Ezra's Secret Tapes

by Angela B.

Disclaimer: Not mine, of course.

Note: ATF world belongs to Mog.

This is just a little dribble about what secret vice our wonderful undercover agent would have after a tough case. I got the idea after watching the advertising commercial.

It’s silly fluff ! I know it wouldn’t happen but it’s still funny

I forgot one of the character’s name. Sorry about that, it’s been awhile since I saw the show.

The brown haired agent rose out of bed after sleeping for seventeen hours and stumbled into the kitchen for a glass of orange juice. Filling his glass he walked into the living room and dug out his tapes he kept secreted away. He only bought these tapes out on special occasions. Occasions like when he needed to unwind and wanted to watch something without having to pay to much attention. This was almost always after a long or hard case.

The case that he just finished up fell into the first category. Tedious was how his black-clad leader had described it. Mind-boggling was the definition Buck gave it. Psychologically intriguing, cool, long and boring were how the others labeled the case. The last two observations were bought on by having to sit in a surveillance van for endless hours on end at a time. Ezra just called it taxing on one’s nerves. Now, he just wanted to spend the day watching his tapes he kept hidden from everyone and lie on the couch relaxing.

He had just put in his second tape when the doorbell rang. Stopping the tape and turning off the T.V. he slid the other tape boxes under the couch. Walking to the door he had every intention of getting rid of his unwanted guests as quickly as possible. He wasn’t up to entertaining his six friends he knew stood on the other side of his door.

As the undercover agent wearily opened the door JD was the first person he laid eyes on. "Hey Ez, we came to keep you company today," he said, sliding into the foyer. There were times when the young agent had way too much energy for the other agent.

"What piece of mental inspiration would give you that psychological misinformation," Ezra quipped.

"Relax Ez, we bought everything," Vin grinned mischievously as he walked past his friend still holding the door, watching the men he worked with traipse uninvited into his sanctuary.

Buck clasp a hand on Ezra’s shoulder for a moment, looking into his eyes with those mischievous blue eyes of his. "Yeah, we even bought movies that you’d like." Ezra shuddered as he wondered what movies the ladies man had picked out for him.

Walking into the living room following the three remaining friends Ezra froze. His life as he knew it had suddenly taken a nosedive. JD, having moved in to start the videos had noticed a tape already in the VCR and his curiosity getting the better of him had pushed the play button. Dead silence filled the room as the tape began to play.

Finally after what seemed like an undetermined amount of time JD turned to the stunned agent with enthusiasm that only the young agent possessed and announced unnecessarily, "It’s the Muppets!" looking at Ezra with awe.

Vin, captivated by the puppets playing out a scene before him moved closer to a recliner whispered with a slightly sad tone, "I’ve never seen the Muppets." Turning towards the completely mortified friend, "Can we watch this?"

Ezra could only nod his head as he felt a strong hand grasp his shoulder. Looking up into his leader’s smiling green eyes Ezra couldn’t help but think this would be a good time for a natural disaster to strike the spot he was standing in.

The ladies man who had been standing off to the side taking in the drama unfolding in the room with amusement suddenly took pity on poor Ezra. With flare he plopped down in one of the antique chairs and joked, "The Animal was always my personal favorite."

JD quickly grabbed a pillow from the couch and lay down on the floor. "I liked Beaker."

Josiah and Nathan headed for the couch and sunk down on the comfortable cushions. "The judges always appealed to me," the profiler put in as he tore open the potato chip bag.

JD turned towards the oldest member of the team looking confused, "The Judges?"

"You know…the two old men up in the balcony. The Judges of the show," Josiah patiently explained.

"Oh. I always thought those two old geezers were critics," JD responded, shrugging his shoulders.

Nathan, passing out the refreshments responded with his commentary. "Please! That wacky doc was the man." This comment elicited several chuckles.

Chris propelled Ezra further into the living room and towards one of the recliners. He knew how humiliated Ezra was but he was also, appreciative that the man was allowing them into his world a little. He also, appreciated something more. At that moment Ezra looked at him and after reading what was in the other’s green eyes gave the smallest of smiles. He easily read the appreciation in Chris’ eyes at not teasing Vin. The grown sharpshooter had lost out on a lot as a child. With a nod from his boss he breathed a small breath of hope.

"So Chris, whose your favorite?" JD couldn’t resist asking his leader.

Turning towards his undercover agent, who was still recovering from the invasion proudly answered, "I’ve always been partial to Miss Piggy."

Six men stared in amazement, not only for their boss’s choice but the fact he would admit it out loud.

"WHAT?" Chris responded defensively.

The blond went on heatedly, "She’s a leader, she’s decisive, she knows what she wants and she’s got a mean right cross." Continuing to glare at his men, "She could kick you guy’s backside." Chris finished with triumphantly. He hated feeling like he had to explain himself.

"No doubt in that brother," Josiah replied with a wink as he tipped his can towards his brother. Yep, he could see why his leader would like the feisty Miss Piggy.

The long haired sharpshooter turned to the green eyed friend sitting in the recliner next to his, "So Ez?" he said puzzlement flooding his face, "The Muppets?"

Ezra looked down and shrugged. He knew this question was coming but he still had no appropriate answer with out giving away to much, "It’s entertainment without having to think." He instinctively knew that wasn’t going to pacify this group but it was the best he could do.

JD was about to push the topic further when he caught his roommate shaking his head negatively slightly. Buck mouthed ‘Let it go’ then smiling "for now.’

Vin felt bad for putting his friend on the spot. "So Ez, who is your favorite?"

Rolling his eyes mockingly, the agent looked miffed. "Kermit of course," he smiled his most innocent grin. "It’s hard being me," Ezra finished.

"I think you mean: It’s hard being green," JD corrected, naming the loveable green frog’s signature song.

Cocking his head to one side Ezra flashed his brightest smiles yet. "Same difference. Besides, think of all the strange characters he has to work with and he is responsible for seeing the show gets finished." Ezra ended with a long drawn out sigh.

Before anyone could comment Josiah put in, "Yes, he does feel responsible for the end result but he has all those good friends backing him up and helping ensure a good outcome."

A chorus of laughter broke out, releasing some of the heavy atmosphere that had surrounded the brown haired friend since their arrival. Everyone knew that the topic had gone from talking about the green puppet to their undercover agent.

After a few quiet minutes Vin leaned over and asked quietly, "Hey Ez, you got any more of these tapes?"

"Most assuredly Mr. Tanner," Ezra whispered back, trying not to draw attention to the fact.

"You think I could borrow them sometime?" the long haired agent asked hesitantly.

"Without a doubt," Ezra answered back with a smile as he settled back and began to once again relax and enjoy a restful and enjoyable day.


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