by Thalia

Alternate Universe "Street Gang"

Disclaimer: Don't belong to me, but boy, am I having fun!

Rating: Mostly all audience

Warning: Huh… well, I guess, once more, hanky warning… sorry… NOT!

Note: This story takes place in my Street Gang universe, so it would make things easier on you if you've already read the fist installment… and right after, Belonging by Katy Mason, which I recommend. She did good and inspired those next pieces when… well, I had too much imagination and not enough time to write and lots of stories found their way into the oubliettes of my dungeon ;D

Note 2: Huh… I know the titles of my stories will strike a memory in some of you, but don't get your hopes up, I've kinda detoured the meaning of it all to suit my needs ;D

Spoilers: Yep… I've detoured some dialogs and events from Nemesis, Love and Honor and Wagon Train… at least, for those I can remember :D

Thanks: As usual to my beta who always does a great job (wave to Judy) and to RL for providing me with a four day weekend so that I could get started on this at home (with my brand new month old portable comp! Yay!!!)

And now, to the tears party ;D

Something Old

JD finally looses the only constant he had ever had… Will his newfound family be able to take the strain of such heartache? (Buck, JD)

Something New

Coming back from vacation at the Ranch, Chris finds out he has a rival for Sarah Connolly's affections… His name? Cletus Fowler… (Chris)

Something Borrowed

Going back home to Josiah one evening, Ezra is faced with his mother's return into his life… Will he know how to make the right choice? (Ezra)

Something Blue

Love finds its way to the Larabees' doorstep as Buck and Vin have to face their feelings… (and no, it's not slash <G>) (Buck, Vin)

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