by RonneeM


Always on the Outside, looking in
Wishing against the hope of ever joining them
Resolutely trained from infancy to be silent
He hides his feeling behind a calm, remote mask
The same one he learned to hide his childhood’s pains.

Once he fought his fate – strived for perfection
Leaving behind both upbringing and training
He fled to the school of fine arts and higher learning
His skills and chameleon-like ability let him hide there
Until his past rose up and dragged him back into the shadow world.

Hiding his pain and burying it deep, he survived.
Binding his hear with heavy chains, he flourished
Showing nothing beyond his cool façade, he was noticed
Enticed into the maw of government services, he endured
His already impressive skills improving to legendary, he was hated.

The Fox – always alone and hidden within the vilest brambles
He sold his image over and over to criminals
Masterminding their downfall to his agency’s teams
And with each successful assignment, his infamy grew
How could he consort with criminals and still be clean?

As the rumors flew, so grew his isolation
Until the once welcome comradery became a cold shoulder
Snarls and jealousy left him sore wounded
And like the fox, when wounded and attacked
He withdrew, snapping viciously at all who approached

Finally his career in shambles, his life in ruin
Only his job holding him together in one piece
When an off-hand comment and an unexpected offer
Of a new life dragged him west – a bitter wounded survivor
Stiff, uncertain, and wary, but determined to persevere.

Given a second chance and time to heal, he waited for betrayal
Warily letting down his guard and reaching out, was rebuffed
Retreating with scathing words, his retreat shocked his teammates
Into reaching out and dragging him into their midst
Slowly, carefully, they bound his broken soul and healed him.

Still the loner, the fox runs with the wolf pack
Once wary and handshy, he revels in the interactions
Nipping, laughing, challenging, and being part of the others
He fits in, accepted by and part of the pack
They let him run and watch his back, waiting for his return.

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