to be very careful of their older brothers from now on. Thinking back to how Chris, Buck and Nathan had looked covered in mud, it was worth it.

After school, JD came running into the house. "Buck! Buck where are you?"

Evelyn came out of the kitchen "JD what's wrong?"

"It's terrible Mom. Just awful. You know Casey that girl who has been chasing me. Well somebody write her a note that was suppose to be from me saying that I loved her. Now she's going around telling everybody I'm in love with her."

Chris and Buck came downstairs. "Well now isn't that sweat? JD has a girlfriend Chris."

"Yeah Buck maybe it's time you had that man to man with him about girls."

JD's face turned red "I don't need any talk about no girl. I don't have a girlfriend."

Nathan grinned "Now JD you know Buck has lots of experience with girls. I'm sure he could help you win over Casey."

JD fumed "I don't want to win her over. I won't to be rid of her." and ran upstairs.

Buck smiled at Chris and Nathan "One down, two to go."

Vin always kept a secret supply of sweats hide in his room. He like to have a treat before bed. Vin got his secret supplies out and picked out a couple of cookies. Vin took a big bite out of the cookie and ran to the trash can. He spit out the cookie but he couldn't get rid of the taste. Someone had put castor oil on his cookies. Looking at the rest of his supply, he noticed several pieces had been rewrapped. Vin was shocked what kind of brothers would poison a man's candy. They had gone too far.

After getting ready for bed, Ezra crawled over the covers and laid down. As Ezra snuggled down in his bed, he felt something strange at the foot. All the sudden something wiggled on his toes. Ezra jumped up out of the bed and turned the lights on. Ezra slowly pulled the covers back to reveal a large pile of worms at the foot of his bed. He was shocked. They had put creatures in his bed. It was clear. This was war.